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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → {Sigh} yet another problem
{Sigh} yet another problem
2008-10-11, 6:43 AM #1
Hey, all, I was wondering if anyone out there could help me. What I'm trying to do is switch the sides that some of the npcs play on (specifically I'm experimenting, trying to get the Jedi, Jedi2, and JediTrainer models to naturally fight me). I don't want to have to just put their skin over Tavion's or something like that, I want them to actually change sides. I tried switching their friend and enemy teams in npcs.cfg, which made them attack me, but for some reason their lightsabers never ignite and blaster shots just come out of the hilt. Does anyone know how I can change their sides properly so that their lightsabers will still work. Thanks for your time.
2008-10-13, 11:23 AM #2
I'm not following.

So they have lightsabers but are firing guns? Are the guns shown?
2008-10-14, 1:44 AM #3
It's been awhile since I edited JO, but if I remember right, the AI an npc uses is determined by the name of the NPC. So if the name is reborn_whatever, it uses the reborn AI, if it's Jedi_whatever, it uses Jedi AI, and so on. I don't think there's a way to change it aside from changing the names of the NPCs.
2008-10-15, 12:02 PM #4
Echoman, no, the guns are not shown. All you see are lightsaber hilts, that shoot blaster shots out of their tops (while working on this, I also even found a way to make lightsaber hilts that shoot out other lightsaber hilts, which was kind of cool but also useless). Stormtrooper, I think you're right, but it shouldn't matter since I am changing a Jedi to a Reborn. Both of those AI use lightsabers as their primary weapon.
2008-12-22, 1:47 AM #5
i have this same problem. first i tried switching characters' teams and i got the same problem. im running into the same thing trying to create new npcs alltogether. is there something im missing?

i also ran into it when i tried replacing kyle w a new model. his saber was either in the wrong hand or stuck at his side. i found i had to erase all my saved games to fix it...what up w that? that solution isnt working for npcs tho.
2008-12-23, 3:52 PM #6
I remember something to do with tags on the model skeleton when replacing Kyle with another model. And how it screws up lightsaber position. We use to call it "penis saber" because of its odd placement.

I have to try and remember.

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