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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → The Creation of NPC
The Creation of NPC
2008-10-29, 8:44 AM #1
I have a skin at the ready. Can someone explain to me step by step how to be able to spawn it in-game as a NPC?

Thanks in advance :)
2008-10-29, 6:36 PM #2
Um, did you make a .npc file to go with your NPC in question?
2008-10-30, 8:34 AM #3
No I have not. I actually meant: how can i create a *.npc file?
2008-10-30, 1:15 PM #4
Check under "GameData\base\assets1.pk3\ext_data\npcs\". You will see a folder of .npc files. Take a look with your favorite text editor. You will see these .npc files are for each of the game's NPCs.

What you need to do is make a new one for your new NPC. You will notice these files contain attributes for the NPC to use, include where it can find the model to use.
2008-10-31, 9:57 AM #5
thank you very much, I succesfully created my first npc ;)
2008-10-31, 7:39 PM #6
That was fast.

I wasn't even done explaining the rest of the process. Good luck.
2008-11-01, 7:22 AM #7
oh, one more question. while I was trying to find out how to fight against the char i used as Jaden, but I cannot find the proper way to edit the colour.

I used to be a red Twi'lek female, you see
2008-11-01, 6:23 PM #8
Color of what?
2008-11-02, 3:10 AM #9
of the skin.
when creating your JA character for Single Player, you can choose a colour for your Jaden. seeing as we talk about the Twi'lek Female, the skincolour changes.

I have succeeded in making my Jaden appear with the proper clothing, face, saber and forcepowers, but not with the proper colour.

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