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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → little skinning problem
little skinning problem
2008-11-05, 12:14 PM #1
Yeah it's me again.
I have recently started skinning.
The skin I have a problem with is a reskin of the Mara Jade model for Jedi Academy (although i think the one for JO is exactly the same)

My skin is all finished, NPC works, BOTsupport works, but the problem is:
I cannot let the icon appear in the Multiplayer Profile menu
in other words: It is not possible to BE this new skin in multiplayer.

Does anyone have a possible solution?
(every reply is more welcome than no reply at all ;))
2008-11-07, 1:26 AM #2
If anything, review another skin mod to see what's up. Compare a working one from yours.

Is it a custom icon? What did you save it as?
2008-11-07, 8:51 AM #3
I saved it as

and I compared it with the original model, but I can't quite figure out why that one works and mine doesn't
2008-11-07, 6:30 PM #4
Hmm. Try this:

Open the game console when a level loads, see if any errors regarding the skin is found?

Did you try putting everything a .pk3 ?

Do you also have a .bot file for this?
2008-11-08, 4:59 AM #5
The only thing the console says is
loading jk2 model
Yes all the files are in a pk3 file
Yes, a .bot file is present. I can fight the bot, but when I chop the head off, it stays off for the rest of the game, even when the bot has respawned.

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