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push sound effect
2008-11-10, 4:08 PM #1
Hi, everyone!

I just downloaded the Knights of the Force expansion pack for Jedi Academy, and absolutely love the force push sound effect, and want to put it on to the my original JK JA. I'm able to read the pk3 with winrar and tracked down the sound effect as an mp3. What's the next step?

THanks a bunch guyz!
2008-11-10, 9:14 PM #2
I don't have much experience with pk3 files, but it doesn't sound any different than a normal pack file that stores a game's data. If I had to guess I'd say you'd open up the corresponding pk3 file for your vanilla JA and find that push file, and simply overwrite it with the new one that you like. That's about the best advice I can give you.
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