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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Adding new saber styles
Adding new saber styles
2009-01-29, 6:57 PM #1
How do I let the character have new saber styles in SP? I tried upping 'saberoffense' but that didn't work. I want to add the new style without having to go to a new menu in between levels. Is this possible?
2009-01-30, 12:00 PM #2
Is the player character a defined character like Nina, or is he a customizable character (twi'lek, rodian...)?
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2009-01-30, 1:25 PM #3
defined character. (also who is nina? O_o)
2009-01-30, 3:25 PM #4
Good, that simplify things quite a bit. You need three things in order to proceed:

- First, a .npc file for the main character, I assume you already have it. You must specify the different saber styles the main protagonist can use (single, weak, medium, strong; dual; staff). Look at the example below:

Nina (name of the main character)
    playerModel    nina (name of the playermodel)
    rank        commander
    saber        single_10
    saberColor    blue
    weapon    WP_SABER

            saberStyle    1
    saberStyle    2
    saberStyle    4
    FP_HEAL            2
    FP_SPEED          2
    FP_PUSH            2
    FP_PULL            2
    FP_GRIP             2
    FP_LIGHTNING     2
    FP_RAGE             0
    FP_PROTECT       2
    FP_ABSORB         0
    FP_DRAIN            0
    FP_SEE               2
    reactions    5
    aim            5
    move         5
    aggression    5
    evasion        5
    intelligence    5
    walkSpeed    60
    hfov        160
    vfov        160
    playerTeam    TEAM_PLAYER
    enemyTeam    TEAM_ENEMY
//    race        human
    class        CLASS_KYLE
    sex        female
    snd        tavion
    sndcombat    tavion
    sndjedi        tavion
    dismemberProbHead    0
    dismemberProbArms    0
    dismemberProbLegs    0
    dismemberProbHands    0
    dismemberProbWaist    0
- Secondly, you need a script that looks like this one:

//Generated by BehavEd

rem ( "comment" );
    " );
Connect the info_playerstart entity to a scriptrunner, then specify the name of the script.

- Last but certainly not least, you to mess with the menus. Yes it sucks; no, there's no other way. You need to edit the and files. Check this tutorial , it explains all you have to know about forced playermodel.

It might sound rather complicated, but trust me, it's not that difficult, it only takes patience.
"You look like you need a monkey..."
2009-01-30, 4:46 PM #5
Er, wow. Thank you very much. :) Unfortunately I don't have a .npc file for my character, heh. May I ask how I set it up? I'm very noobular at this stuff, but I'm learning! So, once i have this .npc file (which sounds to me like a text file with the extension .npc), I can just copy that code into it and change it around to fit my character? Also, I already have a script set up that changes the skin of the player to my custom skin, but unfortunately that's all it does, and it reverts the skin back to the Jaden setup I have in standard JA once I quicksave and load. I'm guessing that once I set up this .npc file and set the playermodel in the script then it won't do that?
2009-01-31, 7:49 AM #6
.npc file, just like .skin or .sab files, are indeed simple text files with a specific extensions. Yes, you can copy the code and adapt it to your own character. You only need to change, the character's name, model's name, abilities, gender, voice etc...

Even if you set the playermodel via a script at the start of your level, the model will lose its skin. It's a confirmed bug in JA's engine, and that is why you need to modify and files. Should you have trouble adapting theses files to your mod, I'll be happy to do it for you.
"You look like you need a monkey..."
2009-01-31, 1:49 PM #7
I'll have to keep you on call for sure. :) I'll let you know about all this when I finish the physical and scripting portions of my mod. I know I'll have plenty of questions. A few spring to mind, like how to set objectives, how to reskin enemies (and how to edit the way some enemies behave).

One thing I need to know, though. I have an idea for an enemy, which would be hapless stormtroopers infused with dark force crystals and thus driven mad with energy. There already exists a 'suicide cultist' enemy that you can spawn, that runs at you while charging dark rage, and then it simply disappears while inflicting a lot of damage. I assume it is meant to explode, but there is simply no explosion animation, which makes me think it was an unfinished enemy. What I want to do is reskin this cultist as a stormtrooper, and add an appropriate explosion effect to it when it dies. Is this possible or is it hard-coded? Thanks! :neckbeard:
2009-02-01, 8:20 AM #8
I may be wrong, but the explosion effect is most likely hard-coded, and thus cannot be added. On the other hand, it is fairly easy to replace the cultist's model by a new one. No need for reskin or anything, you simply have to create a new .npc, or modify an existing one (cultist_destroyer in this case).Have a look at this archive (pk3 file). It should help you to understand how .npc files work. Launch the game, call the console, then type "devmap test_destroyer", without the quotes.
"You look like you need a monkey..."

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