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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → a jetpack mod for jk2??
a jetpack mod for jk2??
2009-02-23, 1:59 PM #1
hi dudes, i just need 1 thing..
a jetpack mod (a mod who makes a jedi fly with jetpack).
but i need just the jetpack mod, for associate dcmod v1.2 with jetpack mod...
can u guys tell me a good jetpack mod?
thx more.
i will try the mods and post if they works or not.
2009-02-23, 2:37 PM #2
Or you can play Jedi Academy which comes with a jetpack from the game.
2009-02-24, 10:02 AM #3
no i asked a jetpack mod for jk2...
2009-02-25, 5:06 PM #4

2009-02-25, 9:17 PM #5
Do they works?
2009-03-14, 12:09 PM #6
this don't work!

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