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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → forcefield shader --> HOM/triangle (JKA SP)
forcefield shader --> HOM/triangle (JKA SP)
2010-01-03, 1:32 PM #1

I got a problem with my SP map. I made a kind of prison, with cells with forcefields so you can't go in, unless you push the button. Now i made that forcefield with the "forcefield" shader in the doomgiver folder, pasted on one side of a 2 game units thick caulk-brush, but everytime I compile and test my map (5 minutes of compiling for my entire map... :rolleyes:), I see the forcefield, but with a huge, annoying, white/bleutriangle in it, with sometimes a bit of HOM-effect. Can someone help me with that?

And can someone help me with the inside lit to? Just like the outside of the cell (so you can watch in the cell from the outside...)?

thnx (?):)
May the force be with you
2010-01-03, 6:08 PM #2
Could you provide a screenshot?
2010-01-03, 7:27 PM #3
Is the force field an entity? Is it detail? If it's a non-entity structural brush, and the shader doesn't have the proper surface parms to override this (If it's a raven shader, it... doesn't.), it will split the bsp tree and cause hom.
2010-01-04, 8:51 AM #4
Well, it isn't an entity (I wouldn't know wich one it should be) and it's just a standard brush, 2 game units thick (like mentiond earlier). I uploaded a screenie beneath. Oh, and BTW, you can't see the JOM inside the blue triangle, because it only occurs when moving the camera, wich disappears next, when I hold the camera view.

Hope you guys can help!

May the force be with you
2010-01-04, 9:00 AM #5
Oh, I think I found it out. I think I shouldn't make it out of nodraw_solid, instead of caulk...

But still, how do you make it the right entity, os how do I change the type of brush???
May the force be with you
2010-01-04, 7:23 PM #6
Use a func_wall.

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