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JK2 Radiant Problem ...
2011-03-30, 12:12 AM #1
Before i start with the crappy english i want to say that i am sorry if this post is not where it shoud be... (Move it if it has to be moved)

Now for my problem ...
When i do sumthing ... like a stairs i draw my brushes and when somtimes i get sumthing whrong i delete the ones i dont want in the map ... []

looks like that when im done ... save ... then full vis ... and when i load the level or wen i reopen the map it looks like that ...


when i reopen the map you can see it loads the bits that i have deleted ...
Hope you can help me ...
2011-03-30, 8:35 AM #2
Did you delete them or made them hidden?

Avoid using JK2Radiant. It has problems, glitches, unreliable.

Use GtkRadiant instead:

1.5 is there, but some people like 1.4 which you would have to find online.
2011-03-30, 9:56 AM #3
I took your advice ... i downloaded/instaled GTK .. and now when i reopened my old map deleted the unwanted brushes ... saved and when i load the map .... same thing ...
2011-03-30, 1:37 PM #4
Are you sure you are deleting them?

Start a new map file. Completely new. Then see if deleting works.

I don't understand what's going on unless you have some sort of glitched .map file the editor is reading from.

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