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Getting started with Icarus
2011-06-24, 3:01 AM #1
Hi again,
I'm wanting to add a simple behavior to the enemy jedi in the map I'm building. Basically, they may be spawned in such a way that they don't immediately see and thus engage the player, but they still need to leave the door/elevator/whatever and enter the main play area right away. So, it should be a very simple script, which is great since I've never messed with Icarus before.

I know this is probably a JFGI scenario, but I was hoping I'd save myself some trouble by asking for a good resource. So far I haven't found anything akin to a tutorial, and the first promising hit I got in google gave me one of those activex auto-install viruses. :rolleyes:

Anybody got a useful link stuck away in their ancient JA mapping bookmarks section?
Thanks for your time.

edit: I found some good stuff at MapCraft which may be noob-friendly enough for me to understand. Other resources still welcome, thanks.
2011-06-27, 6:57 PM #2
I got my scripting advice from a long-gone website called Map-Review. There was a master of the scripting arts named lassev.

Anyway, probably the first course of action for Scripting beginners is to get Icarus working properly. The program can't just be by itself, it needs extra information to work, which you can download under JA editing tools packs. It should also come with sample scripts which should be very helpful to look at.

You know, since the action you want with the jedi is simple enough, there may be some basic script that the game uses that you could utilize for your map. JA has a number of rudimentary scripts that are employed over and over again in the game that dictate simple NPC behaviors (i.e. walk around certain points for paroling regarding Stormtroopers)

But you can always create yourself. Just tell the NPC to go to a certain point. Maybe shut off his AI for a bit so nothing can distract him in his epic journey (making him disregard the player momentarily).

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