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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Assorted errors even after reinstall?
Assorted errors even after reinstall?
2011-06-28, 10:54 AM #1
Sorry about this post, I fixed the error - a single-character typo in a custom .shader file ruined everything and cost me an hour of troubleshooting. :D

Hi guys,
I figure this is a valid use of this forum, given I'm pretty confident the problem is related to something I did. The only file I've changed in the base folder is shaders.txt, but I've added effects, textures, shaders, and of course maps. So after compiling this map I'm working on, firing up JA I get this:

Also when I load any map, I get a huge assortment of Can't load shader errors. I've tried reinstalling, re-patching, even removing everything I created from the base folder, wiping out preferences/saves and reinstalling/patching. Nothing's working. This change occurred randomly after adding textures/shaders and compiling a map. All my changes to the base folder are now nullified, but the error persists. Any clues?

Edit: same is true in safemode.[/SIZE]
2011-06-28, 1:36 PM #2
Let me guess, a missing bracket? :v:
2011-06-30, 2:25 PM #3
Maybe...? <.< In my defense, there are no intellisense warnings in Notepad++. Without autocomplete I'd still be working on my Hello World, so it's no wonder I missed a bracket. I can see I'll never work for NORAD. :P
2011-07-10, 3:41 PM #4
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