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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → cant find the Q3Radiant plugin JKL Import
cant find the Q3Radiant plugin JKL Import
2012-01-24, 10:15 AM #1
help plz any one know ware to get Q3Radiant plugin JKL Import cant find it thanks for your help
Dbug454 Of tHE JK.....
2012-01-24, 11:16 AM #2
[h=5]hay dr0id if your around and see this is there a way to inport a jkl to Patch's i have a map i dont want to change any relay i have not used jkl import yet cant find it i have been useing milkishape to export to map but it make them brush's and i was thinking a pach wud look better and less to change. hope u can help or some one can lol thanks every one here its so cool to see massassi still here!![/h]
Dbug454 Of tHE JK.....
2012-01-25, 1:19 AM #3
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2012-01-25, 8:00 PM #4
cool thanks!!
Dbug454 Of tHE JK.....
2012-02-03, 6:27 AM #5
Never got that thing to work properly.
2012-02-04, 3:11 PM #6
i cant get it to show up in plugin"s hmm
Dbug454 Of tHE JK.....
2012-02-12, 6:29 AM #7
The reason it doesn't show up might be that the zip file FastGamerr links to only contains the jk2Radiant (the JO version of the editor) version of the plugin. I maintained two versions, one for jk2Radiant and one for GtkRadiant (not sure how that one relates to Q3Radiant).

The reason for the separate versions were that the editors did not use the same version of the plugin interface and they expected the plugin files in different directories. I think, the details are a bit blurry.

I found the source code but no binaries and I don't have access to an early enough version of Delphi to compile new ones.

But you're probably better off without it anyway. It imports JKL:s as brushes and used a very naive strategy at that, the end result was practically useless (but I'm sure it was a fun coding exercise at the time). I'm not even sure anyone but me got it working.

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