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ForumsDiscussion Forum → Holiday logo contest 2016
Holiday logo contest 2016
2017-01-10, 11:30 AM #41
Got the Massassi logo three or four times in a row. I just wanted to complain about the lack of holiday spirit but as soon as I opened this thread the holiday logos were back. Phew, crisis averted.
Sorry for the lousy German
2017-01-10, 11:59 AM #42
Haha I think it's because it's now searching for a 2017 directory 50% of the time. Which it doesn't find so it's showing the default logo. I'll take the holiday logos down sometime soon. Probably.
2017-01-10, 12:57 PM #43
Always fun to browse the forums and spot some logo I once submitted and totally forgot about. Though I haven't seen my personal favourite yet.
ORJ / My Level: ORJ Temple Tournament I
2017-01-12, 1:17 AM #44
Aren't we supposed to vote for a winner? And don't they win an avatar?
2017-01-12, 8:54 AM #45
2017-01-12, 3:24 PM #46
bah humbug
ORJ / My Level: ORJ Temple Tournament I
2017-01-12, 4:36 PM #47
Get off my lawn!

Well, ok, you can stay, as long as you mow it.
2017-01-18, 9:38 AM #48
Holiday logos are gone for another year.
2017-01-19, 6:10 AM #49
Sorry for the lousy German

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