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ForumsDiscussion Forum → My PC shuts down by itself
My PC shuts down by itself
2017-09-11, 1:50 AM #1

I have a PC. When I play some games, it eventually shuts down for no apparent reason. It doesn't reboot, it just powers off completely. Actually, the last time was different: I could hear the HDD being active, and at least one or two cooling fans, I think the CPU and case fan, were still running. I didn't get any signal to the monitor, though, and could do nothing but force the computer off by holding down the power button for a few seconds.

This hasn't occurred in all games. I've been playing Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and Battlefield 1 without the issue. Warhammer End Times: Vermintide eventually leads to a shutdown every time, however, and that latest crash was in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Before that, I had clocked nearly a thousand hours in CSGO without my system ever crashing.

I just ran Aida64's stress test overnight for over six hours. My CPU and GPU got pretty hot, nothing too crazy but high figures as you'd expect from such a test, but there was no crash.

I have the latest drivers and all that jazz. i5-6600K, AMD RX480, Windows 10. If anything, I'm thinking it could be the PSU, but then why did it handle the stress test just fine?
Looks like we're not going down after all, so nevermind.
2017-09-11, 10:11 AM #2
Wow. I'm no computer doc, but I just had to replace my laptop's HD (losing years worth of projects, nice), but I can imagine there's quite a few things that can be wrong with it:

-- HDD physical issues (what I had, heh)
Article on checking HDD integrity:
-- power supply (that's what I first thought of when you described the issue)
Article about testing power: (sounds like might be better just to bring it to the shop)
-- something with the motherboard?

Ah, yes, PSU = Power Supply Unit. What I'd do is I'd probably get it examined by a specialist, because I've no idea what I'm talking about. :)
2017-09-11, 1:29 PM #3
Thanks for the ideas, Koobie.

I reverted the monitor's refresh rate to 60 Hz. I had overclocked it to 71 Hz, and while I had no other problems, maybe that was the culprit behind these shutdowns. I've not had another shutdown today, at least, despite playing a bit of Vermintide.
Looks like we're not going down after all, so nevermind.
2017-09-14, 8:14 PM #4
Inspect your motherboard and video card for any capacitors that may be damaged.

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