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Everything driving sims
2017-11-12, 8:23 AM #1
What's the best driving sim on PC?
Looks like we're not going down after all, so nevermind.
2017-11-12, 8:36 AM #2
I've been hearing really good things about American Truck Simulator, which recently released some new stuff? An expansion, I believe, American Southwest focused.
2017-11-12, 8:46 AM #3
But I don't want to drive a truck. I still appreciate the suggestion, though, so thank you for it. In fact, I've heard that as well as the Euro one are great games, too, although now that I looked them up on the opinions seem pretty mixed.
Looks like we're not going down after all, so nevermind.
2017-11-12, 8:58 AM #4
Just listen to this song over and over again.

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2017-11-12, 9:20 AM #5
Amazon just had Logitech racing wheels $100 too. I thought about it but it's going to be awhile before I get serious about any racing sims. Check out the link below. I've heard a lot about Assetto Corsa but I don't remember much other than it's supposed to be good. Also, I thought iRacing was more expensive.
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2017-11-12, 9:39 AM #6
Are you looking for a racing sim?
2017-11-12, 3:02 PM #7
Originally posted by saberopus:
Are you looking for a racing sim?

I'm not sure.
Looks like we're not going down after all, so nevermind.
2017-11-12, 3:10 PM #8
Have you played GTAV? I haven't, but I've heard good things about the driving, and if you're looking for a less simmy, more, well, GTA-y, drive around, see stuff, and potentially hop out and do stuff situation, I would imagine it'd be suitable for it.
2017-11-12, 3:17 PM #9
I have GTA V on three different systems: PS3, PS4 and PC.
Looks like we're not going down after all, so nevermind.
2017-11-22, 4:14 AM #10
Elite: Dangerous
The answer is maybe.
2017-11-22, 12:03 PM #11
WTF ruben van der luen

I thought you were dead

/me high fives burrie and gives him a bear
2017-11-22, 12:53 PM #12
i don't remember seeing this thread ten days ago???
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2017-11-22, 4:08 PM #13
I play F1 2017 now. Apparently it falls in between a simulation and an arcade. Real-life Formula 1 is familiar to me as a European, but I haven't followed it at all in maybe fifteen years.

I got an old Logitech Driving Force GT wheel that I bought used at 40 euros, and I've quite liked it so far. However, the wheel's force feedback makes this sort of loud rattling noise. I googled it and that's apparently pretty common with this model. It can be reduced by adjusting the force feedback settings.

At first I had great trouble staying on the track in tight corners. This is at the game's "Experienced" setting which provides an intermediate level of driving assistance. I'm slowly getting the hang of that, though. Now I at least stay on the track but I sometimes need to slam on the brakes and waste a bunch of time on those corners due to approaching them wrong.

I'm just doing time trials for now to learn how to drive without looking like an idiot. I did go into one multiplayer game. That was pretty interesting: most people in the game had a really poor connection, I didn't get to race for some reason, and when I watched the race for a while nearly everyone was bumping into each other and taking all sorts of automatic penalties from foul play such as cutting corners. One driver was a cut above the rest. I watched him for a while and was impressed by the way he cleared all the corners at surprisingly high speed. His car and character's outfit were all black. This dark avenger on his motor stallion had arrived to mean business and was showing everyone how it's done. It was pretty inspiring so I went back to my offline time trials to repeat what I had just seen that guy do. It didn't quite work out that way.
Looks like we're not going down after all, so nevermind.

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