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ForumsDiscussion Forum → Cantina Cloud Poll Parade: Happy 40th birthday, Jeff Walters
Cantina Cloud Poll Parade: Happy 40th birthday, Jeff Walters
2017-11-22, 1:49 AM #1
(According to the "Today's Birthdays" panel on the forum main page)

Happy 40th birthday to mr. Jeff Walters AKA Jaiph AKA the Bespin City Forum guy AKA SeƱor Cantina Cloud.

And above almost everything and nothing - the creator of Drazen Isle - which was not only a Massassi/JK classic, but also got featured in PC Gamer way back in the day (when PC gaming magazines were actually read), and for that matter, still has a higher download count than my Deus Ex mod (also featured in PC Gamer, albeit only in the web version and supposedly in the Dutch edition or sth) does.

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So wherever you are, have a good'n!

Originally posted by MBeggar:
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2017-11-22, 1:58 AM #2
former entrepreneur
2017-11-22, 3:59 AM #3
It's a real neat level.

Fun fact: jumping on the diving board makes consecutive jumps higher.

Last I heard of Jaiph he was getting a divorce...?
2017-11-27, 10:52 AM #4
Happy Birthday Jeff!

I found your 90's era personal website crawling the Internet Archive. Also when does "Mt Kurek 2: Totally Not a Ripoff of Mount Tantiss" come out?
Taton Qek, The master of masterfully inspired levels that never get released.

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