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ForumsDiscussion Forum → Laser engraved Grand Admiral Thrawn with glowing eyes
Laser engraved Grand Admiral Thrawn with glowing eyes
2018-12-14, 11:49 PM #1
My partner's company is doing a gift exchange. She got someone who is super into Star Wars, and specifically called out the Thrawn books as his favorite. She asked if we could make something on my laser cutter for him.

I immediately had a vision of this.

It took a ton of work, but I'm beyond giddy at how well this turned out.

Anyway - I thought you all would enjoy.
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2018-12-14, 11:53 PM #2
That's pretty good, giddydud!
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2018-12-15, 5:21 AM #3
That's awesome.
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2018-12-15, 9:52 AM #4
2018-12-15, 10:03 AM #5
I see 00red.mat
2019-01-11, 9:25 AM #6
Looks so nice. My sister painted me a ... painting for Christmas.

2019-01-11, 9:56 AM #7
lol WTF is that, some kind of jedibird?
2019-01-11, 10:10 AM #8
houo boyy
2019-01-14, 9:48 PM #9
what laser do you have
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2019-01-14, 9:55 PM #10
That painting would be kinda cool if it didn’t have nerd on it.
2019-02-05, 11:04 AM #11
Steven I think that's Salacious Crumb wearing a scarf.

Spook - I have a Glowforge Pro. [url][/url]
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2019-03-06, 10:56 PM #12
whenever I'm feeling kinda blue and need to cheer up I come back to this thread and look at that painting and it makes me laugh and I feel better

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