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2018 in review
2018-12-31, 9:42 AM #1

FGR is dead. I think I got better with my FL Studioing, though.


FGR is dead so in practice I only play Solitaire these days.


FGR is dead so in practice I don't watch or have interest in new films anymore.


FGR is dead so in practice I don't watch or have interest in new series anymore.


Book this! *UNF UNF UNF*


This was the first year since probably 2015 when I actually earned more money than I had lost/spent/consumed. I'm quite certain my salary will be cut next year, too, so this might have been my last time in that regard. Boh!

World affairs:

You know, if Trump had won the freaking Popular Vote, I would have gotten - and would have been satisfied so far with - my Four-Year Christmas. But he didn't, so I didn't. Outrageous!


He's probably quite busy, but I was hoping that Brian would have been able to upload my latest JK level within 2018.
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2018-12-31, 10:13 AM #2
This year was definitely Pugler.
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2018-12-31, 12:56 PM #3
2018 was Jepman, lol
2018-12-31, 12:57 PM #4
2018 was me, I'm Jepman.
2018-12-31, 1:04 PM #5
burrie would be saying too much
saberopus would be saying too little
2019-01-02, 9:01 AM #6
2018 was a good year, despite everyone's best efforts. >:)
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2019-01-02, 12:05 PM #7
2018 was so crazy for me, it was definitely a Nikumubeki.
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2019-01-10, 3:18 AM #8
The answer is maybe.
2019-01-10, 8:06 AM #9
Cody Coker.

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