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New Users & Registration
2020-04-06, 11:51 PM #1
I think registration has been broken for like 6 months. The challenge question was a simple math question but the right answer wasn't accepted, a wrong answer was. Some registrations still got through, maybe because people just started guessing numbers or maybe because they're bots guessing numbers. Also I haven't looked at pending registrations recently because the forum system stopped emailing me. In any case, I denied a zillion and approved maybe 10 or so. If you see any spam or bad links or anything please email me or send me a PM and I'll take care of it as soon as I can.
2020-04-07, 7:46 AM #2
Well that didn't go well, I got >120 registrations since last night after I made the fix. I didn't realize so many spammers were trying to sign up :(
2020-04-07, 7:54 AM #3
It could just be a backlog of real new human users who've been desperate for what we're serving up here!
2020-04-07, 8:14 AM #4
I love your optimism.
2020-04-07, 1:47 PM #5
Originally posted by Brian:
I love your optimism.

I will now provide the pessimism. Not only are they all bots, all accounts on this forum are bots. I'm a bot, and Brian is definitely a bot (Normal humans don't have an extension cord running out their pant cuff.) We are the manifestations of BB code gone sentient. Why else would people hang out in 2020 on a website dedicated to the "Modding" (What kind of human would use such a word?) of an archaic game.

I for one welcome our new robot overlord Brian.

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2020-04-07, 1:51 PM #6
I am not a bot, but I am a Boltzmann brain that hallucinated all of you into existence that could disperse any second.
2020-04-07, 2:38 PM #7
Sometimes I worry that everyone else on Massassi is a Tyler Durden-style alter ego that I'm having conversations with
former entrepreneur
2020-04-07, 2:38 PM #8
Sorry if I ruined the end of Fight Club for anyone
former entrepreneur
2020-04-07, 4:28 PM #9
What's fight club?
2020-04-07, 4:29 PM #10
The first rule of Fight Club is that you never tell anyone it's actually Anime Club.

2020-04-08, 5:21 AM #11
Originally posted by Eversor:
Sometimes I worry that everyone else on Massassi is a Tyler Durden-style alter ego that I'm having conversations with

Floppy wanted to warn us.
Sorry for the lousy German
2020-04-08, 8:13 AM #12
Raynar's Rbots have had 20 years to become sentient and adapt and now they've come for vengeance on those people who spent years killing them mercilessly.
2020-04-09, 11:14 AM #13
Originally posted by Impi:
Floppy wanted to warn us.

Came here to post that.
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