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ForumsDiscussion Forum → This is my 5,000th post
This is my 5,000th post
2021-07-24, 2:15 PM #1
Couldn't have done it without you guys.

Thank you all for believing in me.

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes -- The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them, because they change things. They push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.
former entrepreneur
2021-07-24, 2:16 PM #2
And now for my next feat, I'm going to write 5,000 more posts. Starting now.

former entrepreneur
2021-07-24, 2:17 PM #3
former entrepreneur
2021-07-24, 2:17 PM #4
former entrepreneur
2021-07-24, 2:17 PM #5
Ok that was fun

former entrepreneur
2021-07-24, 5:28 PM #6
2021-07-24, 5:30 PM #7
The public would like to know, what did it feel like to cross over from 4,999 to 5,000? Have you overcome your personal challenges?
2021-07-25, 5:54 AM #8
Thank you for the questions, Echoman. I would say the thing that was most noticeable about going from 4,999 posts to 5,000 posts was the pride that I felt, not only in the quantity of my posts, but also in their quality. As far as personal challenges go, it took about twenty years to get to this point, so I’d say the big thing was patience and perseverance.

former entrepreneur
2021-07-25, 7:29 AM #9
2021-07-25, 9:22 AM #10
This thread does not deliver.
2021-07-25, 10:51 AM #11
Considering most of us have been registered 20ish years, most people are averaging a lot less than one post per day.
2021-07-25, 1:10 PM #12
Ladies and gentleman, Eversor wants you to believe that he is an honest man. But I'll have you know that in spite of his cheerful demeanor about this supposed accomplishment, the truth is that he's been hiding posts in his closet for years, and long ago passed the 5000 post mark. Why he has neglected to mention this is disturbing enough that one has to question the moral integrity of those hidden posts.

I think Brian should immediately release the logs to the post count server, and until we find the missing posts I think it's time to consider locking them all up.
2021-07-25, 5:44 PM #13
It’s true. My original account was actually the first account on Massassi to hit 5k. But I try to be modest when talking about everything I do. Some even say I’m the most modest person they’ve ever met.
former entrepreneur
2021-07-25, 6:38 PM #14
I demand a recount.
2021-07-25, 8:10 PM #15
Well if you include this one I’ve got 8 on this thread alone. Counted them by hand.
former entrepreneur
2021-07-26, 7:36 AM #16
i have validated the full postchain on my GPU and can affirm Eversor's postcount
I had a blog. It sucked.
2021-07-26, 9:29 AM #17
Originally posted by Zloc_Vergo:
i have validated the full postchain on my GPU and can affirm Eversor's postcount

You're 13, what do you know about blockchains.
2021-07-26, 11:44 AM #18
Enough to know not all of your posts could be verified; you wanna explain those 17,214 posts, ECHOMAN!?
I had a blog. It sucked.
2021-07-26, 12:31 PM #19
congratulations on allt he posts, eversor. you have done me proud with the posts even if this thread is dog water, as the kids say.
2021-07-26, 3:17 PM #20
thanks saberopus. this one's dedicated to you.
former entrepreneur
2021-07-27, 9:08 AM #21
I was going to post a snail race, but I can't remember what my post count is. I expect the deletion of the Trump thread has reset us all back to pre-2016 post count levels, if it works that way.
2021-07-27, 12:31 PM #22
Whether or not it works that way, the Trump thread has not been deleted. Let's not get a Mandela effect (or whatever) started here.
2021-07-28, 1:52 AM #23
Yeah, and also I crawled the Trump thread myself so that we'll always have a backup of it regardless of being deleted or not.
2021-07-28, 1:59 AM #24
wtf? lol
"I would rather claim to be an uneducated man than be mal-educated and claim to be otherwise." - Wookie 03:16

2021-07-28, 2:30 AM #25
Cruel destiny of Massassi: Projects like the SWTTC, TPMTC, ToaM 3, Zell's Nar Shaddaa project and countless of others will never be released in any form, but at least the Trump Thread is retained.
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2021-07-28, 10:45 AM #26
Neither will my Donald Trump TC
former entrepreneur
2021-07-29, 9:05 AM #27
Is Zloc thirty yet?

I think him and Uberslug were about the only two 'ians that were younger than me and I'm over the hill now.
2021-07-29, 9:15 AM #28
Wow, the hill is 30 these days?
2021-07-29, 10:34 AM #29
2021-07-29, 4:29 PM #30
posting to see my post count
2021-07-29, 4:30 PM #31
holy ****
2021-07-29, 11:12 PM #32
I know. It's surprising that it is so low.

After being on Discord it seems weird that it doesn't post when you hit enter.
"I would rather claim to be an uneducated man than be mal-educated and claim to be otherwise." - Wookie 03:16

2021-07-30, 10:45 AM #33
Wookie, why are you an admin?
2021-07-30, 12:37 PM #34
2021-07-30, 9:21 PM #35
Originally posted by Obi_Kwiet:
Wookie, why are you an admin?

And what of it? You gotta problem? Sounds like somebody needs a vacation.
"I would rather claim to be an uneducated man than be mal-educated and claim to be otherwise." - Wookie 03:16

2021-08-27, 11:23 PM #36
a slow steady march to 10,000
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