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Massassi downtime this weekend
2021-10-13, 8:52 AM #1
Just a heads up, there might be some downtime this weekend for all of Massassi. Don't panic, I'll pull backups ahead of time. I'll post some updates on Discord.

I'm going to try to roll out the new stuff I've been working on, but it also involves moving to a new server and uploading a bunch of stuff to amazon s3 so it might take a while.
2021-10-13, 9:08 AM #2
Oh, no! But I planned to do my millenial Impi-posts-in-every-thread weekend!
Sorry for the lousy German
2021-10-13, 9:28 AM #3
Good luck w/ the updates!
2021-10-18, 12:07 AM #4
Delayed, sorry. Maybe next weekend!
2021-10-19, 2:54 AM #5
I mean, would any of us notice?
2021-10-19, 5:46 AM #6
Of course I would
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2021-10-19, 10:03 AM #7
baconfish you never finished your guitar build thread from 11 years ago
2021-10-19, 10:22 AM #8
Brian, please pause Massassi downtime until Baconfish delivers.
2021-10-21, 8:00 PM #9
Probably not going to happen this weekend either, sorry!
2021-10-22, 9:01 PM #10
Whew, good news for us. I was camping last weekend so that would have been a good time!
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2021-10-24, 11:04 AM #11
It's literally finished here.

Eventually I parted it out and sold it on ebay and used the money to build a partscaster tele cause after owning three of them I realised how much I dislike stratocasters. It's sunburst with a black pickguard, maple neck and mismatched bronze bridge with silver hardware cause I was apparently going through a bit of an Andy Summers phase.

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