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Massassi Holiday Logo Contest 2021
2021-12-04, 11:40 PM #1
Following up on the last two*** non-contests, here's this year's thread.

I'll start

*** = Actually three, forgot about the 2017 one
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2021-12-05, 12:05 AM #2
The new massassi holiday logo contest page is here:
2021-12-09, 12:26 PM #3
Dare I enter one more time and go out in a blaze of technicolour glory?
2021-12-22, 6:16 AM #4
Where's the logo, Baconfish? :colbert:

Before that, here's another one from me:

Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2022-01-01, 5:42 PM #5
Well that was a bust. Thank you Nikumubeki for your two logos. It's January so the rotation automatically stopped, but I did get both of them updated last year. Maybe next year we'll get some more participants.
2022-01-01, 6:37 PM #6
The vast majority of my contributions in the past have been ISB-related, which I've essentially retired from these days. Perhaps next year, I could make one based on "An Old Truth" which was my attempt to leave something old-school on the board.
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2022-01-01, 7:54 PM #7
Sounds like a good idea for an animated one!

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