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If you're trying to download an archive of the forum, please read this!
2021-12-07, 11:31 PM #1
The server was getting hammered by multiple clients using `wget` or similar to download the entire forum. They were using no delay between requests (and likely using parallel requests). I had to firewall the IPs because I was getting alerted that we were using too much bandwidth, cpu usage was through the roof, etc.

If you want to take an archive of the forums, that is FINE, but please make an effort to leave some amount of time between requests. If you find that you been banned, please contact me and we can talk about it. (although since I blocked the ip you probably can't see this message.... sorry)
2021-12-08, 7:59 AM #2
Argh, sorry, that was me. I was trying my "mirroring with wget" theory. I did not expect it to be that much. I forgot all the attachments.

I got about 19 GB before you blocked me.

You may keep the block. I fired it up from my server (no parallel downloads, but no delay between the requests either) and forgot it over night. It's stopped now.

I'll try to see if I can host what I got to see if it at least worked.
Sorry for the lousy German
2021-12-08, 9:40 AM #3
I will remove the block next time I log into the server. I think it's fine as long as you add some delay between pages. Also if you want the forums as they are by default, just completely skip anything under "/vb3/archive/" because that's just duplicate data. If you only want the plain/white formatted archive, only grab stuff from "/vb3/archive/".

Along with the wget there was a "Neevabot" hammering the site at the same time. It doesn't respect robots.txt so I banned it, too.
2021-12-08, 10:35 AM #4
Also, if you really do want it all, if you wait until I move the rest of the site to a new server then it will probably be fine. I've got the beta/dev version up and need to work on ssl certs, just waiting for dns to work.

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