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Massassi Downtime - Server Upgrade
2021-12-17, 5:56 PM #1
The main page of massassi is down. I'm moving it to a new server. Don't panic, hopefully it will be back up this weekend.
2021-12-18, 1:15 PM #2
It's weird that it's loading the nav bar but the central content is 404ing. And on refresh the nav bar goes away and the whole thing kaks. I thought it was browser caching, but it did the same thing in Edge.
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2021-12-18, 1:39 PM #3
It's going up and down as I'm troubleshooting the import process. You may also still have some dns caching that hasn't updated yet.
2021-12-18, 9:45 PM #4
Server is up now at its new location. If you encounter a downtime message rather than the actual site, your dns is still pointing to the old server. It should update at some point in the next 48h for everybody. Please let me know what you think!
2021-12-18, 10:45 PM #5
Looks very nice!

(Even though TODOA TC SP is still available :ninja:)
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