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No, the forums will live forever
2022-03-28, 12:50 PM #1
That's my opinion anyway, and I'm sticking to it
former entrepreneur
2022-03-28, 2:08 PM #2
former entrepreneur
2022-03-29, 9:08 AM #3
I've never seen the forums die
2022-04-14, 9:00 PM #4
When the forum does finally die, I propose that we all hang around the discord and complain about how much better the forums were.
2022-04-16, 5:24 PM #5
The forums are definitely worse, unless you really really enjoy having angry arguments that hang entirely on whether what someone said in a subsequent post contradicted what they said in a earlier post
former entrepreneur
2022-04-18, 8:50 AM #6
*insert angy argument about whether what Eversor said contradicts his first post in this thread*
2022-04-18, 2:49 PM #7
[short bleep] you, you [long bleep]
former entrepreneur
2022-06-25, 10:06 AM #8
Holonet never had netsplits

Also wait til October of next year so I can hit my retirent. Or ban me 2 days before then, whatever works
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2022-08-05, 10:07 PM #9
whats a discord?

I found this place when I was 12, now I'm too old to even know what the internet is.

2022-08-07, 8:15 AM #10
It's like IRC with none of the charm.
2022-08-07, 4:50 PM #11
The Discord is ok, but it really doesn't center enough on What's Everyone's Favorite JK Mod or Level ThatTheyRemember??

2022-08-08, 10:31 PM #12
Yeah I tried Discord out but it doesn't really work for me. The chat isn't what I'm looking for I guess, and it doesn't help that I don't have a computer job where I can leave it open for long periods of time.
2022-08-26, 7:18 PM #13
Originally posted by saberopus:
The Discord is ok, but it really doesn't center enough on What's Everyone's Favorite JK Mod or Level ThatTheyRemember??


Siege on Vol Kanst and Imperial Siege on Derra IV. Basically, if your level has seige in the name, it's gonna be good
"it is time to get a credit card to complete my financial independance" — Tibby, Aug. 2009
2022-09-03, 8:03 PM #14
I'm one year away from being able to collect retirement from whoever owned this place in 2003

**** I already said that, the alzheimers is taking me
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2023-06-15, 7:49 PM #15
upping this because of its optimism
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