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ForumsDiscussion Forum → Guy "Playing JK for the first time" on youtube
Guy "Playing JK for the first time" on youtube
2022-10-19, 2:43 PM #1

Weirdly they don't do much discussion about the game while they're playing it, but it was funny watching him get stuck on the puzzles in the second level because I remember getting stuck there as well, though I was 11 at the time ;)

edit: Video starts 24 minutes in after he manages to get it recording on stream
2022-10-20, 3:25 PM #2
Who else here plays in 3rd person like this? I only use 3rd person in saber mode because I can't aim otherwise :(
2022-10-20, 5:03 PM #3
Yeah, first person with guns, 3rd person with saber. Isn't that the default behavior?
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2022-10-28, 8:59 AM #4
It was commonplace for multi-players to use the third-person point-of-view almost exclusively, because it offered the advantages of being able to see more of your surroundings, thus decreasing surprises, and permitting you to see around corners without revealing yourself. I personally only used first-person in levels that were tight, and even then, only in particular areas (e.g., the side tunnels in Blades of Death, the vents in Nar Shaddaa Loading Terminal, etc.), or when using a weapon's secondary fire mode (e.g., Concussion Rifle, on a stationary or predictable target). Once you get used to it, your aim is just as good, or nearly so, and since the netcode favored weapons with splash damage, prediction was ~as important as aim.
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2022-10-28, 4:29 PM #5
Nice, thanks for that. Maybe that's the reason I always got slaughtered :gonk:

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