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ForumsDiscussion Forum → Favorite fast food burger spot?
Favorite fast food burger spot?
2023-09-13, 1:57 PM #1
What's your favorite place to get a burger when you're on the go?
former entrepreneur
2023-09-13, 4:25 PM #2
Depends. If it's my lunch break at work, I get Krystals solely because their sliders and that's easier to deal with at my desk. Out and about, I'd rather have Whataburger. Bringing it home, Culvers.
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2023-09-13, 4:39 PM #3
If you're way out West, the clear answer is In-N-Out Burger.

Back East you might also look into some of the more recent competitors to White Castle, such as McDonald's Famous Barbecue, which has pivoted to burgers.
2023-09-14, 1:39 PM #4
i always go to five guys when i'm in a hurry,
2023-09-14, 1:44 PM #5
It's been forever since I've been in that situation. With that said, I think I tend to err towards Wendy's, though really, if I'm in that situation now, I don't think it'd terribly matter to me.
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2023-09-14, 4:12 PM #6
A&W in Canada is actually really good.
2023-09-14, 5:32 PM #7
my go to "i want a burger" option is usually burger king... it's just down the road from work and i could walk there (if i want to sacrifice 1/4-1/3 of my lunch)

now actual favorite... as trashy and greasy and sketchy as it is... Rally's

while i'll admit there are better burger options in the fast food realm... but my god give me the garbage
may or may not be DrkJedi82
2023-09-14, 7:55 PM #8
Usually In-N-Out with me. There are a few local places I try to hit up but if I'm going to spend money on food I don't make myself I usually get Mexican or Sushi.
My blawgh.
2023-09-14, 8:18 PM #9
Originally posted by Tracer:
A&W in Canada is actually really good.

former entrepreneur
2023-09-15, 3:29 AM #10
I moved to a small town a couple of months ago and there's a McDonalds and a new independent place opened by the same guy who started an excellent pizzeria in town.

The latter would normally be great news but unfortunately the pizza magic doesn't convert to burger magic. So he's got a bunch of bad reviews, including accusations that he shouted at and insulted customers in person when they complained. In response he's all over the local facebook group bad-mouthing anyone who says anything negative about his new restaurant or failing that accusing them of being bots. So now half the town is just trolling him online.
2023-09-16, 9:01 AM #11
Originally posted by Jon`C:
i always go to five guys when i'm in a hurry,

And on a budget.
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2023-09-16, 9:20 AM #12
I don't recall ever going to an In and Out. I probably did but McDonald's hadn't yet been completely ruined and I hadn't developed snobby preferences towards food yet back then. Been to Whataburger once and was disappointed. They're opening one here soon so after the novelty and crowds die down I'll give it another shot. Culver's is okay. Wendy's, Sonic, BK, McDonald's, etc. all pretty much trash imo. I do use the McDs app to get bogo sausage burritos w/ "hot" picante several days a week and the occasional bogo sandwich because it's cheap and convenient. Oh, Hardy's/Carl's Jr. seemed to be pretty good in the past but very disappointing the last time or two I was there but that's been a few years. A few places are pretty rare in my experience. Jack in the Box are usually not plentiful. There is one is this city and it's on the other side of town so I rarely go there. I can't think of a single fast food burger joint that I'd recommend right now. There was a place called Smashburger in Manhattan, Kansas but that closed after we left and Schlotzki's. Not a burger place but really good sandwiches but they've closed many locations over the years. There's one an hour or so away from me it looks like. I also used to really like Red Robin's but their menu has changed a lot from when I used to like it.
"I would rather claim to be an uneducated man than be mal-educated and claim to be otherwise." - Wookie 03:16

2023-09-16, 8:39 PM #13
Smashburger. I was trying to remember that place, but it closed down years ago. I guess it is more of a sandwich place but Potbellies is one I really like though after Covid the only locations here are out of my normal range.
My blawgh.
2023-09-22, 8:25 PM #14
I don't eat fast food anymore.

Because I'm an adult.
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2023-10-15, 6:15 PM #15
Wendy's. I get a hamburger from there every once in a while. In N Out is better usually, but I don't have any conveniently local.

But don't sleep on Wendy's, they've really focused on quality in the past years.
2023-10-15, 10:11 PM #16
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2023-10-28, 12:16 PM #17
Originally posted by zanardi:
I don't eat fast food anymore.

Because I'm an adult.


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