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Godzilla Minus One
2023-12-03, 3:28 PM #1
Absolutely amazing film. I would put this in the 2023 movie thread but this film really deserves its own thread.

Our local theater is closed due to a fire so we went to Nashville to watch the film. That opened up some additional options like ScreenX and 4DX. ScreenX projects additional content to the periphery and 4DX are motion controlled seats. I think sometimes 4DX incorporates both but that was not the case on the screen we saw the film on. Godzilla Minus One was a good film to watch in this manner as it is not non-stop action. The motion control was way too overkill in my opinion and the seats were not very comfortable. The intensity really needed to be dialed down. I don't think you should feel like you're going to get thrown out of your chair while watching a movie. If we watch another film there I may try ScreenX instead.

On to the film. You first see the creature within the opening minutes of the film and it is epic. This is the most intense and terrifying incarnation of Godzilla ever to be shown on screen. I can't legitimately say if the creature scared me as much as wondering what my seat was about to do to me but it was excellent.

The human story was very emotional and makes for a good film by itself if some other plot mechanism than the monster was used. I don't recall ever feeling as if I could be moved to tears by a Godzilla film before. Shin Godzilla is an interesting film and focuses a lot on modern day Japanese politics while Godzilla Minus One returns to it's original roots and tells an emotional just after WWII tale with a slightly altered alternative history in that you don't see any American occupation which was explained away pretty well.

This film blows away the Monster-verse movies. I enjoy those but the human elements have been pretty terrible in the last two films. Not nearly as bad as most of the Transformers movies but pretty mediocre.

When I grew up in Seattle channel 11 ran all sorts of old science fiction and monster movies so I've always loved these sorts of shows and movies. When Peter Jackson's Kong came out that became my favorite monster film. Now I'm really torn if it didn't just get outdone.

This is one of those films that really should be enjoyed in the theater.
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2023-12-09, 11:22 AM #2
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2023-12-09, 11:58 AM #3
One of my good friends was telling how good it was the other day, saying it made up for Dune pt.2 being delayed. I haven't seen a film in the theater for a long time but this one is starting to tempt me.
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