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The Hunter...upcoming series
2000-09-11, 12:58 PM #1
Ok, here's the story for The Hunter, my upcoming series, I'll stop as far as the first level carries the story, then you can add on whatever you want(if it goes with the story) Here it goes:

Inside Ta'shla the Hutt's Palace on Nal Hutta

Nim nervously glanced up at Dengar, as Dengar pushed away a small curtain.
Dengar was about 5'10", rather short for his age. He was about 17 years old, as far as I could tell. He was an upper servant, which meant he could access nearly every room in the palace, and he had special duties, yet he was still a servant. He was just dressed in rags, like all the servants here. He had a ruddy complexion, with dark brown hair. He was always telling me about how he would someday become a swoop pilot as soon as he left here.
I wasn't all that confident of my outcome however. I was a slave, plain and simple. I slept on stone and served all of Ta'shla's guests. This was an everyday routine for me, my life was just reliving all of yesterday's work. I was about 5'7" tall, and I was only 15 at the time. I had blonde hair and bright blue eyes. But under all the dirt and oil stains, you could hardly tell.
Dengar and me had been friends for a little while, but just last week he called me into the servants quarters to propose a deal to me. He would show me the way out of the palace, if I would help protect him along the way. He had no idea yet how to use a gun, although i secretly had practiced with some of the visiting mercenaries guns. I had stolen one and hid it. Only Dengar and I knew about that though.
Dengar led me into a small, dimly lit room. It was a dead end, at least it appeared to be a dead end. He smiled at me and, to my surprise, stuck his hand through on of the walls. He fiddled around with something behind the wall, then suddenly the wall flicked a few times and disappeared. Behind it was an old, unused elevator shaft and a holoprojector was attached to the back of the shaft.
"Clever," I said.
"I stole it from a visiting salesmen after Ta'shla had him thrown to the rancor," he replied.
I shuddered, all the slaves and servants knew about Morgel, the dreaded rancor that Ta'shla kept in the lower levels of the palace. Dengar quickly hopped down the elevator shaft, and I followed him.
We landed in a small room, which opened up into a large droid workroom. Some gamorean guards immediately started heading our way. Dengar and I took one look at the guard's sharp axes, and backed into the wall. I glanced to my left and saw a small glass case with emergency written on it. I smashed the case and took the blaser rifle i had seen inside. I snapped off to quick shots, and with a squeal they both went down. Two head shots, perfect. We walked into the workroom in which a group of old pit droids had gathered to watch us, as soon as they saw my gun they hurried back to work. We walked down several flights of stairs to another droid room. Wanting to avoid detection, we ran through it into a huge storage room, filled with crates. An Ithorian mercenary looked at my gun inquisitively and I decided to end his curiousity as quickly as possible. I snapped off quick shot into his chest. Behind me I heard a battle cry as a crazed Reeyees came running at me holding a set thermal detonator in his hand. We made a dash to the other side of the room and dove to the floor, just as that crazy Reeyees blew himself to kingdom come.
Dengar glanced at me and then stared into the smoke. We both turned around and started into another hallway when i saw a glint of metal behind us. Without thinking or aiming i turned around and let off a salvo of blaster shots. The silent, deadly Noghri slumped to the floor, full of blaster bolt holes. We walked into a small room, which had probably once been a security checkpoint.
"We'll have to split up now," Dengar said, "They won't let you go near the upper levels, I'll have to go alone, meet me at the entrance, you know the way."
I nodded and kicked out a metal grate on the floor. I made my way through the crawlway and into another droid workshop. This time though the guards were nowhere to be seen. I tried one of the doors, but it required a key. Since i had no key and didn't have the time to find one I hopped onto the conveyor belt and rode it for a while, until a force field blocked progress. We had gotten to the incinerator level. Since Ta'shla didn't want to buy an incinerator herself, she just redirected a lava flow through a section of her palace. I glanced down at the lava, gulped, and leapt into the air. I landed hard on my ankle, but it was fine, I hoped. It hurt a little butI could live with it. I climbed into a large sewage pipe that had been out of service for years, yet they had forgotten to drain all the water out of it yet. I ran for what must have been ten minutes before I came to an exit.
I had reached a dip in the pipes, and now i had to swim through the mucky water. I had been swimming for what felt like forever when finally I came to the surface, and I got out of the water as quickly as possible. I shook of the water and looked around. A look of horror crossed my face...I was in the Huttese Baths! A few fellow slaves recognised me, and seeing all the guards closing in on me, one of them yelled for a rebellion then knocked over a smaller Klaatu, grabbed his gun, and assaulted the guards. The other slaves followed suit, and soon each one was armed and fighting. One shot a small power generator and said, "Go ahead Nim, we'll hold them off until you get out."
I nodded graciously and went through the area where a force field had once been. I was now in the main hallway of the palace. I broke into a run, and started running even faster when a guard caught sight of me. Soon more and more guards were coming after me, shooting constantly. They were slowly gaining on me. I was about to the main doors, when two rodians burst in, I shot one, and ran around the other.
I was outside the palace! Dengar came out from behind one of the pillars and ran to my side.
"Hurry," he said, "that man will take us in his transport."
Just then a mob of angry palace guards burst out.
"Hold it right there," a large rodian said.
With a warwhoop Dengar fired into the face of the captain of the guard, and a nearby guard shot off a stun bolt. It hit Dengar squarely in the chest. As his inert form hit the ground, I ran into the waiting transport. The engines lit, and it hovered over the ground for just a moment before heading off for some city nearby.
"Where's your friend?" the pilot asked.
"He'll be coming later, I hope," I replied. My last view of him showed the guards carrying his motionless form back into the palace. I knew I would have to get him back, some how, some way.

Well, go ahead, try to guess at the story, have fun with this. You'll be able to see the rest of the story when the series is done.

The protagonist is trying very, very hard to think very clearly about trying not to think about something else. Read it again.
The protagonist is trying very, very hard to think very clearly about trying not to think about something else. Read it again.
2000-09-12, 10:25 AM #2
cmon, was it good, bad? Gee, 400+ responses to other stories, none but me to mine...

The protagonist is trying very, very hard to think very clearly about trying not to think about something else. Read it again.
The protagonist is trying very, very hard to think very clearly about trying not to think about something else. Read it again.

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