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ForumsInteractive Story Board → The Evil Wonka cow!
The Evil Wonka cow!
2000-10-21, 5:45 AM #1
The Evil Wonka cow!

One day in a galaxy not so far away… a cow from Willy Wonka’s factory was supposed to be a giant chocolate but… CAME ALIVE! It ruined all the factory… and the umpa loopas said “umpa loopa dumpity doo the cow escaped now he’s gonna kill you!” then the cow ate the poor umpa loopas L. Then… The Evil wonka cow tried to eat willy wonka but he put a collar on it and controlled it with his remote control attached to the cow. “Mwahahahah” Willy said. He used the cow to steal all the chocolate in the world even.. the chocolate milk cows at Hershey’s Factory!! We all tried to break the collar but it was made of month old freezed chocolate it wouldn’t break!! So then dun dun dun….. Willy wonka and the evil cow went to Africa! But it was to hot and the collar on the evil cow melted. So then the cow thru up all the people it ate and even the umpa loopas! They all said “umpa loopa dompity doo the cow thru us up now Willy we kill you!” then the cow and all the umpa loopas chased Willy wonka and ate him.. They all lived happily ever after but what about the chocolate Hershey’s cows??……

To be continued…… *now everyone add on to this to make the ultimate story MWAHAHAH*

If u diss Escaflowne your dissing my life! If u like DBZ more than Escaflowne your just plain Horrible!

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Think while it's still legal.
2010-08-08, 4:54 AM #2
Hi! I wanted to know what happened to the chocolate Hershey’s cows?
2010-08-12, 10:45 PM #3
Holy ****.

A necro of a 10 year old thread.

This should stay unlocked just because it's the greatest achievement in Massassian necro history. It also shows just how lame SAJN used to be! (Though to be fair he was like 5 at the time.)
Looks like we're not going down after all, so nevermind.
2010-08-13, 11:41 AM #4
I need to frame that forum signature and put it on my wall. The weird thing is, I saw the thread title and instantly knew exactly what it was. I wish I could go back in time and kill myself at that age.
Think while it's still legal.
2010-08-13, 1:46 PM #5
You're not going to tell them what happens to the chocolate cows, SAJN?

I'm curious who Notriga is and why they apparently registered just to bring this thread up. o_O
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2010-08-16, 8:38 PM #6
This story is so getting written. Oh yes.

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