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2000-10-14, 12:59 PM #1
One day there was a boy.. a very skilled boy he was skilled at-

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2000-10-14, 1:14 PM #2
hacking. Alex Jacobson was an exceptional hacker. At age 13, Alex was known around the world as the best hacker ever to set foot on the earth.

"Bwahahahaha!!" Cackled Brian, "Soon the world will fall to my administrator bots and everyone will be my slave! Then they will work 24/7 and make the best levels ever!"

Brian, the leader of the Massassi Temple, an world-known terrorist group that thrived on computers, knew this would be the day that he would finally win. He had his Administrator bots positioned from all angles around the U.N. headquarters. He awaited the moment in which he would order his bots to attack and all hell would rain down over the U.N. Only one thing, a thing Brian oversaw, stood in his path.

*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
2000-10-14, 1:17 PM #3
"Dagnit!!! Those homely -ites are always putting up advanced security! This is gonna take me two seconds longer!" Alex sneered with glee. He knew that Jedi Legacy was going down. His joy was to take down sites that had people that weren't nice to him as webmasters. Alex enjoyed hacking, but he needed a challenge. He didn't know what to do next. Just as he was thinking up ideas, the phone rang..

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2000-10-14, 1:36 PM #4
"I'd like to speek with Mr. Alex Jabocson," A booming voice said over the phone.

"Thats me!" Alex told the man.

"I am Mr. Dejan Manderly, I'm with the U.N. We have heared about your hacking skills Mr. Jacobson. We need you now. The world needs you," Manderly told Alex, "The Massassi Temple has us pinned down. We need a hacker like you to hack their main server, and shut down their bots."

"Massassi, eh?" Alex said, "Thats the challenge I've been looking for! I'll try, but I don't know for sure if I can bypass their top-of-the-line lockout system..."

"You must try, Alex, the world needs you.. Ahhh! No! Dont kill meeee!!!" Manderly shrilled, then scilence.

*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
2000-10-14, 1:39 PM #5
Alex gaped at the phone. A man just died while talking to me.
Alex immediatly ran to his computer and commenced his attack against the Massassi server. Little did he know that an evil and devious man was watching his every move..
2000-10-14, 1:48 PM #6
"Well, well, well... Wait untill Brian here's about this..." Juztyn said to himself, "I'll get more Admin. powers to abuse."

Juztyn creeps around the corner, and into Alex's room. Alex is too busy to notice.

"Man! I gatta keep trying..." Alex mutters to himself.

Juztyn pulls out his standard issue bryar pistol...

*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
2000-10-14, 1:52 PM #7
All of the sudden, as quick as lightning, Alex jumped out of his chair, rolled and kicked upinto Juztyn's chin. As he flew back, the bryar flew forward, into Alex's waiting grasp. Warily he did a search of the house, and when he came back to check on the evil minion, there was nothing. Alex shook his head and got on with his work.
What have I gotten myself into?
2000-10-14, 1:59 PM #8
"YOU DID WHAT?!" Brian yelled at Juztyn, "YOU CAN'T EVEN KILL A BOY?!"

"There is something... different about this one Brian...something - " Juztyn got cut off.

"SOMETHING WHAT?! Go! Get out of my sight!" Brian furiously told Juztyn.

*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
2000-10-14, 2:02 PM #9
Juztyn was mad. Very mad. That boy has killed my reputation... he will pay!
* * * * * ********************
"Finally some progress!" yelled Alex.
He has just broken into the loweliest part of the database, which was still quite a difficult thing to do, as he had just discovered. He knew there was no way he could do this fast enough to save the UN, but the world.. that he could handle.
2000-10-14, 2:13 PM #10
Juz.. That lamer... MikeC thought. I'll stop the boy...

The powerplant was scilent. Then B00M! The main generators were destroyed.

*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
2000-10-14, 2:16 PM #11
"Use the consistancy checker!" Mike shot out in reflex. He then realized what had happened. Impossible.. Mike thought with malice. This can't be happening. I must take that boy down before he ruins everything! He broke off into a run to the nearest transportation system..
2000-10-14, 2:22 PM #12
"That will slow them down for a while," Alex chuckled to himself.

He continued to hack the Massassi server.


"Where is MikeC?" Brian wondered... "He should be in position now..."


MikeC had to get to Alex's house - and fast. He looked around him. Tall Buildings.

"Grapple MOD!" He exclaimed.

But which one should he use? Time was runing out...

*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
2000-10-14, 2:26 PM #13
Hmm... I got so many from but none of them work!! Advanced Grapple mod will have to do..

He then heared a rumbling. A rumbling so feirce it could only be one thing. "NEWBIE STAMPEDE!" He yelled with horror as he fought with his hotkeys to launch the slowest grapple in the whole file library.
"NO!!!" He screamed as he was trampled down into a gutter.
2000-10-14, 2:36 PM #14
Alex laughed as he hung up the phone. Thanks Overglow.. you lead the horde of newbies to destroy one of the bots of Massassi.. wonderful.

"Blast! I lost another one!" Yelled Brian.
"Sir.. if I may have a moment-" Asked Raynar in a small voice.
"Quiet you! You are just a lowely moderator at a forum for a hosted site! You may not help!" Brian, in his emotional rampage struck Raynar down with a blast of his laser eyes.
Nebula walked in.
"Sir, I will do a full scale attack on that little one's house with my land beavers." He said.
"Agreed." Said Brian.
"Attaaaackkkk!!" Nebula screamed.
The beavers were running when they heard a booming voice: "MWUHAHAHHAHAA" followed by a large syncronized "Moo!"
A big bunch of cows fell down onto the land beavers and started a battle.
The fight was on.. Hebedee had sent the first wave of homosapients into the battle, Alex only hoped that Hebedee's precious cows wouldn't get hurt too badly.
"Yes!" Alex bellowed as he broke through the forums and took them down.
"I can do this!" He said.
*To be continued*
2000-10-15, 1:55 AM #15
The forums were shut down. The main comunication for the Massassi was gone. Now Alex had to shut down the main server, and the bots along with it.

"How could just this one boy thwart my plan?" Brian wondered, "He's just a boy... And what was that Juztyn said? The boy is defferent? What could that mean?"
Alex's progress on the Massassi server skyrocketed. He found a section of the server that was deticated to special weapons used by the Massassi. He only had time to download one. He finally chose one called Morph v1.0. "I can use this..." He thought.

*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
2000-10-15, 6:10 AM #16
The battle was waning, while the LandBeavers have claws and buckteeth and large tails, Hebedee's cows don't have anything to fight with. All of the sudden, as if out of nowhere, a big clump of lunchboxes exploded out of one of the cows, which had been standing there during the whole battle. The blast anialated the LandBeavers, counting as a win for the Rebellion.
Alex was no longer himself, Alex was now MikeC. Right now he was going incognito, utilizing the Morph thing that he got, into the system of the massassi temple. 2 down, only a couple more to go.. He thought. Presently he was talking to a certain bot, Kedri.
Hmm.. He thought Mike is acting mighty strangly..
The conversation ended, and Kedri immediatly reported to Brian, telling him that the boy was no where to be found, and also noted the strange manner in which Mike was acting.
Its him, thought Brian, that infernal hacker has gotten a hold of Morph.
"DEACTIVATE MORPH!!!" He screamed.
Kedri ran to do so.. but he met up with Mike on the way.
Alex's personal battle had begun.

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2000-10-15, 8:01 AM #17
Alex learned that he could not deativate the Massassi bots via his computer. He had to infiltrate the Massassi main hedquarters and find the master server and deactivate it himself. He traced the server's IP adress to Ontario, Candada.

"Isnt Light Staff somewhere near there?" Alex thought. Light Staff was a good friend of Alex. Light Staff had returned to his dwelling somewhere in the outskirts of Canada for unknown reasons, even to Alex.

He opened up ICQ to see if he could reach Light Staff. Luckly, he was on.

<Aj> Jamie, I need your help!
<Light`Staff> Alex! Hey buddy! What do you need?
<Aj> Have you heard of the Massassi?
<Light`Staff> Yeah...
<Aj> I need your help to infiltrate their base and take down their server. I am on an assignment from the U.N. Will you help?
<Light`Staff> I'm up for at as long as it involves guns or AC.
<Aj> Good. Meet me in Toronto in 3 hours.
<Light`Staff> I'll be there.

Little did Alex know, Light Staff was a secret agent for the Massassi.

*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
2000-10-15, 8:57 AM #18
Brian was getting all the information he needed from Light Staff, he sent his last able bot Blujay, blujay made his way to toronto, but there was 1 vital mistake he made, instead of going to toronto - canada, he went to the small town called toronto that is a few miles from where I live that has nothing in it,nobody there knows what massassi is, in this remote place, Blujays power slowly seaps away.


Il est reçu le sien, et j'ai reçu le mien, rencontrer LE DECLIN
2000-10-15, 10:56 AM #19
(septic, Nebula and Hideki are still there)
As blujays power diminished, Alex and his "friend" lightstaff where beginning their attack on the massassi server. LightStaff had a direct link to Brian via a brain wave transmitter.
"Alright, here we go.." Alex said.
"No." Said LightStaff
"Huh?" Alex said in confusion. He then realized his error: LightStaff is moderator at the AC forum..
Alex ran. LightStaff followed, along with his groupies of AC zombies who were casting their AC "charms" on Alex. Little did Lightstaff know, there was a detonator in Alex's hand for something Alex did not include in his plans...
2000-10-15, 11:06 AM #20
This was a crucial time. Alex didnt tell Light Staff. He'd give him the price for betrayal - death.

Alex quicked the pace around several corners of the corridor. Light Staff was slow to catch on to what Alex was doing.

Then, Alex saw the exit. He quickend his pace to a sprint. The exit was so close.

*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*

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*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
2000-10-15, 11:21 AM #21
Alex started into a sprint increasingly fast. He was so close.. he hit the detonator and jumpedthrough the closing doors.
He saw it coming. It was so fast, but he saw it in slow motion. Fire flowing through the halls of the building into him.
We lose thought LightStaff in his last moment.
2000-10-15, 11:24 AM #22
The Massassi were gone. Most of them. Brian and Nebula were still at large. Now Brian was recruiting regular forum goers like GuNbOy and CygnusX.

They will defeat my enemy Brian thought.

Alex needed a plan. The massassi server was destroyed, but Nebula still was alive. He must be human, for the most part...

How could one boy defeat 2 crime lords?
Well, Alex knew exactly how.

*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*

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*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
2000-10-15, 11:41 AM #23
Back to work. thought Alex.
He was setting up his plan to defeat Nebula. For the most part, he had it all figured out,but the rest.. he would have to make it up as he went along.
"Work harder!" Ordered Nebula to his landbeavers, who were slaughtering the cows though the onslaught of lunchboxes slowed them down. "If you don't work harder you will never feel the crunch of wood under your teeth again!"
That cow sure is acting strangly.. he thought.
Don't see me.. don't see me.. pleaded Alex as he edged his way towards Nebula.
He knew that if Nebula noticed his strange uncow-like behavior, he was done for. He had a revelation. "Thats it!" he screamed accidentally. He noticed his folly and jumped out of the costume. He ran towards nebula at full sprint and jumped. His legs connected with Nebulas chest and Nebula flew into the battle, dying in the midst..
One down.. one to go.. thought Alex as he sprinted onto his next phase of the plan..
2000-10-15, 11:53 AM #24
"NEBULA!!!!!!!!!" Brian screamed in vain.

Brian couldnt believe it. The boy had defeated his Nano-Augmented bot. Surely he could defeat Brian, a simple human.

The first step: Find Brian. Second step: Kill him. Alex told himself. But where was Brian hiding? That coward Alex thought, grinning.

"The boy will never find me here." Brian yelled aloud.

Brian had relocated to Virginia, USA. In a small county, in a small town, Brian made several weapons that will come in handy. A lightsaber, a phaser, and a grenade disguised as a chocolate bar.

*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
2000-10-16, 8:28 AM #25
Found ya' Thought Alex as he closed his program. His only folly was to leave his communicator on.. the idiot. Alex then headed towards where Brian was located. He only had one weapon. That one weapon included the entire un-screwedup-by-massassi US army.
Alex rallied up the troops.
Brian wasn't alone. He had Massassi at his side. Though their main form of communication was gone.. that did not leave other manners out.
When the battle was over, there were two men left standing. Brian. Alex. Alex knew he would win, because he had Brian in a headlock and was suffocating him.
"Surrender!" Alex yelled for the umpteenth time.
"Never!" Brian said.
Finally.. though Alex was very sad and disgraced to do it, he killed Brian and the evil of Massassi had ended.

The End
2000-10-16, 12:04 PM #26
Hehehe... Anyone wanna comment on this story? It's the first one heeb and me have ever writen together, and I thinks its pretty good... []

*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
2000-10-16, 12:13 PM #27
You will be hearing from my lawyer regarding improper and unlawful use of my name and persona without my written permission to do so. Furthermore, your depiction of my death has been percieved as a threat on my life, and a civil suit is forthcoming, after the restraining order is issued and arrests are made.

- Neb
2000-10-16, 2:31 PM #28
He who live in glass house, undress in basement.
2000-10-16, 3:07 PM #29
Neb, my lawyers are more powerful than yours. If it goes that far, I will edit all of the posts and change the names.
2000-10-17, 10:32 AM #30
Hehehe Nebula talkins some smack

*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
2000-10-17, 12:11 PM #31
Then Alex ingested large clumps of excretory matter, or nothing. Take your pick.
I don't care about your name, Red. I don't want to know your name. If you survive your first three or so battles, then maybe I'll learn your name. Not before. I used to learn the names, but it was a goddamned waste of time. Soon as I'd get to know a puke, he'd up and die on me. These days I don't bother.

-Horkin, Master-at-Wizardy
2000-10-18, 9:55 AM #32
Umm... The story was over a week ago...

*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
*Scribbles "Mechmark wuz here" on wall, then runs*
2000-10-18, 2:10 PM #33
not really mech.. just seems that way.
2000-11-23, 4:34 PM #34
2000-11-23, 4:39 PM #35
I can't comment until I get ahold of Neb's lawyers...

Doesn't like chicken.
I beat the internet. The last guy was hard.
2000-11-23, 4:40 PM #36
2000-11-23, 4:45 PM #37
But wait...what is this?

*honk honk*


Yes, Bull had joined in the fight - called in by Brian, he had ordered his Linux penguins to begin their assault upon Alex. They burst down the door, filling his home. Cornered, Alex screamed out, "HELP!"
Penguin jaws were about to clamp down upon Alex's appendages when a loud voice boomed, "NO." The penguins stopped, and silence filled the room. A dark shadow enveloped the entire room, and a quiet, deep growling filled the silence.
"Who...who are you?" Alex asked.
"I...," the stranger said, "am Wolfy."

Elyas's Domain - Home to a Wolfbrother
Home to AlieNations - story and mod
What is Victoria's secret?
Diesels are eeeeevil
A miracle is a deaf man listening to a blind musician play sheet music
the idiot is the person who follows the idiot and your not following me your insulting me your following the path of a idiot so that makes you the idiot - LC Tusken
2000-11-25, 2:40 PM #38
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I have LPD Lasrer Pointer Disorter It means I'm addicted to Laser Pointers! I'll tell you all about it.. Auww heck I'll just point it out!
Think while it's still legal.
2000-11-30, 3:32 AM #39
All of the penguins suddenly had lotso' teeth marks on them from that brutal being named "Wolfy" Alex was saved. He wasn't to l337 at hand to hand combat but he had mad hax0r skillz.

My life doesn't call me, it got a cable instead.
2000-11-30, 3:33 PM #40
So then he discovered that the mascot was not hiding a famous celebrity, it was the other way, all you had to do was turn left, but if you don't, you may end up going somewhere else, In this place there are many thingys like pieces of paper, if you touch the pieces of paper, you may catch the fish you have been searching for, but watch out, when he went to the store to buy some food, he was pleasently surprised by and then he at some more food because it was healthy and he wasn't so wait a minute in the place with the lava the monkey was "oh i see" said the desert merchant but where does that lead the "Its on fire! That babys hair is on Fire" Screamed the jar of jam.
I don't care about your name, Red. I don't want to know your name. If you survive your first three or so battles, then maybe I'll learn your name. Not before. I used to learn the names, but it was a goddamned waste of time. Soon as I'd get to know a puke, he'd up and die on me. These days I don't bother.

-Horkin, Master-at-Wizardy

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