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The Sith Ally
2001-02-03, 9:58 AM #1
This takes place in the New Jedi Order Series, for those who have read it.

It is more than twenty years after the Empires defeat at Endor. Palpatine's once all-mighty Empire crumbled away, and the prosperity of the New Republic took root.
The New Republic survived many attempts to destroy it, the most recent of which was the Caaimasi Incedent. But these attacks only made the New Republic stronger, and once again, for the first time since Senator Palpatine's declaration of a New Order, the Jedi Knights have begun to flourish. Then, at last, the long-desired peace arrived after Admiral Pellaeon declared truce with the New Republic.
Now, a force more powerful than the Empire or the Rebellion threatens to destroy that peace, along with all the rebels had ever fought for. They were the Yuuzhan Vong.
The New Republic and the Empire joined together, but even their combined forces could not resist the Yuuzhan Vong. They suffered crushing defeat after crushing defeat. Some, such as the Hutts, joined teh Yuuzhan Vong in hope of avoiding slaughter. The Vong have taken planet after planet, from Dubrillon to Obra-skaii to Ithor. The Republic has only been able to avoid complete destruction because of its most powerful ally: the force.
But now the Yuuzhan Vong have a new ally of their own: the last remnant of the Sith.

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