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The Assassin
2001-02-09, 3:48 AM #1
She walked over to the table and pluged in her lap top, as the tiny computer booted up she looked around the room, it was very baren, a sleek sword lay in it's sheath on the metal table. there were no windows, there was only one source of light in the cool room, the light bulb haning from a thin metal wire and controlled by a little metal chain. As the bulb swung from the ceiling it cast an errie shadow on the computer screen.

"Ah, here he is, time to say good night" said the woman to herself, as she closed the lid on the computer. A camera on the wall behind her, hidden in shadow caught a glimpse of the President of the United States.

she clicked a button on a timer and walked out of the dark room with sword slung over here right shoulder. she was no more than 10 meters away from the building when it exploded in a shower of debris, killing three of security men behind the wall watching her, and eliminating all evidence of her being there. She smiled as she climbed into her blue Viper and roared away.

This press conferense would be mister Nokia's last, because by 5:00 sharp mister Nokia would no longer be president and she would be paid, and paid well...

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If You Can't Beat It, Cheat It

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