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2001-03-23, 11:16 AM #1
Hey, this is JEDI_Rex's own story of The JEDI clan
Post comments and stuff at the bottom if you wish
Chapter 1

Palace of the JEDI. IT was dawn when Rex (that’s me) and my master, Qwan was given the task of finding the Tusken’s Secret Place at Tatooine. He waked me up and he told me we must speak to the council. Master Sithspawn, master Zechs, master Lite Saber, and master Stormie master Funkmasta And various other council members were all there. Qwan and me bowed. “We wish for you JEDI master Qwan to take your apprentice to Tatooine and discover something hidden in the forbidden sector of the Tusken’s.” Zechs told my master. “Very well but why now when Rex’s trials are due any moment?” Qwan asked master Zechs. “Rex will certainly gain some experience and he will then pass the trials if the mission succeeds.” Sithspawn spoke. Feeling left out I spoke “But the Tusken’s are the most deadly type of clan around on that planet.” I argued. “Rex remember in the code it says that you have to learn diplomacy as well as how to fight.” Funkmasta told me. “Diplomacy may well be the answer to help in success.” Stormie then spoke. “All right I’ll do it...” I sighed. “Thank you Rex.” “Prepare for the mission Qwan and Rex.” Zechs ordered. “And May the Force be with you.” Sithspawn added. “May the Force be with you.” All of the council chorused. Qwan and me were walking to our ship when Stormie and Funkmasta and a few other apprentices greeted us. “ You can do it guys.” Stormie smiled. “We just know you can.” Funkmasta continued. “We can all sense it.” An apprentice spoke. “May the Force be with you.” They chanted as Qwan and I boarded the vessel.

Chapter 2:

The Skiff with a Mind of its Own. Qwan and I were talking in the vessel’s passenger area. “ Master what will we do as soon as we enter the planet’s atmosphere?” I asked. “We’ll buy a transport I have some Tatooine money.” Qwan answered he held up a maroon pouch and something inside was jingling. Soon Qwan and me were in a transport store at a familiar spaceport. “Master this vessel is good enough,” I spoke “ Desert Skiff type AX12. “Ah the desert skiff...” An alien said. “This is the type that was used by the great lord Jabba the Hutt’s guards.” “Go on.” Qwan ushered on. “ This skiff was the only one that survived the battle of the Great Pit of Carkoon.” The alien finished and then he walked into the store. “Rex go and buy it.” Qwan told me as he gave me some truguts. I walked into the store and saw a Landspeeder in a glass case. “Oh that is the most famous Landspeeder of them all,” The same alien spoke behind a counter. “The great Luke Skywalker sold me this! It was his Landspeeder before he went and destroyed the first Death Star... And it is not for sale I am afraid.”. “We want to buy that skiff.” I told him. “I see.” “How many truguts?” “45 truguts!” “We have reached an agreement here.” “Thank you kind sir and good luck!” I left the shop. “It’s ours now master.” I told Qwan. “Good, and Rex.” Qwan replied. “Yes master?” “Can you pilot it?” “Sure!” . The winds were howling as the skiff went over a long canyon Beggars Canyon. I turned out to be a natural skiff pilot. Then a field of needles came up ahead I noticed one needle had a hole through it large enough for a T-16 Skyhopper to fit through. “That must be the Needles Eye,” Qwan had obviously spotted it too. “Now for the remains of a great lord?” Qwan had a sheet of paper that was withered and torn on it was the most peculiar writing but he knew what it said. ‘Some kind of riddle’ he told me earlier on. “The remains of a great lord... Hmmm,” Qwan was thinking hard. “Rex can you help?” “ The remains of a great lord... The remains of Jabba! We all know what happened at the pit of Carkoon!” I spoke excitedly. “Rex pull up the Dune Sea is just above!” I pulled up but it couldn’t go high enough to go other the treacherous cliff. “ Rex pull up!” “It can’t go any higher!” I yelled. “Rex jump off the skiff!” I saw Qwan jump over one side then I jumped over the other it was the closest to me, just as I jumped other the skiff smashed into the cliff and burned. Face down in the sand I lifted it up and then dropped it back in the sand. Qwan had disappeared... Then I heard a faint grunting sound it sounded hurt. “ Is that a Tusken Raider I hear?” I wondered out loud.

Chapter 3:

The Tusken’s Fort. I lit my Lightsabre and walked around the skiff Qwan had vanished for sure and there was a village quite a distance away. “Hmmm.” I thought he must have used the Force to get there or even used the power to jump up... A surge of panic swept over my whole body what if he had abandoned me? Surely not he’s a ... “Rex!” Came a familiar voice. “Qwan!” I replied to his call. “Why do you have your Saber lit up?” “I heard an injured grunting sound a while back I think it’s a...”There was another grunting sound only this time it really sounded like the Tusken was in pain. “A Tusken in pain.” I finished, looking by the crashed Skiff I saw one of the fins had snapped off the vehicle and had dug deep into a Tusken’s leg and it was bleeding like a broken water wipe with the water gushing out. Qwan looked at me prompting me to do something, someone’s voice came into my head my old master and a council member. “Rex remember in the Code that you have to learn diplomacy as well as fighting...”. So I quieted my mind and reached out with the Force lifting up the fin the Tusken went for his Gaffi stick I quickly healed his (or her) leg. Surprised the sand person got up and checked his leg, his old bandages torn so I could see the dark tan of his flesh. The nomad warrior grunted cheerfully and waved his hand and walked up the cliff. Qwan looked at me smiled and then we followed the warrior up the steep sandy slope. For an hour we walked not getting tired at all. Then the warrior turned to faced us grunted and turned to the high stone wall that looked quite bashed and had cracks. The Tusken uttered some strange words, and magically some a long column of steps appeared and at the top was a large wooden door with one high thick stone pillar with Ivy rapped round them on each side. The tusken uttered some more strange words wafting his hands around his face then to my surprise he spoke in human tongue . “ Welcome to Fort Tusken!” He exclaimed. Then he went in and we followed. It was a domed roofed Hall with stone brown tiles for the floor thousands of Tusken Raiders where standing in the hall. Some Tuskens gasped some (obviously males) waved their weapons in the air madly. Then the angry and worried chattering stopped in a flash . “ Silence,” A voice echoed around the whole domed hall. “Riofed who are these two outlanders and why did you bring them here!?”. “Master Ziunor I could have died if it wasn’t for these outlanders...” Riofed replied. “Rather you dead then them here...” A nearby Tusken muttered. Then the Warrior dressed in black bandages and ragged robes on a balcony at the top of the Hall used a magical power that strangely didn’t look like the Force came down from the Lead Warriors weird looking Gadderffi Stick and in the form of dark green lightning bolts zoomed through the air and landed at the nearby Tusken’s chest. The tusken gasped and collapsed on the floor. I lowered my hood the Tuskens gasped “Face he shows his face!” A female warrior wailed. “Rex what are you doing?” Qwan strictly asked. “Ziunor we come before you on a mission....” “Hmmm.” Ziunor pointed his staff at me. I quickly lit my saber. “Ooh.” All the Tuskens chanted then they got on their knees and knelt before me. Astonished Qwan did the same. “The gods have come!” The female warrior cried. The leader walked back through a door in the room in a sulk of not having killed me.

Chapter 4

The Attack of the Jawa’s. Next morning we were woken up by a loud bang. I looked out of the Fort’s window. To my amazement I saw 35 Sandcrawlers surrounding the Fort but they were modified each one had a cannon fixed onto them. There was one bigger than all the rest with a small tower with 5 cannons fixed onto it. Then I heard thousands of Grunting sounds and before I knew it all the Tusken Raiders were rushing out of the fort. 15 were on Bantha’s, 100 were on foot, 50 with rifles, and 50 with Gaffi sticks. Then the ramps of all the titan vehicles lowered and thousands of Jawa’s came pouring out. The two clans charged at each other and then there was a mixed flock with blood flying everywhere. Me and Qwan rushed through the stampeded of Jawas and Tuskens. Qwan pointed at the biggest Crawler. “Rex that’s the control vehicle if we can reach it we can change the Jawas plans and see who is the madman behind this attack!” He told me . So we ran to the large vehicle and got to the ramp. Qwan lit his Lightsabre and stood outside facing the battle. “Rex get inside and find the control room!” I went inside the crawler deflecting laser bolts with my lightsaber as I raced down the corridors I came to an elevator and went up to a large dark control room a cloaked figure was standing in the shadows...

Chapter 5

The Dark Figure. “I’ve been expecting you Rex.” A hoarse whisper came from the figures direction. “How do you know my name?” I asked. “Well I’ll reveal that later. See that holographic 3D map?” “Yes” “Look at it see my plans.” “Oh no!” “Oh yes! As you can see my plan is to capture the Fort and steal the magical power within! It is believed that the magical power is actually the Force!” I managed to see a red gleam. “Once this power has been captured I will be able to do the Emperor’s dreams! To rule the whole galaxy!” “Never!” “What?” “Not if I can help it... Who are you anyway?” “Well Rex my name is Scorpius.. Darth Scorpius.” The figure stepped out of the shadows he was dressed in black robes and a hood was covering his face, he lowered it. I gasped behind the hood was a hideous chalk white face with red gleaming eyes instead of hair his head was incrusted with horns instead of feet he had hooves. He took off his cloak I did the same . The Duel in the Sandcrawler. Darth Scorpius whipped out a double-ended tube two red blades came out of each end, he twirled it around in front of him. I lit my lime green saber. He slashed at me I blocked then he flipped over me and twirled and faced me. I backed towards a shelf with lots of tools on it. He hurled his saber towards me, I ducked it and it cut through the middle of the shelf the top came crashing down the metal splintered. He caught his saber and lit it back up. “Ha ha ha!” He chuckled evilly. He turned his hand as though he was threatening to punch me and then this grasp came over me I couldn’t breath. I slashed my saber at Scorpius’s shoulder pad, flak came from it he screamed and stopped using the deadly power on me. Then I got back up and healed myself with the Force. Scorpius set a bolt of lightning at me but I dodged it and it hit the plans blowing up the hologram making the table go up in smoke. “No!” Scorpius cried. Outside I heard the scramble of Jawa’s confused retreating back into their Crawlers and driving off leaving the control crawler on its own. “You will pay for that Rex!” He growled sending out a massive bolt of destruction I lowered my body just in time. The deadly ball smashed the big circle window the powerful wind sucked me out. I grabbed onto the ledge my knuckles were going as white as Scorpius’s face. I looked down below, Qwan had gone. “No Qwan to save you now Rex!” “How do you know our names?” I asked. Scorpio bared his brown and yellow and black teeth. Just then there was a loud clatter. “What the?” Scorpius confusedly spun around to look at what made the sound. Qwan had used the force to make another shelf with tools fall other and make a loud clattering sound. I used the Force to call my saber to my aid and leaped up off the ledge at Scorpio I swung my saber at his neck chopping his head off green blood spilled out. Then there was a massive blue swirl as me and Qwan jumped out of the Crawler into the sand. The crawler blew up with a loud bang. Scorpius’s lightsabre flew straight up into the air and stabbed into the soft sand. I wondered how he knew our names, then I thought “He’s gone now, I will never know...”. “If you cannot defy the dark side that is what you will become Rex.” Qwan spoke softly. I looked at the ruins of the gigantic Crawler with the twisted metal and blue smoke rising into the air from its deep hollow inside.

Chapter 6

The dark lords apprentice. We went back in the Fort and were praised by all the Tuskens except their leader. We went inside the leaders chamber he grinned evilly and to our shock he pulled his staff in half and pulled out a double-bladed lightsabre. He lit it up and out came two orange blades. “Prepare to die JEDI!” He slashed out at us and we blocked then he leaped high up in the air and landed on a massive stone head of a Krayt Dragon. “In here is the ultimate power and only a JEDI can open it only one JEDI in the whole wide Galaxy can open it!” He barked. Me and Qwan looked at each other. Then the dark lord leaped off the head and lashed at me Qwan slashed at the dark lords saber it came clean in half. Qwan yelled “Rex I’ll take it from here! You guard that Statue!”. I watched Qwan and the dark lord duel. They kept on playing a defensive battle. Well Qwan did anyway. He blocked and then attacked. They came to a large pit... The evil lord used the force and pushed Qwan over the ledge. “Qwan!” I cried as I jumped off the ledge to face the evil lord. We battled for ages getting tired. The evil lord backed me off to the ledge just as he twirled around I jumped over his head and Qwan came flying out of the pit Lightsabre in his hand and lit. He cut the dark lord in half. The lord backed away and fell off the ledge his body coming in two. “Master you know that he said that only one JEDI can open up the statue and release the power?” I asked. “Yes Rex.” He replied. “Well what if the Council sent us down here for a special reason? What if the JEDI who can open the statue is one of us?” Qwan dropped his Lightsabre. “Rex you could be right!” We walked up to the statue on the head was a mark in the shape of a human hand. Qwan reached out and put his hand in the shape it was too big and nothing happened. Then I tried it. It was a perfect fit and then rows of light came from underneath my hand and the mouth of the stone dragon opened up. This white mist came out and went into my body. I had the Force inside me! “Rex! I don’t believe it! Now you mustn’t turn to the dark side or the Galaxy will suffer terrible consequences! Promise me you will never turn to the dark side!” I grinned and agreed with him. The Return Home. We returned back to the Cruiser with a Bantha dragging the Skiff behind or what I changed the Skiff into. I changed it into a small one-man Fighter. As the Cruiser took off with the fighter inside. The Tusken on the Bantha waved goodbye. Then we exited Tatooine’s atmosphere and entered hyperspace. When we came out we saw an odd big shape just outside Coruscant’s atmosphere. It was the shape of Scorpius’s Saber, which I had pocketed for memory of my experience. There was lots of... “TIE Fighters!” Qwan gasped.

Chapter 7

A TIE Bomber came and bombed our Cruiser. “We’re going down!” Yelled the Pilot. Qwan jumped into the Salon Escape Pod with the Pilot and I jumped into my Fighter behind it as soon as the Escape Pod jettisoned I took off after it and started blasting Fighters heading towards the Massive Battle Station I gritted my teeth and pulled up and then down. I was flying inside the Station! Fighters were chasing me through the Hangar I came to a large twisting pipe I turned my Fighter on its side to fit through the pipe. Then I was heading down a long thin tunnel with these droids on the bottom, I was heading towards the reactor! The Reactor came in sight and I launched two proton Torpedoes at it and then turned my craft so it barely hit the blowing up reactor. Then there was a pipe fire was chasing me it engulfed the Fighters that were following me I hit extra speed and sped towards the large opening into Space. The fire went right over me but I was barely an inch from the opening I burst through the opening as the Station blew up behind me. “Woohoo!” I screamed. Then I took out the last Fighters and then the Bomber came up to me. I flew over it and blasted it with my laser cannon. It blew up with a loud and massive bang. I entered the planets atmosphere and landed my craft perfectly on the landing platform outside the JEDI Temple. All JEDI came pouring out the Temple doors and swallowed me congratulating me and cheering. Funkmasta and Stormie yelled “We knew you could do it Rex!” As they swept pass. Then I came up the large steps at the top was Sithspawn and on his side was Zechs, on his other was Lite Saber “Congratulations Rex you are now a JEDI knight that task was your trials!” Sithspawn smiled as he put a large medal other my head. Zechs smiled. The medal was gold with a large Krayt Dragon with its mouth open on it with two Lightsabers crossed in front. I turned at all the JEDI behind me and smiled. THE END


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