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The Spooky Taco
2001-05-03, 11:31 AM #1
There once was a spooky taco who wanted to take over the world. [Everyone posts only 1 sentence except for those who post more than 1]
I don't care about your name, Red. I don't want to know your name. If you survive your first three or so battles, then maybe I'll learn your name. Not before. I used to learn the names, but it was a goddamned waste of time. Soon as I'd get to know a puke, he'd up and die on me. These days I don't bother.

-Horkin, Master-at-Wizardy
2001-05-03, 12:24 PM #2
Banned. Maybe if you give me a reason that you did this via email, you might get unbanned at a later date.
2001-05-05, 12:00 PM #3
Note: The author of this thread took it upon himself to make about 10 others just like it. Just kept clickin' that pretty Submit button. That is the reason why he was banned; no, Heeb has not crossed that fine line (you know which one) just yet.

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