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Dark Forces III: The Return of the Dark Trooper.
2000-01-08, 7:06 PM #1

I have actualy started writing a book, I don't persay fancy myself a very good writer, thats the critics job. But I thought you all might like a little excert. This in particular is from chapter three. Feel free to add on to the story, this was ment to be continued, although I have already written up to chapter 5 of my book. I am uncertain if I will be able to get a deal with Lucas Film and a good publisher or not, but it's worth a try. And even if I don't, I'll have the satisfaction of writing my own novel.

Anyway please read and enjoy! Be sure to continue the story along nicely, no joking around heh =). Also pardon my grammar, it's late in the evening.


The fumes flowing from the exaust vents made Kip breathe heavily as he tried to swollow the thick gummy air. He stepped off the boarding ramp of his ship and proceded into the dingy and dirty Imperial Manufactering plant.

The smell of toxins was in the air, Kip didn't know if he would find the plans to the new assassin droids here, or if they would be any help in destroying them, but what he did know is that he served the Republic, and he would do whatever it took to ensure it's safety.

Kip easily fooled the guards and was granted access to the main offices of the complex. He watched with intent as assault ships and blaster rifles were assembled in various wings of the building. He traveled through it's endless corridoors and production bays until he found the vast and open engineering lab where the new droids were being produced.

A large catwalk crossed a pit in the center of the room, the pit dropped down concealing a vat of hot, boiling led, used to mold the new droids' armor.

A processing arm emerged from the hot liquid, clasping to a newly forged assasin droid. The led quickly hardened into durasteal, which was only known to be penitrable by the blade of a light saber.

Kip sensed danger as he entered, he triversed the large area slowly as not to alarm any of the engineers to his presence. The instituionalized Imperials worked steadily affixing varios components to the newly created droid, they worked with deadly presicion as they completed yet another silent, mindless assassin.

Kip could not help from thinking to himself, "The Empire, it never dies, always rebuilt, always returning stronger than before.. will it ever end?"

Kip sense of the Dark Side increased, he probed the room with his mind, searching for the hidden darkness.

"You should not have come, young Jedi" a voice from the shadows blaired with an uncanny demenior.

Kip hurled around to see Gual Moper arise from the shadows, Gaul was the Sith Master, who had taken the Emperor's place three years before.

With a Snap Hiss Kip ignighted his glowing yellowish, red light saber. Gual quickly ignighted his solid blue saber, a design which Kip had never witnessed before.

"Do you really think your febal skills are any match for me, boy?" Gual taunted at Kip.

Lunging forward, Kip took the first swing, and quickly shredded a sleeve of Gual's cloak, purposly avoiding his arm to show his streangth and ability.

"Impressive, boy. But you, as many others in the past do not truely understand the power of the dark side"

With the raise of Gual's hand, a bright light like fire was released, as Force Destruction rained on Kip, maining him. Kip regained his balance, ready to face his unltimate fate...

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2000-01-08, 7:49 PM #2
( far, so good)
*story continues......*

The jedi stood up, confused, but still alert. Then, with all of what he learned at JHS (jedi high school, heh heh), Kip conjured up all of the force inside of him, and disapeared. Gual knew of this trickery of the lightside of the force, and chuckled to himself as he used the sense of sight and looked around the room. Kip was not there. Gual started to feel a little nervous. Then, suddenly, Gual felt a sharp pain in his back. As Gual fell before Kip, he started to beg him not to kill him. As easily fooled as Kip was, he let Gual get up. Dumb move. Gual took a short, fast swing at Kip, and made a successful hit. Before Kip could feel anything, he was standing before the Jedi elders. They examined him, slowly. The highest elder said 'This boy is too young, and has too much to learn in the jedi's footsteps, we must not put him into his own peace......not yet.' And with that, Kip was thrown back onto the ground by where Gual THOUGHT he had killed Kip. Gual: 'How????' Kip: 'It seems I have been givin another chance, one that you will not get.' Both stared at each other, then nerves busted up, heart racing, and bodies tense.................* you continue this*

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2000-01-09, 9:26 AM #3
Both sabres ignited with a hiss..

The dimly lit construction room was illuminated by the eerie shades of yellow and blue and white as Gaul and Kip fought. Kip could sense the feeling of ease in Gaul's mind, a sense that frightened him.

In the midst of battle Kip conjured an idea to loosen that ease, to confuse Gaul, which would gain him victory over the master.

Kip focused all of his strength into a slashing blow from the left; Gaul intercepted his sabre with a swing from below, which forced Kip's sabre and body upward into a backflip.

This was Kip's plan. He used his flying momentum to turn mid-air into a fetal position upon landing. While still moving from the blow, he swung his foot at Gaul's knee.. hoping that with a slight push from the force the master would fall.

Gaul doubled over from this new pain in his leg, losing control of his body to reaction. He dropped his sabre to the ground to reach for his painful knee and fell to his other.

Kip used the force to pull the cold-flaming blue lightsabre which de-ignited itself upon impact with the ground toward himself.

Standing, Kip looked down upon the grim-faced Sith Master.

Gaul glared at Kip for a moment, then began laughing hysterically. With a movement so swift that Kip could not move to react, the master conjured the force into strong pressure and sent Kip reeling.

Gaul picked up his fallen sabre and ignited it. Walking over to where Kip was laying, he looked down...

[to be continued!]

I love 3dos. []

Alright guys, I'm going to kill Lazarus and Diablo, then I'm coming back for you.

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2000-04-28, 6:54 AM #4
i went digging for Saga of the third war and found this. surely some of the writers can contenue this []
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2000-04-29, 2:37 PM #5
Kip felt the force around him. It flowed through him like fire. In an instant he was up. He let the force surge into his fingertips. The force struck Gaul so hard, he toppled and fell against the railing around one of the vats of boiling acid. Kip sliced through the railing on either side of Gaul. Gaul fell through the air into the boiling vat of acid. "ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!" Gaul screamed out, and he was no more. The engineers gasped as they saw him fall. They all converged on Kip, and surrounded him, blaster rifles at the ready. The power of persuasion was the only way out of this one. One of the engineers had a stronger will than the rest. He fired, and Kip blocked the blast right back at him. He collapsed to the floor. The others didn't seem to notice. "You will destroy this factory" Kip yelled. "We will destroy this factory" they said in unison. One of them fired at a computer screen. It exploded in a shower of sparks. Just as Kip was about to leave, he heard an evil laugh. One that could only belong to one person...
You have no idea of how long it took me to do this.
2001-04-26, 5:08 PM #6
keep it going, I like this one, WOW it's been almost a year since anything was added to this.. I dont even remember writing what I wrote above


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2001-04-29, 10:13 AM #7
Kinda unrealistic Star Wars story, but cool nonetheless. Also, wouldn't Dark Forces III be MotS?

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"The Answer to everything...Life, the Universe, and Everything, is...42!"
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2001-04-29, 1:55 PM #8
and then he farted
I don't care about your name, Red. I don't want to know your name. If you survive your first three or so battles, then maybe I'll learn your name. Not before. I used to learn the names, but it was a goddamned waste of time. Soon as I'd get to know a puke, he'd up and die on me. These days I don't bother.

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2001-04-30, 4:31 PM #9

"The Answer to everything...Life, the Universe, and Everything, is...42!"
--Deep Thought
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Project Leader of RemRan Productions
"The Answer to everything...Life, the Universe, and Everything, is...42!"
--Deep Thought
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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2001-05-01, 12:44 PM #10
no mots is just part 2 of df II

may the farce be with you.
may the farce be with you.
2001-05-01, 12:49 PM #11
Oh, right. That's why it requires the JK CD. [] ...forgot...

"The Answer to everything...Life, the Universe, and Everything, is...42!"
--Deep Thought
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Project Leader of RemRan Productions
"The Answer to everything...Life, the Universe, and Everything, is...42!"
--Deep Thought
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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2001-05-09, 5:37 PM #12
Tallone Sheen. The name continued to ring in his mind. Sheen had long since been a graduate of the republic academy. Having been one of the prominent teachers for sometime, almost every person familular with upper-level republic dealings knew of his defection to the empire.
"I see your training has not failed you yet boy," The teacher rasped.
Kips could only manage a small amount of enthusiasim. Despite the evil the sith was, there was no quick recovery for taking another life, no matter how justified.
"Traitors should speak from the grave, not thier mouths." Kip retorted.
"Quiviling snot!" Sheen spat, "I remember when you were a fool-hardy learner, only taking wampa hops from his master's care and protection."
Despite his extensive military history, Tallone had also mastery of the sith arts. His skill was too much for even Kyp. But, he seemed very docile, unwilling to take on a battle he would have surely won.
"You are to leave, and not come back, Kyp."

{To be continued by u}
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