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Darkness Rising
2001-08-23, 3:28 PM #1
First thing, plz do not spoil the flow of the story. The main characters are Peter Robertson, Exiled Jedi Knight, and Miko Peterson, Robertson's apprentice. And plz nobody post twice in a row, to let others add to the story.

Peter and Miko were running along the dark street on Nar Shaddaa, only occasionally lit by the laser bolts from the Stormtrooper Rifles behind them. The two Jedi had been sitting in the cantina with an old man who offered to take them to some place safe, when the stormies ran in and blasted the old man, PEter and Miko luckily made it out. Right now, they were running for their ship, where their lightsabers were, for now, they were un-armed, except for the lightside, but even that was limited. As they rounded the corner, another group of ten stormies appeared and began firing. The two Jedi ducked towards different sides of the street. They were surounded by 20 stormies, and unarmed.
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2001-08-23, 6:50 PM #2
as they committed them selves to doom a wave of the dark side of the force rolled over the and then a dark cloaked figger came donw the street as he approced the stromis he spread his hands out infrount of him and then to the jedi's suriprise lightning arced from his fingers to ward the storm troopers 5 died in his first burst of lightning then the others turned to him he pulled the blasters of the 4 nearest stormies and fried them with the force lightning from his fingers then ignigthed his dule blade saber and proseeded to reflect the shots the the remaining stormies shot at him. they were comming to fast for him to reflect them all striat back at them so they were advancing on him then Miko pulled one of the blasters off the floor and yelled above the retorts of the blasters !any helps better then no help! as he vaperised the stormi nearest to him!right! said PEter.then the dark jedi locked one blast into the head of the commanding Storm trooper frying his head then Miko pushed 4 stormies back and disarmed them then the darj jedi lept forword into the 5 other storm troopers saber blazing and carved them all up just as he finished the last one off Miko & PEter fried the last of the unrmed troopers

the slience after the battle was broke be PEter asking the Dark Jedi how he knew the were in trobble and why would a Sith help 2 Jedi any way?
he said that he wasnt a Sith but a Uber Jedi
and that he began his learning as a Jedi his Name was Ezekiel Durron and his family had lived on Nar Shaddaa for many generations they had survived the empire by living in the vast under ground metropilis below the surface of the planet none of his family had left the planet but for the small parts of it that were non-jedi......

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2001-08-23, 7:53 PM #3
Peter still did not trust the stranger, but decided it safer to ignore him. Peter knew the Durron family name, Kyp had been a great warrior during the battle with the Yuuzhan Vong. But this Durron, Peter could sence danger in trusting him. So he said his thanks and he and Miko left to go back to their ship. About 20 minutes after they reached their ship, they could feel the dark touch of Ezekiel Durron near them. Peter collected his lightsaber and went to greet the dark, uber, jedi. The uber Jedi were Jedi who used both sides of the Force. They were known to become insane from the swings in mentality from evil to good. Ezekiel appeared a minute later at the entrance to the dock. A wave of even erupted from him and Peter's hand fell to his lightsaber. Ezekiel's dull blue blade came up and Peter parried it with his silver blade. The two blades hissed and cracked until Ezekiel pulled back. Peter pressed at his opponent. A wave of darkside power flew through the force and Peter barely jumped the dark bolt of lightning. Peter landed a step away from Ezekiel and kicked out at him, sending him back. Ezekiel's jaw clicked as he landed hard on the ground. Ezekiel bounded back up and disengaged his lightsaber, "You are good, Jedi Knight Peter Robertson." He said as the two shook hands, but Peter was still unsure about the obviously insane Uber Jedi. They talked for an hour before Ezekiel Durron went home. Peter went to his cabin to rest as Miko trained and Peter was left alone with his thoughts of the insane Uber Jedi, Ezekiel Durron.

Forget years of training and commitment!
I found a lightsaber in a garage and that makes me a Jedi!
- DCM JK Special Edition
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2001-08-23, 9:06 PM #4
from his position outside the docking bay of the 2 Jedi he had been watching the younger of the two train for over an hour and had decided that he was definutely the apprentice

the fact that he was willing to show that he was a jedi did that mean that finaly the exile was over?

@hours later the 2 jedi left the docking bay and went into the city this gave Ezekiel the chance he needed to sneak onto their ship useing the force talent that he knew that only his family had he influenced the ships computer systems and let him self on bored then the just had to wait for the jedi to get back so he could ask them if he could go with them..........

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2001-08-24, 12:54 AM #5
As Peter and Miko were returning from their hunt for supplies, Miko senced something probing at his mind, trying to dig thoughts out. Miko concentrated on creating mental barriers. As they rounded the corner, Peter's hand fell to his blaster rifle and Miko whipped out his short-range holdout pistol. Peter could feel Ezekiel Durron near. Ezekiel stepped out onto the landing ramp and both Miko and Peter fired on him, but he deflected both shots quickly. "What are you doing?!" An enraged Peter yelled at the Jedi. "I came here to ask to come with you two." came the reply from the Jedi. "Why should we take you with us after you break into our ship?" Peter asked, but for an answer, he felt the darkside surge forth in the Force, and Miko dropped to the ground, gripping at his skull. Peter fired at the insane Jedi again with the Stormtrooper Rifle. Durron or no Durron, Im gonna kill you, you son-of-a... Peter thought to himself. two of Peter's shots ripped through Durron's dark clothes, leaving burn marks, but not effecting him. Miko's pain burned through the Force, and he was going to black-out soon. Desperate, Peter turned to the Force to aid in throwing himself at the dark jedi. Peter thudded against Durron, sending them both up the boarding ramp. Peter quickly grabbed a vibro-blade just inside the main hatch and was poised over Durron, ready to strike a final blow. Suddenly Miko cried out and Peter realised why Durron was not fighting back, he was still killing Miko. Peter through a punch with the vibroblade that connected with Ezekiel's face, ripping a big gash open. Durron violently through Peter back with the Force as Miko started to wink out. Peter crashed against the far wall. Peter got back up, this time not wasting time with conventional weapons, but lashing out like he hadnt done for 2 years, he used the Force to lift Durron in the air and slam him against the wall, but Peter quickly ran back outside to check on Miko, giving him as much energy through the Force as he could, while still trying to fight Durron. Durron had his lightsaber out, but Peter was dodging wildly, trying not to get hit. He failed, Ezekiel's dull blue blade burned Peter's arm. Pain raced through him, the arm was still good, but it stung like a *****. He fell to the ground and blacked out.

He woke a few seconds later, with Durron standing over him. Another pressence erupted in the Force and Durron was pushed away from Peter. Miko was standing again, a dangerous yellow glow to his eyes. Miko extended his hand and blue lightning erupted, burning through Ezekiel. Peter grabbed at his arm and ran to the cockpit. He engaged the engines and watched the battle unfolding outside. Well, not really battle, just Miko, aided by the strength of the dark side, pounding the insane Uber Jedi. Peter called out to Miko with the Force, Miko, stop, quickly get aboard the ship. Miko turned and jumped on the boarding ramp and Peter took off.

They were now in the blackness of space, Peter tended his wounds, as a now calm Miko Peterson piloted the ship. Peter looked outside just in time to see space become hyperspace and they were away from Ezekiel Durron once again....
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2001-08-28, 5:31 PM #6
They were dragged out of hyperspace one standard day later by an imperial force made up of an Interdictor-class Battle Cruiser and two Imperial-class Star Destroyers, with a compliment of two squads of TIEs from each Star Destroyer, making a total of four squads. This may be small by imperial comparisons, but this was more than enough to take an unarmed Lambda-class Shuttle. Four TIEs came in to investigate the shuttle, and the comm unit crackled to life, "Shuttle, power down your ship and prepare to be boarded. Any resistance, and you will be destroyed." Peter did as the imperials said, but programmed an emergency switch so they could go back to full power at a moments notice. As they were powering down, a tractor beam locked on to them and began dragging them towards the closest Star Destroyer. Peter noted that the Interdictor had no weapons and minimal shields. As they closed on the hanger of the Star Destroyer, Peter could see the little running lights surrounding the hanger, and when they got even closer, he could see all of the joins where the pieces of hull met. Clamps locked on to them once they were in the hanger and a platform with a squad of troopers and an imperial officer rose to meet them as the boarding ramp lowered. Peter counted a total of 5 troopers, making 6 imperials in total. As soon as the troops saw Peter, they began to raise their blasters, but Peter quickly shot the first trooper in the head, knocking the one behind him backward for a second, Peter then sent another trooper off the platform to his death. A bolt fired past Peter's head and that trooper was shot a moment later, leaving 3 imperials. Peter sent another trooper backward with the Force, before Miko jumped over and cut down the last trooper with his lightsaber, and Peter killed the officer with a shot from the blaster rifle, before running back to the bridge.

Peter flicked the switch and the shuttle lurched to life, straining to break free from the clamps. With a creak, the clamps broke and the shuttle blasted out of the hanger. A TIE lurched out of their way, colliding with his wing. The shuttle's shields had taken a beating in the escape, and they werent out of this yet. Peter flew straight at the Interdictor. A couple of TIEs came after them, but Peter dodged their shots, and the laser bursts sailed into the light shields of the Interdictor. Peter's plan was to lure the TIEs into accidently hitting the Interdictor and giving Peter a chance to escape. Now there was a full squad of TIEs coming at him and he could barely avoid all of the shots. Suddenly the shuttle rocked hard, and the shields winked out and thew shield generator exploded.
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2001-08-29, 6:28 PM #7
Much to the surprise of the two Jedi what appeared to be small black hole's appeared in front of the laser beams that got through the weak shields and absorbed them
as Peter realised that his plans were useless there ship lurched again and they began there decent towards the Interdictor as they were once again lowered to the deck they prepared to repeat the same action as they had on the ISD. But when they jumped from the landing ramp over the 10 Storm Troopers heads the landed without blasters or lightsabers which were sailing toward a figure in a flowing cape of darkness Peter had the feeling that he knew who it was "Durron give them back" the Uber Jedi laughed "why so you can try and escape again you fools" Miko just stood with his mouth hanging open "but I put so much into hurting you shouldn’t be alive" Ezekiel said "you mean your effects with the dark side yes that was very interesting lots of raw power but little knowledge of how to use it the raw force attack only work against non-uber jedi the raw dark side just gave me power" while he was talking to Miko Peter was moving around him he pushed at the Uber with such power that he should have gone flying out into space the storm troopers with him but the force energy broke around him and the storm troopers. Ezekiel turned to face Peter and said "must you constantly try to kill me why will you not listen to me
but thanks to your attack on my at the space port an Imperial informant spoke with me and offered any Jedi who would join him a considerable income so I agreed and decided to make the Two of you the same offer but now you are in there debt the commander thinks 6 months will pay it off or of course you can try to leave.........

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2001-08-29, 7:28 PM #8
Miko began to attack Ezekiel, but Peter stepped in and kicked Miko, knocking him to the decking. "Miko, stop, remember, we are unarmed, and he has 3 lightsabers." Peter then lifted Miko from the deck with the Force and turned to Durron, "Take us to the commander." Ezekiel just laughed and replied "Nice try, Jedi, decide first if you will join, if you do, I will take you to him, if not, I will take your bodies to him." Miko launched himself at Durron again, knocking him down, and the stormtroopers raised their blasters, but Durron kicked him away. Peter then pulled the blaster off one trooper and threw it back at the trooper's head. The rest of the troopers, dumbfounded, moved their aim to Peter, but Peter just flicked them away with the force, temporarily paralysing them. Peter then helped Miko up, but Miko still tried to go after Durron, so Peter knocked him down again with a sharp kick. Peter turned to Durron, “Alright, We are interested. Take us to the commander and we’ll talk.” Durron then began walking toward his personal shuttle, and Peter help Miko up again and they followed Ezekiel Durron.
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2001-08-29, 7:59 PM #9
Onec abord Ezekiel's ship they flew up over the 2 ISD's and of towards the distant planet it was then that Peter realised that there was a very large patch of space with no stars in it he realised that it must be a SSD but then reaching out with the force he saw it was much bigger then a SSD it was about four times the size "what is that?" he asked Ezekiel "that my friends is a Galactic class Star Distroyer its called the Obliterater very impressive flag ship wouldnt you say?"! Miko cotoned onto what we were talking about (he had been busy thinking how he could hurt Ezekiel) "My god its huge!" just then the comm unit crackeled to life "this is the Obliterater you are to dock in BAY 1" "Offermitive" said Ezekiel then to the Jedi "when your getting the full royal treatment I wonder if the Grand Admiral will be there.......................
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2001-08-29, 8:36 PM #10
As they approached the Oblitorator, Peter Robertson and Miko Peterson stared in awe. When they landed on board the gigantic Star Destroyer, they were greated by a force of 12 Stormtroopers and Admiral Stevens, a tall man with dark hair. Stevens greeted the insane Uber Jedi, and looked at the two Jedi. "You two have caused us great trouble, now you will either join me or be destroyed." Miko's anger grew, but kept himself from attacking the Admiral. Peter looked at the Admiral and imposed his will, "We will not join you, and you WILL let us go right now." The Admiral almost aloud them to go, but Ezekiel stopped them and kicked Peter. This time, Miko didnot stop himself, he struck the Uber Jedi, but Ezekiel hardly moved and kicked Miko. Miko struck ouot with a right hand, that connected with Ezekiel's jaw, rocking him back, but Durron kept going for Miko, punching him back, Peter took the opportunity to Force Pull his lightsaber back, igniting it, he charged at the imperials. The stormtroopers loosed rounds of laser fire, but Peter deflected or dodged them, before cutting downthree troopers. The Uber Jedi turned towards Peter, igniting his own lightsaber, but Miko kicked him in the back of the head, sending him crashing to the deck, unconcius. Miko grabbed his lightsaber and helped Peter finish off the troopers. Stevens escaped, so Peter and Miko ran back towards Durron's ship, as they entered, Peter used the Force to lift Ezekiel into the shuttle and they escaped into space.

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2001-08-30, 3:53 PM #11
"Prepare for hyperspace Miko" said Peter plotting a corse for the Alderan sector "we'll be able to hide in the debris in the system" Miko agreed. They were about to make the jump to Hyperspace when the ship turned around and headed back toward the Obliterator "what’s going on?" yelled Miko "I don’t know" said Peter but then it dawned on him "its Durron, he's controlling the ship" Miko raised from his seat "Ill stop him" just then gas started to come from the vents and The Uber Jedi's head appeared on the monitor "sit down Miko, you fools, now you will owe the Grand admiral more then six months I fear" then the Jedi blacked out.....

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2001-08-30, 5:12 PM #12
Ezekiel piloted the ship into the hanger of the Oblitorator, where they were greated by 24 Stormtroopers. The troopers, with blasters raised, ran towards Ezekiel and ran past him towards the cockpit where they grabbed Miko and Peter. They dragged the bodies of the two Jedi out of the ship, taking the lightsabers from them, then they turned, with blasters raised, towards Ezekiel and demanded his lightsaber. Ezekiel looked at them, then he motioned towards Petedr and Miko and they woke up. Ezekiel then extended his hand and blue lightning erupted through the hanger, killing the 24 stormtroopers. Peter and Miko grabbed their lightsabers and ran towards the blast door. The door closed infront of the two Jedi as Ezekiel kept killing the troopers as they ran into the hanger. Oh well Peter thought as the door closed and he flicked his hand and the entire blast door flew off in different directions Stupid doors. Then he and Miko ran through the next 12 troopers, swinging wildly with lightsabers, cutting through them easily. Behind them, Ezekiel began to catch up using the Force and driected them toward the bridge. On the way, the three Jedi encountered about 100 more troopers. By the time they reached the bridge, they were exausted from the long run and using the Force to kill all of those dumb stormtroopers that got in their way. Peter, being the strongest of all three at the lightside of the Force, refreshed all three of them. Then he and Ezekiel used the Force to break down the blast door of the bridge and then all three used pieces of the door to throw at the imperials. The imperials ran around to avoid the pieces, and Miko began having his sick fun by picking them up and throwing them against the hull. Then Ezekiel began controlling the imperials minds throughout the ship and made the imperials obey the three Jedi.
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2001-08-30, 5:55 PM #13
As his sight returned (the use of that much dark side force energy had temporarily blinded him) he saw Miko plotting a hyperspacejump toward the Interdictor then they jumped and almost stoped jumping straight away then Peter contacted the other Star Destroyers "this is your first and last chance to surrender to the ....."he let go of the comm units switch "what are we going to call our selves?" looking at Ezekiel "Ahh, how 'bout the Avenging Trio?"
"NO WAY"Miko yell across the comand chamber "how about Miko's Force Defenders?"
Peter and Ezekeil just pointed and laughed Then one of the crew said "how 'bout the Oblitorators Force" "That sounds good, O.K.(he flicked the switch again)this is your second and final chance to surrender to the Oblitorators Force".......................
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2001-08-30, 6:25 PM #14
The responce was bursts of laser fire from the two Star Destroyers, shots that did nothing to the ships shields. The gunners in the Oblitorator fired back, taking out the two Star Destroyer's shield generators. The Star DEstroyers stopped firing imidiately. Miko reached out with the Force and imploded the brain of the captain of the first Star Destroyer. Peter turned towards Ezekiel, "Okay, maybe we got off wrong." "Yea, how come you are your apprentice arent in with the other Jedi?" Ezekiel asked, "Well, long story, but the other Jedi didnt like the way we use the Force, and how much we use little amounts of the dark side, unfortunently Miko uses it a lot. We were forced out of the normal Jedi ranks and since then we have been avoiding the Jedi and causing trouble for the Empire." Ezekiel looked over towards Miko, who was now having fun by picking up droids and twirling them around in the air, before looking back towards Peter, "So, you and Miko are rouge Jedi aswell?" "Kinda,they disliked my tactics,so we were forced out, and just recently, the republic senate setn out a bounty on us." Miko was still playing with the droids, so Peter turned and pushed him with the Force, sending Miko crashing hard against the hull,and the droids crashing to the deck. "Miko stop playing around," Then he turned back to Durron, "Now what do we do?" "Peter, now we should head over to our other new ships, and start controlling them aswell" He said, motioning towards the Star Destroyers and the Interdictor.
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2001-08-30, 8:13 PM #15
As the other Star Destroyers came round 2 SSD's 4 ISD's and an Interdictor came out of hyperspace.The SSD's started powering shields straight away as the ships arround them went into combat the Interdictors powered up the ISD's started attacking them the Jedi ships had normal shields as well as stolen Yuuahn Vong voids so they took the fire of the other 4 ships easyly then the battle turned the Tie's hhad succed in distroying the attacking Interdictor and the other of the Jedi ISDstarted to attack the attacking ISD's befor they could react.The Jedi were consentrating on destroying the other 3 ISD's then the battle ended as fast as it started the SSD remaining backed off and the Jedi using the force crumbled the oppision ships into cubes of metal ..........

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2001-08-30, 9:05 PM #16
But the SSD, with Rugar Santiago on board, made it out of the battle and fled back to Coruscant, when they emerged from hyperspace, stormtroopers came to his cell. He kicked the first and grabbed his blaster. It was times like this he could use those Jedi tricks. He rolled on the deck and shot the next trooper, leaving two left. The next shot hit him in the arm, Rugar winced in pain, but shot the last two troopers and quickly ran off towards the hanger to escape.

Peter and Ezekiel were in the hanger area #10 training Miko to control the Force, instead of lashing out with the dark side every time he gets angry. Suddenly alarms blared and 2 Imperial II-class Star Destroyers, 4 Imperial-class Star Destroyers, and an Interdictor Cruiser appeared out of hyperspace...
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2001-09-02, 3:47 PM #17
The imperial ships were siginaing for comm contact so they opened a channel to the lead ISD2 a short man appered on the screen Ezekiel rose from his seat "Grand Admiral Scrall what may we do for you?" "Well first you can explain why you captuered mt ship?" Peter steped into the holo projecter we needed a transport becouse yhe late Admiral try to turn us into space dust so we commenedred this ship"
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2001-09-02, 5:46 PM #18
"You!!! You!! Your the Jedi thats caused so much trouble! Get off my ship!" The angry Grand Admiral demanded when he saw Peter, "Sorry Admiral, cant do that." The Grand Admiral, closed the comm connection, and all of the TIEs were launched from the enemy ships. The three Jedi used the Force to send their own TIEs out to defend, but all of the enemy ships opened fire on the enormous Galactic Star Destroyer. The Destroyer's shields were taking a beating, but the gunners were firing back. Suddenly one of the Imperial Star Destroyers exploded, taking about 20 TIEs with it. Miko poltted a course out of here. He didnt have time to finish it, the Interdictor they had exploded, along with one of their captured Star Destroyers. Peter used the Force, with help from Miko and Ezekiel, to lock on to the closest planet and drag the enormous Star Destroyer into hyperspace towards the planet.

When they emerged from hyperspace, they were shocked at their location, Coruscant. They exited hyperspace inches from the planetary shield. Imperial ships were already engaged in battle with Republic ships.
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2001-09-02, 6:45 PM #19
as the fire fight blazed arround them their comm unit went off the scale they recived upward of 50 messages the first from the Imperial ships "Greetings to the Admiral to the battle and asking if the jedi scum were now working for them.Ezekiel said "what was that commander" the link died "Miko plot a course out of here!" Then the leader of the Republic came up on the screen "I am calling for the Galactic Class Star Destroyer to announce there aliences?" Peter said "We are Jedi and as Jedi we do not Take part in Fights unless the people who can not help themselves are in danger." he looked at Ezekiel who nodded then said "check the planetary shieds Miko" "they'er at 32% and falling 30.....28 the impirals are protecting that ship!" the view of what looked like a Victory Class Star Destroyor with 3 huge laser cannons blazing at the planetry shields they each shot blasts about as round as a Corrilian YT-2000 frieghter "we've got to stop that ship!" Miko yelled "get me close to it and ill take over the mind of the crew." "why dont we just destroy it?" "because then no one will have it if We capture it then We will have it " "good point"Peter sat back down "get us in there Miko,(over the ship comm system) scramble all fighters on the Republic frequency take out anything that shows as hostile once your on that frequency." Ezekiel stepped up to the Holo deck "We will help" steped off the Holo deck "send that" "give me the comm conection to the gunners on the port side" "All gunners fire on the SSD Avenger" "Now the starbourd side" "fire on the Destructor cuser" then Ezekiel spoke to no one inperticular "that should make it easyer to get to that Victory SD.......

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2001-09-02, 7:41 PM #20
The gunners fired at the ship, and quickly finished it off. But Coruscant's planetary shields were failing. They quickly went for the SSD, but with all the Imperial enemies, the Galactic Star Destroyer’s shields were starting to fail. Miko, in a panic, began to use the force to alter the enemies minds, and then made them kill themselves. Peter kicked him to stop him, but Miko turned and lashed out with Force lightning, turning on his master. Peter drew his lightsaber, and Miko pushed Peter back. Ezekiel didn’t know what to do. His two comrades were fighting, Miko completely fallen to the dark side, but he needed to help save the ship. He quickly began plotting a course out of here. Miko and Peter fought hard and Force blasts erupted through the bridge. Miko kept attacking, striking at his former master. Peter knew he had lost Miko to the dark side, he had failed. He kicked Miko back, knowing there was only one chance to bring Miko back, but he would not be Miko’s master any more. Ezekiel knew what was about to happen, but had no time to stop it. Peter disengaged his lightsaber. Miko was halfway through his swing, and Miko’s blue blade passed through Peter, and Peter’s body disappeared. Miko stood in shock, slowly calming down as he realised what he had just down, and then the Galactic star Destroyer Oblitorator entered hyperspace.
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2001-09-03, 6:39 PM #21
As the ship rocked Miko woke up He'ed been dreaming that he attacked Peter.He was in his room and had no idea how he got there,had the hole battle been a dream? He got up dressed then left his chamber as he walked toward the command chamber Ezekiel came walking the other way "Good your up I was coming to wake you." "oh.ok, I was just heading up to the command chamber to see Peter." "What in the Holo projector?" "What are you talking about I'm going to see Peter and ask him about a dream I had about killing him!" Ezekiel pulled Miko into a turbo lift and sent it to the hanger level "WERE ARE YOU TAKING ME I MUST SPEAK WITH MY MASTER!" the turbo lift stopped and Ezekiel dragged Miko out into the hanger area suddenly renched him self free off Ezekiel and ran back toward the turbo lift Ezekiel knocked him out and carried him on board his shuttle. As he plotted the Hyper space jump into the deep core he alerted the ships officers that he and Miko would be gone for about a day and that they were to stay in the orbit of Endor then he jumped to The location of the Jedi academy.He made sure that the knockout block was still on Mikos mind then went to sleep.

He was awakened by the signal that the ship sounded as they left hyper space his comm unit crackeled to life "please state your name and buisness in this sector" "Uber Jedi Master Ezekiel Durron and Miko Peterson to see Jedi master Valin Horn on personal buisness" "you are clear please swich your craft to auto pilot" "ok" as they approched the planet he pondered how to ask Valin to look after Miko for 2 weeks Miko needs time to morn the lost of his master and Im not the person to do that arround.the ship setteled down and Ezekiel levitated Miko down the boarding ramp he was met at the bottom by the Jedi Master "long time since I've seen you Ezekiel never did I belive that you would leave Nar Shaddaa" "well things change and i have a problem" "wouldnt happen to be with Peter Robertson's apprentice would it?"."Yes ,but he's not Peter's apprentice anymore.." Valin cut Ezekiel off "sounds like a long story why don't you come inside and tell me it?" "your right lets go inside this is not something I would like the other apprentices to hear nor the Jedi for that matter".......

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2001-09-03, 7:51 PM #22
As Valin and Ezekiel were talking, Miko woke and wondered where he was. Then he realised, he was at the Jedi Academy, and he could feel Valin Horn and that traitor Ezekiel nearby. He pushed the thought aside. He knew what he had done, and he couldnt risk doing it again. He had to stpo using the Force or he could be seduced by evil again. He threw his lightsaber down in the mud and ran over to the insane Jedi's ship. He used the Force to open the ship's lock and ran to the bridge. He took off and headed for space. Around him he could feel Ezekiel trying to make Miko come back, but Miko resisted the Force presence and pushed on, but darkness began to envelope him, but suddenly a blinding light filled the darkness and forced it back, and Miko entered hyperspace.

He tried to use the Force to relax, but couldn't. The Force seemed to no longer exist in him. When that light filled the darkness, he felt strange, and he felt the strong pull of his master. His master had saved him from Ezekiel, but taken him away from the Force, Miko no longer could use the Force, he was a civilian, and he no longer existed in the Force, keeping him safe forever from Ezekiel.


The End, look out for the up-coming story, the second in the series, staring Ezekiel Durron, and introducing new characters.

Dont ask me how it works, it just does.

Creator of Darkness Rising Interactive Story
Dont ask me how it works, it just does.

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