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Supernatural Cosmic War
2001-11-15, 2:09 PM #1
Well, whaddya know? I've got another story idea! You're probably going, "Where does he GET all of them?" since I also run BftN, YI, DE, write my own novel, and help a lot with TEW. If you must know, this particular idea (though not the others) come from two different dreams.

But anyways, here it is:

The universe has several planes of existence on it, which are scattered throughout time and space. The True Source (no, I didn't PURPOSELY nick the name from Robert Jordan) is the only thing that is outside the universe. All power in the universe comes from it through the three Energy Centers, each one a separate plane. The most powerful Energy Center is the Abyss (Hell), which used to be good, but was corrupted by Emperor Lucifer the Devil. The other two are Hallelujah (Heaven) and Eternity (the new Heaven at the end of Time). God rules over these two and can be in either or both places at once.

God controls the influx of power from the Heavens into the rest of the universe, but does not stop it. Lucifer tries to stop it, but is unable to. Thus, power IS in the mortal planes. If one side gains enough of the mortal planes, they will be powerful enough to overthrow the other alignment (Good/Evil).

Now then, the planes of existence that are the physical, mortal planes are anything and everything - including already made-up planes, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Dragonlance, Faerie, Shannara, Tolkien, Narnia, etc., etc., etc. So as far as that goes, have fun!

Now then, here's where you all come in. Each of one of you needs to create a character, who is either an angel or a demon. Or you can create an angel AND a demon, if you wish. You could even make up a character now and then add one later. But anywhos, rules for angels and demons.

1) Angels and demons can have once been mortal. (non-Biblical, I know, but I'm just gonna have fun with this story)

2) Angels and demons can be killed (again, non-Biblical, but just for the sake of the story).

3) Angels are in one of the Heavens and are good, obviously. Demons are in Hell (the Abyss) and are evil, obviously. (Demons, being evil, have a bit more leeway in their loyalty than angels. They can be completely loyal to Lucifer, or they can try to subvert him.)

4) There is much politics and infighting among demons as they strive for internal power and Lucifer's favor.

5) Do not make your angel and/or demon too powerful. Believe me, there will be plenty of opportunities for them to BECOME powerful.

So start creatin', and have fun! Remember, you can have stuff from already made-up universes (ex. Star Wars).

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2001-11-15, 4:33 PM #2
The first angel, Mr. Richoz was sent to fight off the demons when...
Ohh Crap! - Darien Fawkes (The Invisible Man)
2001-11-17, 3:15 PM #3
Have you ever read Good Omens? It's an excellent book. Before I start I have to ask a question...can I have a disenchanted demon, who isn't really evil but didn't exactly lead a moral life?

"Rabbits will jump farther if you throw them..."
"Rabbits will jump farther if you throw them..."
2001-11-19, 4:47 PM #4
Emporor Zerg used his NERF ball shooter and shoot Lucifer, his devils, and all the angels, then took over all of the planes for himself. He switched planes, killed Skywalker, then killed picard, the cabinet (from narnia) and everybody else.
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2001-11-20, 3:22 AM #5
Please don't go around messing up other people's stories. There are plenty of non-serious ones for you to post on.

"Rabbits will jump farther if you throw them..."
"Rabbits will jump farther if you throw them..."
2001-11-27, 5:30 AM #6
Nope, Pengun, sorry. Demons are pretty much evil, and angels are good. There are plenty of saved souls and damned souls are aren't angels or demons, you understand. Now that I'm back (at least for a little while), let's get on with the story.

Beelzebub wasn't the brightest of demons. So it was understandable that he goof up from time to time. So it should come as little surprise that he once claimed the soul of one Alric Everson BEFORE the latter was dead. Now, the soul only separates from the body upon death, so when Beelzebub took Alric's soul, he took his body, too, seeing as how Alric wasn't dead.

So Alric woke to find himself in the Abyss. Naturally, the first thing he did was to ask an intelligent question. "Shwa?" Or perhaps not. At any rate, one must take into account that it is not every day one sees rivers of lava running through towering skyscrapers made of skulls.

Alric was left hanging in mid-air, far above the ground. A disembodied soul could levitate, of course, but a physical body (such as Alric had) could not. Thus, he began to fall. So it would appear that he WAS about to die, and Beelzebub would be spared the ignominy of having brought a live person to Hell.

It was at that time, however, that a rather old demon, named Hamarch, was winging his way through. He had ash-grey wings that matched his shoulder-length hair, and wore a sickly green robe. Hamarch, in his prime, had been quite a powerful demon, but now, it seemed, he was good for nothing but flying aimlessly throughout the Abyss, as his aging ethereal form could no longer access the power within himself.

Coincidences being useful things, Alric fell right on top of Hamarch as the latter was flying beneath him. Alric had but a moment to feel relief before he began sliding off the form of the shocked Hamarch. Desperately, he clawed at the ancient demon's back, and came back with only grey feathers. He kept grabbing at him, and eventually pulled all the feathers from the demon's back! Hamarch died, having been stripped of his demonic powers and not having been a mortal once in order to have a form to return to, but the feathers bonded to Alric, transforming him into a demon!

To be continued later. . . As for the rest of you, create your characters! []

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2001-11-27, 1:04 PM #7
Does an angel have to be human?

"Rabbits will jump farther if you throw them..."
"Rabbits will jump farther if you throw them..."
2001-11-27, 5:03 PM #8
The Evil Trillops Hykial is mah demon.

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2001-11-29, 3:32 AM #9
No, Pengun, not at all. You've got a lot of free rein. And Rebel Commando, please describe the Evil Trillops Hykial. Thanks. []


Alric suddenly stopped falling through the air (if the poisonous fumes that soared through the Abyss could be called air) and gasped in pain as the feathers melted into his skin then re-emerged as wings between his shoulder blades!

The pain passed, and he discovered, to his vast surprise, that he could fly! (Among other things, of course.)

It was not long before Hamarch was missed, however, and this young new demon was noticed.

Mordriel, a demon with silver wings and sapphire hair, was the son of the late Hamarch. He put two and two together, and, just as Alric had adjusted to his new surroundings and abilities a few days later, swooped down upon him as the latter flew through the poisonous-fumes-which-had-no-right-to-be-called-air.

Alric was thrown to the ground, rather painfully, discovering that, while his ethereal form was virtually invincible, his fleshly body (which he still retained, not being dead) was still subject to aches and pains - not to mention cuts and bruises. "Who are you?" he cried. "And what do you want?"

"My name is Mordriel," the other demon snarled, "you killed my father - prepare to die!"

Alric rolled his eyes. "That is SO 'Princess Bride' - Oomph!" - this last coming as Mordriel punched him in the gut. Alric flung out his hand, and lightning flashed from it! It struck Mordriel square in the chest and hurled him away. For the great powers of Hamarch resided within Alric now.

So it was that, that day, a great and terrible feud was begun between Alric and Mordriel.


Alric realized that he had to protect his body somehow. This proved easier than he had thought. He simply willed an ethereal breastplate and such into existence onto his body.

His first suit of ethereal armor was rather shabby, Alric just learning how to use his powers. He tried again, with more success. He then got a new idea, which he implemented on his third one - putting the image of a vulture on his chest armor. This was due to the fact that the demons of the Abyss were now calling him "The Vulture" because he had killed Hamarch and stolen his power (albeit inadvertently) when the latter was weak and decrepit.

So it was that Alric the Vulture was clad, from the neck down, in black ethereal armor to protect himself. He presented himself to Emperor Lucifer.

Lucifer wore a black robe that matched his hair and his eyes. His skin was pale white. There was sort of a deadly beauty about him. The Emperor of the Abyss laid his hands on Alric's shoulders and said, "I accept thee into my ranks, Vulture. Thou art the exemplification of Hell's Creed: the survival of the fittest."

"Thank you, Master," Alric pledged himself.

"Now," Lucifer continued, "I bid thee grow in knowledge, and I bid thee watch Mordriel, for he is a jealous and ambitious demon."


The Vulture quickly learned that the best way to win Lucifer's favor was to bring him large, juicy souls to devour. . .


More later. Come on, people, write for this story! [] I'm going to introduce the other planes sometime, but anyone else is welcome to do so.

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2001-11-29, 7:18 PM #10
Mr. Stridewide had earned himself quite a reputation in the abyss for being extremely good at his job. That is not to say he followed his duties with any great zeal, but only that he pocessed a certain innate talent at tormenting.

Now, Mr. Stridewide held a rather rare position among demons: he was reponsible for seeing to the haunting of the damned souls who were still alive. Lucifer himself had placed the honour on him, but Stridewide (being the rather unemotional sort that he was) merely acknowledged the position as a confirmation of his abilities.

It was on one particularily cold evening that Mr. Stridewide found himself standing in a debris littered aleyway in one of the many mortal planes. For some reason Lucifer had sent a large fat raven along with him, which now perched on one shoulder.

He stood their for a moment in the cold waiting for the exact time. He glanced up the side of the building and waited until the light in apartment 201 went out.

Now, I get to work. he thought as he pushed through the doorway into the dingy apartment building. After many flights of stairs (Mr. Stridewide had a particular dislike of elevators) he reached the door of apartment 201 and walked through it effortlessly as if it were thin air.

Now, seeing Mr. Stridewide walk through a door is an impressive sight to behold. But poor Hugo Albert of apartment 201 only heard the slight tapping of feet on his floor and saw the firey glow of two yellow eyes in the darkness.

"W-who's there...?" He stammered. There was no response.

This was how to make an entrance

Hugo managed to hit the switch by his bed and with a loud sqwak from the raven the lights shot on. He recoiled in horror at what stood before him.

Now, it should be said that one thing Mr. Stridewide did take care in was his appearence, it was critical to his career. He was impressively tall, almost eight feet, he had to stoop in the tiny apartment but it just made him all the more imposing. Most of his height was taken up by his disproportionally long legs which ended in wide three toed hooves. He was long-limbed and very skinny with far reaching crooked fingers. Over his shoulders was a dark green cloak that boiled and churned around him despite the still air. Whatever face might have existed below the hood was always completely shrouded in darkness except for two brilliant yellow eyes that looked like holes punched straight through to the fires of the abyss. Strangely though, were the great long ears like those of a rabbit that potruded from under the hood, they didn't quite fit with the image somehow.

"Hello, Hugo..." Mr. Stridewide's voice was smooth and whispery, almost soothing.

"W-who the h-hell-er-what the hell are you?!? W-what do you w-want from me?!?" Hugo was backed against the head board and groping for his glasses. It was a sad sight, Hugo was an older man with a portly build and squinty eys.

"Who the hell indeed! You've done some very bad things Hugo, and I've been keeping track of them...think of me as a scouting agent. I'll be visting you every once and awhile, for the rest of your life actually."

Mr. Stridewide moved so close that Hugo was forced to look straight in his burning eyes.

"And trust me, that's not as long as you think."

With that he flung his cloak in a great arc and strode out towards the door, with the raven still perched on his shoulder.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have other business to attend to."

(OOC: Okay that's all for now, what do you think?)

"Rabbits will jump farther if you throw them..."
"Rabbits will jump farther if you throw them..."
2002-02-06, 4:02 PM #11
Okay, let's see if I can resurrect this story. Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! []

Note: All demons and angels have a unique ability. Alric's unique ability is the power to travel through time. All demons and angels can do such things as fly and planewalk (that is, travel through the different planes).

Note: God is the Incarnation of Good, Lucifer the Incarnation of Evil. (Yes, I'm taking a page from Piers Anthony. So sue me. []) There are also the Incarnations of Death, Time, Fate, War, and Nature: Thanos, Saturn, Wyrd, Galen, and Gaia, respectively. The last five are the Minor Incarnations, whereas God and Lucifer are the Major Incarnations. The minors are generally good or neutral, though Emperor Lucifer can manipulate them to his purposes.

Note: Remember, you can go to ANY plane you want to and mess it up as much as you want! []

I'll try to post something story-related tomorrow. []

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Play epic RPGs such as Year Infinity, or duel in the Interdimensional Arena @ The High Citadel

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