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2002-09-28, 7:58 PM #1
in this post, just add on to the RPG plot with as many cliches as you can before we repeat ourselves.

There once lived a young lad who lived in a small and unimportant town.
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2002-09-28, 8:11 PM #2
This lad had dreams of making it big and making a name for himself. Of finally being a hero for all time.
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2002-09-29, 8:18 AM #3
And the young lad's parents were killed by orcs when he was six.
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2002-09-29, 9:09 AM #4
And he came froma planet called Krypton.
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2002-09-29, 9:13 AM #5
and he likes to eat ham when hes hungry
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2002-10-17, 3:31 AM #6
and he hangs out with his pet emu.
2002-10-17, 6:02 AM #7
...which cliche was that again?
2002-10-17, 7:57 AM #8
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Tracer:
...which cliche was that again?</font>

2002-10-18, 12:50 PM #9
Then one dark and stormy night...
2002-10-19, 5:36 AM #10
while eating spinach in a dark alleyway

Sada wa kogeki sudu
Kutabatchimae yaro
Lord Monkey's decree
Sada wa kogeki sudu
Kutabatchimae yaro
Lord Monkey's decree
2002-10-19, 10:17 AM #11
he hears a sound, and then goes to investigate. the emu eats the spinach and then throws up!

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