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ForumsInteractive Story Board → Never ending star wars text movie...
Never ending star wars text movie...
2003-07-17, 8:26 AM #1
You know, its a never-ending one, only with Jedi Knights. You will not post any unchristian remarks, or cuss in any post, and you will follow the story, thats all thank you.I'll start the text movie.

(star wars crawler music)



In a time of of Star Wars, all
jedi knights and all siths, planets,
people, droids, guns. ships,ect...
will take part in this never ending
While a background is not yet set,
I'am sure most of the people who will
post, no where to start.
I'am asking the administrator to
please delete any post going against the
rules, thank you...

"Computer are useless, all they can give you are answers"/Pablo Piacasso
Nothing to see here, move along.
2003-07-17, 8:41 AM #2
A Non-story post from the ISB moderator:

Hmm... Let's see here...
  • Title bears striking resemblance to "The Never-ending Story Thread"
  • Demanding tone to your volunteering writers
  • Possibly unaware of Massassi rules that already enforce a G to PG-rated environment, complete with a swear filter.

I will do my job, as I've been doing with all the ISB threads, but I will not delete any posts that "do not follow the story" or that, otherwise, are in accordance to Massassi rules. You can always use the "ignore post" technique if you can not work with the material, as many of our other threads have done.

I hope you have luck finding writers. Even though your intro says about "most people who will post [will] know where to start," I would suggest giving a BIT more of a lead-in. []

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[This message has been edited by Gebohq (edited July 17, 2003).]
The Plothole: a home for amateur, inclusive, collaborative stories
2003-07-17, 5:44 PM #3
As we pan down to the scene of great infinity of stars, we see two star destroyers in orbit around coruscant. Suddenly ten flight groups of droid fighters, from the trade federation, and 9 jedi star fighters come out of hpyerspace. As the begin there attack wwe switch to a view in the star destroyer, at the bridge, (alarms sounding off) Suddenly a voice called:
"Admiral, sir, were under attack!" Said captain Paellon

Then we turn to a view of a throne chair on a bridge, where admiral Jakapas is seated.

"Bring us directly lined to the attackers and tell fighters to launch when ready." Said the admiral.

"Y-yes sir." Replied the captain.

"Just carry out your orders captain." Replied in an almost irritated tone of voice the admiral did.

Then the fighters launched....

"Computer are useless, all they can give you are answers"/Pablo Piacasso
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