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Shards of Azumerth
2003-12-14, 4:27 PM #1
Somewhere deep in the Tunnels of Khaam Shaala, World of Tombs.

"At long, long, last, I have gathered the shards of Azumerth from all ends of the Galaxy. I have spent a lifetime on this quest, but now, I have the necessary components for eternal life!" The shrivelled form cried in triumph.

Before his throne was a pedestal atop which sat a large crystal that had been glued together from many smaller parts and emitted a faint blue glow that lit the room.

The creature got out of his throne, and scraped towards the pedestal, arms out. He chanted something in a forgotten tongue, and finally made it to the crystal. Closing his eyes, he let out a yell that resounded through the tunnels and must surely have woken the countless dead around his cave. There was only one problem.

How could he know if it had worked?

"Well... so far so good."

He scraped back to his throne and sat down to contemplate what he would do for the rest of eternity now that he was apparently immortal.

Suddenly, three mercenaries clad in blood red envirosuits stormed into the tunnel and obliterated the ancient creature in a hail of bullets and a stream of plasma. They marched over to the crystal, placed it in a box, and headed back into the tunnels towards the surface.
Lord Tiberius Grismath
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2003-12-16, 4:33 PM #2
(do we just add on?)

"We have it" said one of the mercenaries. He was holding the container which held the crystal tightly against his red suit. He grinned. "Tell Alpha 1 we have it."

"Yes sir." responded one of the mercenaries. He picked up and spoke into a transmitter. The man nodded. "We will be picked up by our shuttle in a short while. God, I want to get out of this wretched planet."

"Me too..." said the last mercenary as he was cleaning the dust off his blaster. The group arrived onto the planet's surface and waited to picked up. They were surrounded by a lifeless terrain. It seemed the planet faced a cruel eradication of anything living.

A shuttle, the only thing that moved as far as the eye can see, landed on the planet's ground near the mercenaries. Soon after, the crystal and its container were gently placed in the ship as the group entered their shuttle. But they were not aware of the true nature of the crystal they stole...

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