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Scions of Light
2004-04-19, 7:34 AM #1
Long ago, in an age long past, archmagi reigned over the world. They battled for supremacy, unleashing massive engines of mysticism and destruction over the land. This endless war would have continued, had not a wizard, whose name is long forgotten to history and ground to dust beneath the disgust of ages, in desperate hopes of ending the war, opened a portal to the Dark Realm, a dimension not unlike our own, only saturated with evil power.

Everyone, including the archmagi, were being slaughtered; until a grouip of the greatest heroes and archmagi banded together, forming the legendary Sages, pooling their power together for the good of all. There were over a thousand of these Sages, and together their power was mighty enough to accomplish anything; but treachery and deceit resulted in the deaths of most of these heroic men and women.

The few remaining survivors, today called the Last Sages, dealt the Dark Realm a crushing blow, forcing them to retreat. But the lands were hopelessly ravaged. The Last Sages then used their remaining power to build a hovering multi-tiered city-state high in the sky above the volcanic wasteland of their birth, for the peoples to live, and each Last Sage gave his or her life to complete the task by spawning progeny of a new race to guide this brave new world towards its destiny.

Today, we live in an alternate near-future Earth-type setting. The year is 512 ATW (After The War), or 512 years after the end of the war against the Dark Realm. The races that the Last Sages spawned have multiplied into their descendants. Magic and technology compete side by side for dominance.

Yet some are discontent with their lot. Seeking adventure, they live in the Below Realm - the volcanic wastelands where the world's populace originally lived 500+ years ago. (These are the "westerners" of the story.)

But now, destiny is coming to a head, for the Dark Realm and the world are fated to clash again. Eomas, the mysterious Immortal Prophet, has foreseen that with the coming of the next full solar eclipse, the Gloom - an eternal night populated with undead monsters - will cover the world.

Telling no one what he has foreseen, Eomas sends out an urgent call to the direct descendants of the Last Sages and tells them to gather at his tower/citadel/whatever in the sky-state.

Here's where we the writers come in. We each create a main character, who is a direct descendant of a Last Sage (different for each writer), and the only direct descendant alive of that Last Sage. Each descendant possesses a special LATENT power derived from his ancestry plus whatever skills he's normally acquired. The story begins when Eomas sends out his call...


Everyone, create a character, each with a different Last Sage ancestor, each with a different LATENT power, in addition to whatever other skills he/she has.

My character will be Elwan, a shaman of the ancient Temples of the now volcanic wasteland beneath the sky-state. I'll detail him more later.

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Visit my all-new website, the [url=]Lazarus Citadel[/url!
2004-04-19, 3:58 PM #2
In the dawn hours of one of the floating cities, a figure clothed in black jumps along the rooftops with much dexterity. Let the camera circle slightly as it follows him across much of the closely packed buildings that make up this part of the city. His clothes are rather tight, though not constricting, and slightly baggy around his joints, so that he has a full range of movement. They are bound at his ankles and wrists with some sort of black tape, and his hands and feet are covered by black gloves and slippers, respectively. On his head he wears a loose hood which hangs over his face, clouding his features, though two yellow eyes peer out from the shadows on his face. When he has traveled several miles from where we first began to follow him, he stops, and ducks against a high wall on one of the buildings, almost disappearing into the shadows. From a concealed pocket, he takes what seems to be a pocket watch, and a rather plain one at that. He flips open the lid, and again it looks plain, except for a small red gem at the center of the watch.

Thief: Ah, yes. This is excellent, all that I expected. now to test it out...

He now holds the watch up near his face and whispers something over it. A slight red glow engulf it, fades within a second.

Thief: Well, that went as it should, but did the spell work...

With this, he dashes to the other side of the roof, incredibly quickly, and a slight red glow follows him. Laughing, He zips around the room, soon it is covered by the slight red glow and double images of the thief. He stops suddenly, returning to his previous position on the wall. the glow and double images fade quickly. He raises the watch to his face and whispers at it again, and a blue-green glow now emanates from it for a second and fades. He puts the watch in his pocket, and walks around the roof at a normal speed.

Thief: Well, I must say that was a complete success. and this Watch of Haste will be of much help later, I’m sure. Now I must return home.

He grabs a previously hidden bag from a shadowed corner of the rooftop and drops into an ally, hitting the ground lightly. He dodges into a vacant doorway. A rustle of cloth is heard, and he emerges in the clothes of a merchant. He heads through the winding allies for a few minutes, and then goes up to the doorway of a slightly larger then average house on a wide street. He takes a key ring from one of his pockets and opens the door. He enters the house, locks the door behind him, and heads into the parlor. On the table, to his surprise, lies a small letter. Suspicious, he peers around the room, then, satisfied that a servant must have laid it on the table for him to find, he goes up to it and lifts it, reading the inscription on the front.

Thief: Well, isn't this interesting. "To Yashobi, of the line of Shaer, member of the Last Sages". I have not been addressed as such since I was very young, when my parents told me of my heritage. I wonder who has cause to use that title.

With this, he goes to open the letter, but at the last moment he puts his hand in his cloak and launches a throwing knife at a dark corner of the room in a lightning move.

Hidden Man: Very impressive, Yashobi. I'd expect no less from one as skillful as you. However, I’m afraid your attack was useless, for two reasons. Firstly, I am no enemy to you, although I see why you may have taken the intrusion into your home as such. Secondly, you could not have harmed me.

The man to which the voice belongs steps into the light. He leaves no shadow, seems to be hovering very slightly off the ground, and his walk is odd, as if he has heard how to do it but has not had the opportunity to test it out before.

Man: I am simply a projection, as you may have already guessed. A messenger from Eomas, the Immortal prophet. Since you have discovered my presence, I will save you the trouble of opening the letter you have there. It says simply that Eomas bids you come to his citadel by dusk ten days hence, to discuss a matter of great importance. he will tell you everything when you all arrive.

Yashobi: When we all arrive? who else has been invited to this little get-together?

Messenger: I have told you all of which I know, Eomas only gave me enough information to get the letter to you and to answer the most superficial of questions. I will leave you now, to decide whether or not to answer the summons. However, I leave you with this: the warnings of Eomas are not to be taken lightly.

The shade bows very low, and at the bottom, he suddenly seems to disintegrate, like a cloud of dust blow by the wind, his image swirling and shimmering before it dissipates.

Yashobi: Well, this just keeps getting more interesting, doesn't it? A letter addressed to a direct descendant of one of the Last Sages, hand-delivered by a shade made specifically for that duty only, and a summons to a citadel for a meeting about something, I don't know what, with a group of people that I don't know. Well, if Eomas hoped to stir me to action by my curiosity, he has succeeded. At least I’ll get a chance to test how this new addition to my collection holds up in a long-distance trip.

He then heads to the upper floor of his house and into a bedroom. On a far wall, he passes his hand over a seemingly unsuspicious part of wall, and a recession appears. He takes another key from his pocket, inserts it into a hole which appeared at the center of the recession, and turns it very fast in a dizzying, seemingly random set of movements. He then removes the key, and a doorway-sized part of the wall shimmers, and dissipates. On the other side is a long room, lined by platforms that are covered by a velvet cushion. On top of this, several objects lie, all of them different, most of them strange. At the end of this room is a mannequin, and on it is another seemingly black suit, in the exact same style as was the suit he was wearing earlier. On closer inspection, this suit is actually colored in shades of black, dark gray, and dark green. As he puts this on, Yashobi's figure seems to blur slightly, become infinitesimally harder to see. when it is on fully, he pulls the hood over his head. as he stands still in front of a mirror, He fades even further, seemingly becoming part of the background, even when one looks straight at him.

Yashobi: This suit, my greatest treasure. Whatever Eomas has in store, this shall help me. Now, for my other treasures...

He picks up several of the artifacts on the pillows, putting them in different hidden pockets over his suit, putting the watch in one over his chest. Then, he walks out of the room, and the wall materializes behind him. He cleans his house slightly, then walks out onto the street, and locks the door. He takes the watch out of the pocket, whispers over it one last time, and places it back in his pocket. He then bursts off down the street, his passing evidenced only by a slight red glow that soon fades to nothingness in the dawn light.

The camera pans out now, again showing the roofs over the buildings. In the immeasurable distance, a spindly keep rises over the landscape. This is the Citadel of Eomas, to where Yashobi now travels.

NSP: just to clarify, Yashobi is a master of stealth, and lived by thieving skills and the occasional assassination job, if anyone wants to reference his past at any point. He has no magic skills (so far. You never know what that latent power may be) other then in the use of artifacts, which he is very good at.

Oh, and welcome back, Highemp []

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Scions of Light[/i]
A Knight's Tail
Exile: A Tale of Light in Dark
The Never Ending Story²
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2004-04-20, 11:01 AM #3
Aunt Minne: I still say we should tell him...

Uncle Luke: We've made it by for this long. Why should those troublesome Upper Realm folk bother us now?

Aunt Minne: But its Eomas! We can't just throw this letter away... he will know!

Uncle Luke: If he wants to speak to him, he can come down and tell Tsukasa himself!

Aunt Minne: Luke! I'm telling you, we don't want to have trouble with those folk! They're powerful, and we can't defend ourselves! We have no weapons here... we haven't for years!

Uncle Luke: I still have my shotgun, and I'll be damned if any Sage will survive a shot from it!

Aunt Minne: This is stupid, Luke! You're putting the farm in danger!

Uncle Luke: Damn the farm, Minne. It's because of their long ago war that this land is crap! Can't grow anything more than Emas wheat anyway! Just like nearly everyone on the Below Realm!

Aunt Minne: I don't care, I am giving him this letter.

Uncle Luke: Fine, dammit. Do whatever the hell you like! But I know he shouldn't. He'll ask questions. He'll want to know why he was summoned...

At that moment, Tsukasa enters the room

Tsukasa: What summon?

Aunt Minne: Here, read this.

Aunt Minne hands Tsukasa a letter, while Uncle Luke puts his hands through his coarse hair and shakes his head.

Tsukasa: "To Tsukasa, of the line of Brite, member of the Last Sages..."

Tsukasa: The last sages... are they talking about me?

Aunt Minne: Yes, just open it...

Tsukasa flips up the already opened envelope, pulls out the letter, and reads

Tsukasa: "Tsukasa Yunasan, you have been summoned to the Citadel of Eomas, the Immortal Prophet. You are to arrive at the Citadel 10 days from delivery of this letter. It is up to you to decide on whether to come, or not. But know that this summons is to discuss a matter of great importance, and should not be ignored. Eomas wishes you well. And your travels will be compensated, so do not let money hinder you."

Tsukasa: Eomas... isn't he one of the Upper Realm people?

Aunt Minne: Yes, honey, he is.

Tsukasa: But why would an Upper Realm want to speak with me? Is it... is it because of my ability?

Uncle Luke: Tsukasa, we need to tell you something. You are the decendent of the Last Sages, the ones who fought that war hundreds of years ago. As a matter of fact, you are the last decendent, of that specific Sage, Brite.

Aunt Minne: Your mom and dad died a long, long time ago. They were good friends with us and the Below Realm folk. They were responsible for the docks, controlling trade and people transport to the Upper Realm. A fight broke out between an Upper and a Lower, and your parents tried to break it up.

Uncle Luke: I was there. Your mom grabbed the Upper, while your dad grabbed the lower. However, at that fateful moment, both of the fighters spun and fired. The lower fighter shot his pistol, hitting your dad in the ribs, and puncturing a hole in both lungs. The Upper casted a firebolt, which struck your mom in the back, melting her spine.

Aunt Minne: Your Dad died almost instantly, while your mom was permanently paralyzed from the neck down. Your mom asked us to take care of you, who was only 3 at the time. We took it upon ourselves to raise you as our own, and figured it better not to mention your past. But unfortunately, it looks like we had to anyway. I'm sorry, honey.

Uncle Luke: They were good people, one of the few kind Uppers us Lowers know.

Tsukasa: So you really... aren't my Aunt and Uncle?

Aunt Minne: No, honey, we're not. We tried to find the rest of your family via a friend of your Mom's. Your Mom lived for a great while, in the Upper realm, on life support. Finally, we asked her, and she said they were the only family you had. However, she did tell us this, that she was the decendent of Brite, the Last Sage.

Tsukasa: So is my mom still alive then?!

Aunt Minne: No, I'm afraid not. She died two years later, but not of her own. An electrical failure occured, due to bad maintenance. Apparently, the Lowers, who were responsible for controlling the generators, were on strike, and your mom died of asphyxiation. Her heart continued to beat on its own, but her lungs did not, and with her paralysis, she couldn't breathe. She died in about five minutes.

Tsukasa: .. That.. I can't...

Aunt Minne: I know, it's a lot to take in. Look, this letter was received two days ago. You still have about four days before you have to board a transport.

Tsukasa: I could just teleport...

Uncle Luke: You remember the last time you teleported without knowing where you were going. No, you're taking the transport.

Aunt Minne: Just take these next few days and think it over, okay?

Tsukasa: Yes, ... Minne?

Aunt Minne: You can still call me Aunt. Whether you were born of our family or not, you're still a part of our family.

Tsukasa: I got one question. Because of my abilities, is that why people hate me? Because I'm an upper?

Aunt Minne: I won't lie to you... that's the main reason for many. I won't say for all though, some are actually jealous. Now go on, it's getting late.

Tsukasa: Alright Aunt Minne. G'night!

Aunt Minne: Night honey... now try and get some sleep, you hear?

Tsukasa: Yes, I will...

Tsukasa walks out of the room

Uncle Luke: I still say it was a bad idea...


Quick stats on Tsukasa and the family:

Name: Tsukasa Yamamoto
Age: 17
Sage Decendent: Brite
Ability: Teleport. (* Can use fire spells, but she doesn't know that other Uppers can also. So it's not her special ability, just something she can do. It is, however, remarkable that she can use fire spells without training, something many can't *)
Gender: Female
Weapons: Dagger - Only weapon her Uncle allows her to have.
Hometown: On the surface, the Below Realm, with Minne and Luke, both of which are actually Below Realmers.

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2004-04-21, 8:48 AM #4
A great marble bastion is nestled into the base of the Black Face, an imperturbable mountain stretching miles into the sky. The mountain aside, the white marble structure is an impressive sight in its own right. It is a magnificent cathedral, with soaring buttresses and ogees and angelic figures.

This is the ancient Temple of Shadust, a near-mythical and practically forgotten god of old. Forgotten... by all but one man.

He is Elwan. Shaman of the West, and Keeper of the Magicks of Myth. His black robes are stitched with grey lacing, and his cloak is as dark as the night sky, peppered with starlike points. The points form twenty-five constellation-like runes that Elwan has yet to discover the meaning of.[/]

Elwan: *standing outside the temple* The sunsets are colored with blood.

Indeed they are, the sky veneered in scarlet as the sun goes down. Elwan turns around and notices that the large statue crowning the massive oak doors of the cathedral - a six-winged seraph - is secreting a red substance from its stone eyes.


The temple is weeping its tears of blood, from the night over 800,000 years ago when the followers of Shadust were massacred inside the Temple walls and the blood ran so thick it was absorbed into the rock itself.

Elwan: *whispering* No. It cannot be. *shouting* I am not ready!

Voice: But you will have to be ready.

Elwan: What? Who is there?

Voice: I am a disembodied shade messenger sent by Eomas, the Immortal Prophet.

Even here, in the furthest of the lower regions of the land, Elwan has heard of the Immortal Prophet.

Elwan: What does he want with me?

Voice: Eomas summons you to to his tower of Kraakti, ten days hence. That is all.

Elwan: Wait! I have so many questions! Wait! WAIT!

But the voice is gone.

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2004-04-21, 4:10 PM #5
Gastn Hundalsh drew from near the fire yet another half rotten piece of flesh. A thin blood-like juice was his liquid, laced within the meat of his kill. He glanced up through the dense and quiet forest, the giant green leaves now cooling from its day's heat. He smiled, resting his hand on the small golden rifle at his side.

Gastn Nothin'll get me out here tonight... no sir.

His accent was of an old underworldish vowel. At a slight sound from up above in the trees, he gripped at his holster.

Gastn Who's there!?

A sound from up above was now a sound from 2 feet past the fire. A haze of black-grey smoke glimmered in the firelight that wasn't there before. Ashes nearly suffocated the fire before another sound came from the mass of ever-burning abyss

Ash-Cloud Idiot

Already on his feet, Gastn shot his golden plated runic revolver into the smoke. Before the slow moving magical bullet could pierce the cloud, it shot across the now flameless pit and next to Gastn.

Ash-Cloud You've no right to carry such a prize.

The cloud spoke with a quick but low tone, as if it's throat was clogged with smaug

Ash-Cloud Give it to me.

Gastn lowered the golden revolver towards the cloud and out from it shot a grey shadow of what would have been a human hand, were it not marred with burns. Just as soon as the gnarled appendage had come, it had disapeared with his firearm.

Ash-Cloud Good... some of you are capable of learning.

Gastn felt as if the world had been dragged from him as the mass of dust shot through him. He fell to his knees, now realizing his own lack of site. He grabbed after his eyes, only to find them burned from their sockets. He fell, whimpering.


I've got a detailed discription of my character, but I wanted to leave him out in the open till I get a better idea of his history. I have his appearance down perfect. He's about 6"4', his dark grey skin covered in runic burns, each one gifting him with small wardings and insights into what few can see. He has one ability that is far more visual than the other runic gifts he bears. This skill allows him to give off a smaug as if he were burning alive. He smells of burning flesh once he's in this stage, and his actual material body is similar to the same smoke he lets off, making him a quick assassin. His smaug incinerates at a heat which being even close to will mar a normal human being's flesh. He is a hunter, using many runic items to inhance his runic qualities. He collects runes of many shape and size, storing them mostly on his person, and other times in places which few can access.


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2004-04-22, 10:45 AM #6
(Hey all. Highemp wanted me to post this for him, as he's got rather restricted e-mail access at the moment.)

He is the Shaman of the West and Keeper of the Magicks of Myth.

But right now, he is just tired.

Elwan closed his eyes for that interminably eternal moment, seeking recourse in the darkness behind his eyelids. Sighing heavily, he then breathed them open once more.

So. Eomas had summoned him. And the Temple had begun to Remember. Truly, the signs were coming to pass. But the few surviving records of the Shadust tradition revealed very little about WHAT exactly the signs portended.

The rune of sensing on his inner robe vibrated against his skin, and he knew someone was nearby. An unusual occurence, that. Few dared approached the cursed cathedral or the lone practitioner of its forgotten god's religion. The rate of vibration was firm but steady, irritating his skin ever so slightly. A potential enemy then, but one that was willing to talk.

"You might as well come out where I can see you," Elwan spoke to the darkness.

Drifting to him from the shadows, echoing all around him so he couldn't get an exact fix on the source, came a voice, full of deadly calm. "I am not used to being... seen. Nor am I easily surprised. But you... Elwan, is it?... yes, you have surprised me. No mortal should be able to sense my approach, and even gods sometimes miss my presence."

"The Word of Shadust illuminates all, elf and demon alike, for what they are," Elwan intoned from memory the words of the Sacred Scrolls, then said, "Who are you?"

"I am Nightstrider, member of the Imperial Hand."

"The Imperial Hand?" Elwan snorted. "Impressive title for the strongarm bullies of a no-doubt tiny fiefdom."

Nightstrider's voice floated back to him, with the same deadly calm as before. "You misperceive, Shaman. The Imperial Hand serves the Empire of the Eclipse, since the year 667 A.W."

Elwan looked into the darkness incredulously. Was this creature crazy, or-? "Impossible. It's only 512 A.W. now."

"Such are the mysteries of the Imperial Hand," Nightstrider returned cryptically.

Elwan waited, but the creature offered no further comment. "Well, what do you want?"

"I am here to recruit you for the Imperial Hand. It is an honor and a duty like no other. To serve the Master is to satisfy the soul."

"I don't even KNOW this Imperial Hand," Elwan retorted. "Why should I be so anxious to join it?"

"Because Eomas lies," Nightstrider said insidiously, and this time there was unmistakable fire in the disembodied voice. "He will gather you, all of you Chosen ones to him, and feed you lies about the world and the nature of your wills, lives, and souls. Do not trust him."

"And why, exactly, should I trust YOU?"

The voice paused, as though the person to whom it belonged were shrugging. "Because, in the days to come, you will realize that I am right."

"I stand alone," Elwan said defiantly. "I have held to that creed every day of my life, and I shall not stop now. Not for you, not for Eomas, not for any 'Imperial Hand'. Clear?"

"Abundantly. I bid you think over what I have said, and farewell."

Elwan did not reply.


The Tower of Kraakti was a fair distance away, so the next day, Elwan started out upon his journey. Before leaving the cathredral of Shadust, he placed a mighty geas barrier around it, then, with a sigh, set out.

The Black Face was at the extreme north of the Lower Realm, with the nearest town with transit to the Upper Realm being well over a 100 miles south. Elwan walked to the valley just beyond the Temple, and drew a circle with his short stave in the ground. The transport rune already drawn onto his cloak, he merely had to draw it again into the center of the circle, upon which he stood, and invoked the sacred words of Shadust. The everpresent clouds of the northern Lower Realm needed no encouragement, and blew up into a thunderstorm about him. He reveled in the frenzy of nature, as the wind whipped through his cloak and across his face.

And then lightning arced down from the sky, shattered the clouds, and struck the shaman dead center. When the smoke cleared... he was gone.


The storm clouds blew themselves 100 miles south in less than 20 minutes, and in another burst of lightning deposited Elwan just outside the aging metropolis of Treburst. Though he had been here many times before, he was always amazed at the spindly towers and ancient architecture of the city. The city had been founded millennia earlier by an ancestor of the Last Sages, a hero-king known as Trolais. Legend had it that Trolais would return from the dead to aid Treburst in its darkest hour.

Flames danced in streetlamps along the cobblestoned boulevards. Wooden shacks braced shaky turrets of brick and stone. Horseless carriages powered by magic bounced along the roads as pedestrians bustled around, in large part to get out of the way. Merchants sold talismans reputed to date back to the time of Trolais. And, though no one dared voice it, headhunters prowled the streets, seeking the souls of those with what they called "the potence", a spiritual elixir of might and majesty.

Speaking of unfriendlies, the rune of sensing upon his inner cloak was vibrating again, indicating multiple hostile creatures coming his way. He'd have to deal with them... preferably far away from prying eyes.

Ducking into a back alley, he navigated some side streets until he came to an abandoned city square, whose streetlamps had burnt out, and whose streets were broken beyond repair. The rune of sensing buzzed harder against his skin, and he knew they were almost upon him. Whoever "they" were.

He stood in the center of the square, and prepared his rune of Bolting. Sure enough, here they came: squallied men with sallow complexions and sunken cheeks with predatory aspects and slightly hunched physiques.

Headhunters. But why would they want him? And this many? Unless...

Then they came at him, and there was no time to think, as the Bolting raced through the circuits of his mind automatically, discharging itself in a flare of brilliant silver light, then forming fireworks that rained down upon the headhunters unerringly, ceasing their sensorimotor functions, but leaving them alive, albeit paralyzed. Worn down by using the Bolting, he resuscitated his mental energy by using his rune of Elemenergetic Recall to steal the life energy of the headhunters, sapping their strength to feed his.

No, he was not the Keeper of the Magicks of Myth for nothing.

Continuing, Elwan come to the transit station for the Upper Realm. It was a small affair, framed by four towers connected by wooden walls to create a blocky compound for travelers and the transit jet.

Boarding the jet, and paying his fee in headhunters' elixir, Elwan soon arrived in the Great City State of the Sky, or Stratopolis, as it was called.

Everything was cleaner here. Even the air smelled sanitized. Personally, Elwan hated it. He preferred natural smells, the smells of nature the way it had been seen by the Source of all things. The cities of Stratopolis were arranged in layers, connected to the other lesser sky-states by air-rails. and were built of concrete, steel, and titanium, all reinforced with magic. Stratopolis was billed as the ultimate blend of magic and technology. Perhaps it was.

And then Elwan was at the Tower of Kraakti, Eomas's castle-like abode. It was made entirely of a strange unbreakable crystal that let sunlight in through its walls prismatically, called kraakti. Kraakti crystal was not found anywhere else but in Eomas's tower. Its origin was a mystery, even to Elwan.

"I stand alone," he whispered, and taking a deep breath, knocked upon the door...

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2004-05-23, 3:25 PM #7
NSP: So, uh.. yah. BUMP. i don't feel like making a big post about it, like normal.

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A Knight's Tail
Exile: A Tale of Light in Dark
The Never Ending Story²
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2004-06-02, 9:21 AM #8
From Highemp:

Elwan was admitted into the parlor of the Kraakti Tower of Eomas by a shade,
stepping through a portal of liquid crystal that filtered out insects and
presumably unfriendlies as well. Looking around, he saw that the parlor covered
the entire ground floor, covered in red carpeting, with lush furnishings spaced
conveniently around the gigantic chamber and ornate tapestries hanging on the

None too soon, he was joined by a thief and a teen girl.

"Hi," the teenager said brightly. "Um... I'm Tsusaka."

The thief offered no reply.

Elwan had to smile, though it quickly vanished beneath the shadowy recesses of
his cloak. So young, full of potential, full of life... his god Shadust placed
a special emphasis on the value of children. Though this was a young lady in
her own right, really.

Tsusaka looked somewhat embarassed now, but she was so earnest, that Elwan felt
compelled to respond. "I am called Elwan. Greetings in the name of Shadust."

"Shadust?" the thus-far nameless thief snorted. "How many gods do you
northwesterners have, anyway?"

"Shadust is my god, THE god as far as I'm concerned," Elwan returned, keeping
his temper in check. Deftly, he said, "At least our gods have the courtesy to
tell their names to us."

Tsusaka laughed, but the thief replied smoothly. "Ouch, that hurt so much, I
just can't tell you. Well, I'm Yashobi, jack-of-all-trades and Rogue

"Wow," Tsusaka said. "Sounds like something."

It was Elwan's turn to snort. "Sounds like a petty burglar to me."

"Funny," Yashobi said, "coming from a petty priest."

Tsusaka looked back and forth between the two men, and decided to steer the
conversation away, to something less controversial. "Anyone have any idea why
we're here?"

Yashobi looked suspiciously at the other two. "I was... summoned."

Elwan was a little more forthright. "I believe it has something to do with my

Tsusaka brightened. "You're related to a Last Sage, too?"

Yashobi interjected, "HIM? Related to one of the greatest hero-wizards of all
time? Ha!" and proceeded to chortled very loudly and very annoyingly on

Elwan glared daggers at him, and bit out a retort, as Tsusaka smacked her head.
Time for her to try a new topic.

"What about these tapestries? What are they of?" she asked.

It worked. Elwan, as she had guessed, was the bookish type, and enjoyed
answering such questions - which meant he wouldn't be distracted by Yashobi.
The Shaman replied, "Well, I believe those tapestries depict the dark days of
the Great War. See, there's the treachery of Gondar and the others, and there's
Zero Hour."

"What gibberish are you spouting now?" Yashobi asked. But it was a slightly
less insulting and slightly more inquisitive tone.

"I believe I can answer that," a new voice said. All three of the Last Sage
descendants pivoted as one to see the new arrival. It was a tall man with close
cropped black hair, pale skin, yellow eyes that seemed to pierce everything,
wearing green robes trimmed in violet satin.

Eomas. The Prophet Immortal.

Even Yashobi bowed his head. How could any of them not? This was a figure of
reverence and quiet strength, who had lived since time immemorial, since the
creation of the world, and who had been blessed - or cursed - with ability to
see portents of the future.

"To answer your question to Elwan here," Eomas continued, "these tapestries that
you are looking at depict the turning point of the Great War over 500 years ago.
The treachery that split the Sages into two camps, killing off most of them,
when Sage Gondar led a separatist group to the Dark Realm and betrayed his
fellow Sages to their deaths;leaving behind just the few Last Sages; and then Zero Hour, when all the forces
of time and space engulfed and destroyed the leader of the primal darkness."

The three were awed by the Prophet's immense knowledge. "Thank you, O Prophet,"
Yashobi said.

Eomas smiled. "Please, call me Eomas. We are merely brothers in arms, you and

"So, Mr. Eomas-"

"Just Eomas."

"-Eomas," Tsusaka asked, "Why are we here?"

"Follow me," Eomas said cryptically, and swept away into the stairwell. The
three descendants looked at each other, then shrugged and followed. Through
corridors and towers they climbed the spindle, until they reach the top floor.

Along the way, they passed past many rooms, most sparsely furnished, some guest
rooms, a few laboratories, and a magnificent corridor - the Hall of the Sages -
with a painting and a sculpture of each Sage from the Great War upon the walls
on either side. Tsusaka shuddered when she walked past the bust of Gondar

And then they were at the top of the tallest tower in Stratopolis, with clear
crystal showing a grand view of the entire floating city for miles in every
direction. In the center of the room was a basin of what appeared to be pure
liquid light, glowing and shimmering but remaining still as calm water unrippled
by wind. The famous scrying pool of Eomas!

There was nowhere else to go, yet Eomas kept moving and bade them continue to
follow him. He went towards the balcony door, which confused them, since it was
far too small to hold all of them comfortably. Instead, the Prophet surprised
them. He pulled the silken cord to close the heavy velvet curtains over the
door/portal of liquid crystal - all entrances and exits to the Tower of Kraakti
seemed to be made of liquid crystal - then chanted a few magic words in a
obscure language none of the others recognized and pulled the cord again to open

In place of the crystal portal to the balcony was a heavy bronze door with a
single small lock in the center. Tsusaka gasped, but Elwan and Yashobi kept
their cool, though they too were shocked.

Eomas took the ring on his finger, pressed the gem upon it into the lock - the
gem fit the lock perfectly, both physically and magically - and the bronze door
vanished. Behind it was a door of mystically reinforced titanium with a single
hand-shaped impression surrounded by blinking red and gold lights, into which
Eomas pressed his hand as his fingerprints were scanned and this door too
vanished. The door behind that one had a single optical scanner in the center
which took a retinal scan of Eomas before vanishing as well.

This routine went on for some time, and with each successive door, Yashobi,
Tsusaka, and Elwan had to wonder what was so valuable as to protected by so many
magical, mundane, and technological safeguards.

Finally, the last barrier disappeared, revealing a long corridor behind it. It
was impossible for the corridor to be there - it would have extended miles high
in mid-air, where there was only a balcony - but there it was, inviting them in.
Eomas went in, the others followed, and the barriers and velvet curtains closed
behind them. An attendant shade pulled open the curtains once more, and there
was revealed only the balcony portal.


At the end of the corridor was a gigantic vault. A phenomenally gigantic vault.
The ceiling was up so high it might as well have been in the clouds. The walls
on the left, right, and far sides could not be seen.

And Yashobi was in paradise. Treasures abounded here. Not the mundane
treasures of gold and gemstones... but the treasures of magick and technology.
The treasures... of the Sages. Here was a wand, doubtless with many powers. No one saw Eomas cringe as he
walked by it. No one but Eomas knew that this wand had belonged to Gondar the
Benedict, Separatist Sage, and the worst traitor of all time...


They were closing in on Nocturne, the leader of the dark fiends, enclosing
his army of daemons and undead in a triple pincer movement. The Sages were only
slightly outnumbered, and their greater personal power meant they had a shot at
Nocturne himself!

General Voscis, leader of the Sages, and the wisest of their number, not to
mention their most powerful, rubbed the bristle on his chin. He hadn't shaved
in weeks. His eyes, though tired, were full of fire. If they could just trap
Nocturne, they might be able to weaken him to the point where he was defeated.

"Gondar!" he yelled over the din of battle as quantum rifles blared their
muffled shots and hellfire raged across the field, "Zap him NOW!"

Gondar was the one closest to Nocturne - just as they had planned. His wand -
already one of the most potent devices in the Sage arsenal, as Gondar was a
master of enchantment - had further been strengthened by the other Sages for
added oomph. He pointed his wand at the blacked cloaked Nocturne, whose visage
was hidden and masked, and who stared calmly back at him.

Then Gondar thrust his wand up to the roiling sky, and with a bellowing war cry,
shot white light up into the dark clouds, calling down a storm of mystic
lightning that pulverized dozens, if not a couple hundred, Sages right where
they stood...


Eomas continued walking, although there was a slight falter in his step as he
walked by a nearly empty rack of potions that were all that remained of Voscis's
world-famous alchemical experiments.

Elwan marvelled at all the power and magic and technology seen here. There was
a bundle of ancient quantum rifles, the most potent and efficient mundane
long-range weapon that could be wielded by one person ever designed, and a huge
crystal ball held in what had once been a dragon's claw - though a claw
belonging to a dragon at least a hundred times larger than the largest one in
existence now. A mindmelding apparatus, by which two or more minds could be
joined to create a whole that was greater than the sum of its parts, was over
there, and right here were a hundred evenly spaced sarcophagi constructed of
bleached bone. Eomas winced visibly as he walked past those...


Nocturne stood defiantly, daring all creation (not to mention its creator) to
strike him down where he stood.

He had been separated from his army, the heavens had been parted, the underworld
had been opened, and all creation was indeed poised to strike him down in one
massive hammering blow, one year before the end of the War. A black corona of
mystic electricity flared from him... And then the gods and creation struck.

Divine fire laced through the winds and the earth towards Nocturne, whose robes
whipped in the fury. Hellish lightning quaked the earth as the daemons of the
hell of Nehdher betrayed their master. A hundred thousand gods died, giving up
their life force that Nocturne might be destroyed. A hundred universes
perished, all their potential, their innate life, and their own gods dying in
this last desperate gamble to defeat the leader of the Dark Realm.

When the dust settled, Nocturne was gone. Vanquished utterly. A new brigadier
rose among the Last Sages, by the name of Eldooriven, and led the people to
victory against the last remaining forces of Nocturne's army, now vulnerable
without their master. And the hundred universes that perished were given a
splendid burial, placed into dimensionally enlarged sarcophagi made of bleached


But Elwan didn't know any of this. Neither did Tsusaka or Yashobi.

Presently, they reached the other end of the vault, where there were three
wooden chests. Eomas turned to face them.

"You gonna give us the scoop?" Yashobi asked.

Elwan frowned at the thief's bluntness, but had to admit he too was eager to
know why they had been summoned. Eomas replied, "Yes, Yashobi. As I'm sure you
three have surmised, you have been summoned to my Tower because of your ancestry
and your destiny. Because of your past and your future."

"Hold on a second," Tsusaka said. "I got the ancestry part, but what's this
about destiny?"

Eomas grimaced. "You all know the legends of the Great War of the Sages against
the Dark Realm. Some of it is fact; some of it is fiction. All of it is
relevant. For the Dark Realm rises again."

"What IS the Dark Realm?" Yashobi asked. "I heard it's a country far north,
beyond the Black Face."

"I thought it was beneath the ground," Tsusaka said confusedly.

Elwan, for his part, was silent.

"It is both of those, and neither," Eomas said. "The Dark Realm is a shadow of
this world, our earth. An alternate universe, if you will, but one crawling
with evil. It mirrors our own in strange ways. Every plane and dimension and
world has a shadow, but perhaps the Dark Realm - our shadow - is more dangerous
than the others. I truly do not know. Certainly it has had more of a bearing
on our history.

"Long ago, before the War, archmagi - those skilled in the three arts of
mysticism, technology, AND spiritual potence - battled amongst themselves. This
was the same in the Dark Realm, only instead of archmagi, there were lich
overlords, who were skilled in necromancy, a vile art which incorporates
elements of all three of the archmagi's arts. This went on, until a magic-user
of some kind - his identity unknown - opened a rift into the Dark Realm from our
world. This magic-user soon became the leader of the Dark Realm, using the name
Nocturne beneath a hooded velvet mask, and conquering all in his way. His power
was enough to crush gods and worlds beneath his heel."

"How was he stopped?" Elwan wondered.

Eomas frowned. "By the sacrifice of a hundred universes and a hundred thousand
gods who poured their very life forces into a shroud of power that enveloped
Nocturne and destroyed him, banishing his spirit to the deepest region of
Nehdher, beneath Cherocanth."

"The which beneath what?" Yashobi inquired.

"Nedhder is the ancient name for the twelve hells of the Pit in the center of
the earth, just as Sol is the name for the 24 heavens layered in the sun above
us. In truth, there is a thirteenth Hell in the Pit of Nehdher, the deepest
hell of all. This is beneath Cherocanth, the twelfth Hell. Here in the deep
bowels of the cosmos was Nocturne's spirit banished."

"So what's the problem?" Tsusaka asked, almost afraid of the answer.

Eomas answered, "As I said, the Dark Realm is rising again. Nocturne's spirit
is still banished, it seems, but the five Elder seals upon the rift to the Dark
Realm are being broken, one by one. Two have been broken thus far, and when the
fifth is broken, the Gloom will come."

"The Gloom?" asked Elwan.

"Yes," Elwan confirmed. "An eternal night beneath a solar eclipse prowled by
daemons and undead, and ruled by the lich overlords. The light of Sol is the
only thing that can destroy a lich overlord for good, and once the last three
Elder Seals are broken, and the eclipse begins, liches will begin coming out
into our world again."

"So what do we do?" Tsusaka chimed in.

Eomas smiled tightly. "Stop this from happening. I had hoped for more time, so
as to be able to train you, but as it is, I cannot. I can tell you your role,
however. As descendants of the Last Sages - the scions of light - your tasks
are manifold."

Eomas swallowed. "You must unite the nations - both Upper and Lower - into one
army. You must investigate who is breaking the Elder Seals, and you must drive
off the darkness. I will attempt to guide you, but I cannot leave my Tower."

Elwan stared at him. "Impossible."

Yashobi grinned cockily. "For you, maybe. I'm up to the challenge. What say
you, Tsusaka?"

She hesitated, then nodded. "It needs doing."

And Elwan acquiesced as well. "Very well."

"Now," Eomas said, to these three chests. In this chest in the center are the
possessions and equipment of Tsusaka's ancestor, the Last Sage Brite. In the
chest on the right are those of Yashobi's ancestor, the Last Sage Shaer. And in
the one on the left are those of Elwan's ancestor, the Last Sage Eldooriven."


NSP: Next, your characters should open their chests and get what's inside.
That's basically up to you. Nothing too unbalancing, though, please. []

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A Knight's Tail
Exile: A Tale of Light in Dark
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2004-06-02, 5:19 PM #9
General Pherhelm did not put much faith in the superstitions of tired old men who were afraid of the dark. After having spent the past four years reinivgorating a deteriorating military that had repeatedly stagnated since the beginning of recorded time, the General did not wish to see his painstakingly crafted order wither with apocalyptic whispers. At the same time, however, he could not afford to dismiss them at once.

A courtier approached the brooding General as he surveyed the alabaster cityscape of Stratopolis from his balcony.

"Lord General, the Immortal Prophet has admitted several civilians to his castle."


"Our agents are unsure and their instruments were unable to penetrate into the castle itself to observe them further."

The General turned, and as he did so, his armor glimmered in the light of the city. "You didn't answer the question."

"It is presumed that the audience pertains to the coming prophecy of the Gloom."

"Are there records of the Immortal Prophet erring?"

"Not that I am aware of, Lord General, although I would suspect that such incidents would not have been recorded."

"Send an envoy to the castle. I want to learn more about these guests and the Prophet's plans. It is the duty of the Defenders, my Defenders, to guard this city, not peasants who have caught the eye of the Prophet. Ask him how we simple mortals might help."

The courtier knew not to laugh. He bowed and exited.
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Tsukasa: That's... a big chest...

The Last Sage Brite had a chest larger than her house. A special lock made of a magicked wood held it closed.

Eomas: Only the power given to you all can open your chests. I leave it to you to open them.

Tsukasa thought for a moment. The lock was made of wood, and like all wood, it had to burn. Maybe she could burn the lock away?

Tsukasa: Here goes nothing!

Tsukasa held her hands close together, and between them a flame appeared. She threw the flame up and out toward the lock, immediately igniting it, just as she had expected. However, after the flames had extinguished, the lock still remained.

Eomas: You special ability is not you fire skills. Though impressive it may be that you have taught yourself those skills, they are nothing special for the Upper Realm mages.

Tsukasa was stumped. What magical ability could possibly open this lock?

Eomas: Maybe I should mention this. These chests are meant to help you grow in your power. Do not expect to open them immediately. It may take some time.

Then she realized. It had to be her ability to teleport. But how can her teleportation ability possibly help her here? She could not teleport herself inside, without knowing if there was any room, or if she could even teleport at all. She always had to visualize where she was teleporting before she was able to accomplish it. Was this a test of luck? Was she supposed to teleport blindly without knowing where she might land?

Eomas: Think past the superficial limitations. There are no rules here. Embrace your power, and let it guide you.

She began to visualize being inside the chest, what it might look like. Suddenly, something clicked. She couldn't quite explain it, but she KNEW what was inside that chest. She could see it, as though she was looking with her own eyes upon the opened chest. There were ancient armors, books, weapons, jewelry, things she had never seen in her life. Then, she saw it.

Tsukasa: I know how to open the chest now...

Eomas: Good. Then reap the awards of your developing power.

She visualized it being right in her hand. Its cold steel, its strong temperance, its amazing beauty.

And then, the key appeared in her hand.

Tsukasa: Tricky, I would have never gotten that otherwise... But now... how am I supposed to get that key in the lock? It's over 7 feet tall!

Eomas: Let your despair go. You know what you must do.

Tsukasa sat, and looked up at that lock. Sure, she could put the key IN the lock, that was not a problem. That was a simple matter of teleporting the key to the lock. But how was she supposed to turn it?

Tsukasa: Can I get a lift?

Eomas: No one can assist you in the opening of your chest. This is something for you, and you alone. Just as you may not share your new items with anyone.

"Well crapshoot!" she thought. How was she supposed to get up there?

Yashobi: Don't you find it tad humorous that she can pull a key out of a locked chest, but she can't use the damned thing?

Elwan: Quiet, have you no manners? She is obviously deep in thought!

Tsukasa decided she might as well go as far as she can, and figure it from there. She concentrated on the lock, with the key filling it's hole. Instantly, the key appeared in the lock.

Tsukasa: Well that's taken care of, but now what?

She sat down, frustrated.

Eomas: Do not give up so easily. The end is in reach. Turn the key, you know you can.

She looked up at the towering chest, with its ingravings, its symbolic colors, its perfect shape. Its beauty was something she had never seen in the lower realm. The only thing that compared was Tikal Station, and that was a far, far cry from this.

Eomas: Realize that you can turn the key. It is not a matter of possibility, it is a matter of method. It is not whether you CAN turn the key, it is simply your method of turning it, that will influence your life.

She continued to sit there, and contemplated his words. The way he spoke, it was as if she was destined to open this chest, as if nothing would stop that from happening. But here she was, with a simple key witholding her destiny. Was she going to let a simple key defeat her destiny? Was she going to let some peice of metal deny her her chance to save everyone?

Tsukasa: No chance in hell, key. This girl isn't giving up, and I'll stay here the rest of my life if I have to!

Eomas: Now there's the spirit! Now turn that key, take the treasures that are rightfully yours.

She concentrated on that key, that STUPID, SMALL, ANNOYING key... she imagined it turning, turning... unlocking the lock.

Elwan: Look, she's doing it...

Yashobi: Indeed! Took her long enough.

Eomas: I would watch your words, Yashobi. Your chest is no simple feat either.

Finally, the lock clicked, and the key disappeared, never to be seen again. The chest opened wide.

Eomas: Go ahead, take a look!

Tsukasa teleported to the top of the chest, and looked down.

Tsukasa: There's nothing in here!!!

Eomas: I assure you, there is something in every chest.

Tsukasa jumped down, and walked around inside the chest. Finally she spotted two things, bundled together in a dark tarp. She opened the tarp, and there lay a staff, and a necklace.

Tsukasa: I thought I had seen immense treasures in here...

Eomas: You did, and there still is. You are looking at them.

Tsukasa: But I saw this chest full of things! Armors, weapons... was it a lie?

Eomas: No, it is simply symbolic. As your power develops, you will understand the symbols more, and see what is truly there. For now, you only understand literally what you see. You will soon learn to understand metaphorically what you see. All in due time. Now try your equipment!

Tsukasa took the the necklace first. It was a chain, of a brilliant marble like she had never seen before. She put it around her neck, and closed the small metal clasp.

Eomas: That necklass is special, indeed. As you can see, the chain is made of marble, manufactured by one of the greatest jewelers of the time. You'll be hard pressed to find a necklass made of any rock nowadays.

Tsukasa: What does it do?

Eomas: Oh, not everything must do SOMETHING. Although it has its purpose, it has no direct influence on you.

Tsukasa reaches down, and picks up the staff. A strange buzz flows through her, like she had never felt before.

Eomas: That is a true Sage's staff. I believe it is only one of 4 left in existance. No staff made today can compare to the craftsmanship of the Last Sage's era. This staff is embued with their power, something that shall complement your own, when you learn to weild it correctly. Until then, it is just a fancy staff, no more than your current one. But all in due time.

She decided that, while she may not be able to use that staff's power, she could feel it. She understood the hardships of the Sages who had held it, the battles and the blood. And just when it became too much for her, she could see the stars, and the sky. The heavens, too. It was so overwhelming, that she sat down, for she could no longer keep her balance. There, she wept for a while, knowing the true pains of the Great War.

Eomas: A child such as you should not be revealed the Great War, in such a way. But such is the way of destiny, uncaring in who it hurts, so long as it achieves the desired end.

Eomas: Now, who is next?


NSP: I recommend the other two follow up, in such a way that their chest uses their powers to open. It gives everyone a chance to show how their power is used, and where it can be led to more powerful abilities.

EDIT: Made the post much less spaced out, stupid formatting...
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Unless someone wants my char, I'm withdrawing. I'm not really feeling the storyline as much as I was. Maybe I'll pick it back up as a bad-guy in the near future... I don't know. Sorry]

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2004-06-05, 4:55 PM #12
From highemp again. i'll get mine up sometime:

Elwan surveyed his chest. It was very small, actually, about a foot and a half
in length, and half a foot in width, made of ivory and rich pearl. Walking all
around it, he looked for some sort of locking mechanism.

There was none.

Frowning suspiciously, he sent out a tendril of his magic, wrapping it around
the chest-


-and then he was no longer in Eomas's tower, or in the vault. He was outside
somewhere. Thunder rolled, lightning crashed, and rain poured down, obscuring
his vision and trickling down his bare skin.

His bare skin... with a start, he realized he was no longer in his robes, clad
only in a loincloth, his long mane of rich coppery hair flowing down his back to
his waist, no longer bound by the hood of his robe.

Where in Shadust's name was he? And how had he gotten here?

The wind whistled past him, whispering his name as a siren call. Turning
around, he saw a rock protruding out of the ground. A marker of some type?
Making his way slowly to it, the rain beating against his musculature, he
suddenly realized that it was the back of a tombstone. And someone was on the
other side. Peering over the stone, he saw a tall man, his back to Elwan, clad
in dark runic robes... He stifled a gasp.

It was himself.

But whose grave was this? And why was this person - himself - a future version
of him, maybe? - here?

"I knew you'd come."

What? Did the future Elwan know that he was there? Opening his mouth to speak,
his attempt to communicate was interrupted by a crackling of electricity.

-Did you now-

"Yes," the future Elwan said, and pulled off his hood, revealing a mane of long
white hair and a wrinkled complexion. He was OLD! "How could you not come?
The future is written, not by gods above or demons below, by but our own

-But we are in the present, old one- came the crackling voice of black
electricity again. -Do not speak in riddles. I have no patience for them-

The old Elwan sighed, shrugged. "Perhaps that's why you're going to die."

The crackling electricity gave off a harsh laugh. -Die? The only one dying
tonight, old fool, is you-

"Maybe you will never die physically, Nocturne," old Elwan said, "but your
spirit shall turn in upon itself, feasting on your own emptiness, until you curl
up and die inside. Whereas I - yea, I, and my fellow Scions - shall live beyond
the grave."

Again, the harsh laugh. -I rule heaven and hell, old man. There is nowhere
beyond the grave where you can go that I will not be-

"Perhaps not," old Elwan said. "Still..."

Thunder crashed like cymbals at that moment, and the present Elwan missed his
future self's last words as the crackling electricity struck him down, leaving
only a bundle of the old man's robes behind.

-Thus is it with all things- the sinister voice said, as if speaking to itself.
-I rule all, and soon shall a new creation rise, under me-

Elwan stared into the darkness of the rain, wondering what those last words of
his old self had been, trying to get a good look at the sinister voice's

And then he was screaming, with all his might, main, and mind, as he perceived
the ebon blackness of the voice's sinister soul-


-he was in a crowded slave market, still in his loincloth, with a young female,
her clothes stripped from her, was marched onto the stage to be auctioned.

"This fine specimen here is worth a thousand credits at least. Do I hear

"1500!" came several lustful voices, one of which went on to immediately top
himself and the others, "2000!"

"NO!" Elwan bellowed. He remember this moment all too well. His sister, being
auctioned off, while he was still in the cage, unable to help, long before he
had gained the powers of the Shaman of the West.

This time, though, he wasn't helpless. This time would be different.

Summoning the magic of the Bolting, he sent it racing through the circuits of
his mind-


No. No. No! he screamed against the winds of time, as he was sent hurling into
the darkness of the timestream. He had to go back, had to save his sister, whom
he had never seen again...

The voice of Eomas came into his head. "You must fight, Elwan. That is your
gift. The gift of the spirit that cannot be broken. If you stop now, if you
refuse the gift, all will be lost."

Elwan sighed in despair. "I can't do it, Eomas. I can't. My sister gone...
seeing my own death... it's too much." He began sobbing. "It's too much."

"Such is the way of all life. That is the price we pay to love. Pain. Is it
worth it? You decide. But I think, down in your heart, you already know the

Elwan did. He knew the answer. But he didn't like it. Standing up aganst the
darkness in his soul, he hunched over tiredly. "Alright, Eomas. Alright." In
a voice lower still, "Bring it on."



It went on endlessly, forever driving him insane, Eomas's words reverberating
inside his head, his soul, the whole time. He saw the deaths of friends, the
pains of birth, all the suffering of his life, of livingkind. And then-


-it was over. He was back in Eomas's tower, clad in his robes, everything just
the way it was. Except...

...the lid to his chest had popped open. Looking inside, he saw a silver flute.
"Interesting," he said exhaustedly, then keeled over into a deep sleep.


Brigadier Irvan, chief envoy of General Pherhelm to the Altriel Consul, prepared
to knock on the door of the Kraakti tower, when it swung open. Startled, he
deftly covered his surprise, with all the experience of a seasoned professional,
and went in.

In the large parlor, a shade of Eomas was waiting for him. "I'm afraid His
Reverence the Immortal Prophet is busy at the moment, but I have been instructed
to answer some of your questions, to a degree..."


Noble is back. Grismath, you can control the shade now. and Myn, i ahve a few good thigns i could use to work you into the story, if you want. post in casting call if you want to.

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Exile: A Tale of Light in Dark
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2004-06-22, 3:00 PM #13
Sorry, sorry, sorry, and, for the record, i am sorry. I am working on my post now, though, and it will be up soon, hopefully by tomarrow.

"No good can ever come from staying with normal people"
-Outlaw Star
"Some people play tennis. I erode the human soul"
-Tycho, Penny Arcade
"I'm a Cannabal-Vegitarian. I will BBQ an employee if there is no veggie option"
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Exile: A Tale of Light in Dark
The Never Ending Story²[/i]
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Exile: A Tale of Light in Dark
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2004-06-27, 5:58 PM #14
WEll, its a bit later then 'tomorrow', but here it is. again, i am very sorry.


Next it was Yashobi's turn to open his chest. Stepping gingerly over Elwan's body, He made his way over to the last unopened chest. His was a sphere and very small, only about 6 inches in diameter. It was made of what seemed to be some bluish metal, cool to the touch and very, very smooth: Yashobi's fingers only barely manage to touch the surface before sliding off. It was set on a pedestal which held it about four feet in the air. Strangely, there was no Lock, or even any crack that might denote a lid. It seemed to be simply a sold ball of the strange blue metal. Yashobi walked around it, puzzled.

Yashobi: Well, isn't this a conundrum. How does one Open a chest with no lid or key? very puzzling, indeed.

Tsukasa: Don't tell me that after all the taunting we endured, you don't even have nay idea how to start opening your chest?

Yashobi: Oh, don't worry, little one. I'll open it. It will just take a little while.

Tsukasa: Little one? i'll have you know-

Eomas stoped Tsukasa from continuing, however, and Yashobi went back to examining the chest. He knocked on it, taped it at different points to listen to the sound, and then steped back. He picked up a coin from the surrounding piles of treasure, and flung it at the chest. It glanced off and flew over Tsukasa's head. The sphee was unmarked by this attempt.

Tsukasa: Hey, that almost hit me!

Yashobi: My deepest apologies. I'll be sure to be more acccurate next time.

Tsukasa sputters with indignation as Yashobi continues with his examination of the chest. Next, he removed one of his gloves to reveal a rather dazzling display of different rings. he selects one particular ring, a rather plain silver one with a pair of curved horns carved on its top. He said a short incantation over it and aimed it at the sphere.

Yashobi: Ring of the Ram!

The ring glows and a force rushes past Tsukasa and Eomas, smashing into the pedestal and Sphere. Gold and tresure gets flung across the room, and a great cloud of dust rises from around the pedestal. As the dust clears, It is seen that, though the area around the pedestal is now completely free of treasure, the pedestal and sphere are still there, and seemed to have taken no damage at all.

Yashobi: Oh.. well.. didn't expect that. That's some strong stuff, whatever it is, to have survived that attack. Perhaps i need something more... direct.

He picks up a sword from one of the piles unaffected by the ring's attack. This one looks a bit more utilitarian then the rest.

Yashobi, examining the blade's edge: Eomas, is this thing still sharp?

Eomas: Yes, it has an enchantment on it so that it stays that way, but i would suggest not to-

He didn't get time to finish, as Yashobi turned and swung the sword straight at the sphere. It connects but then just stops. It doesn't jolt, there wasn't even any feeling of contact, but it stops none the less. It also seems o grow very light and Yashobi, puzlled, removed his hands. It stays suspended, attached to the sphere.

Eomas: Yes well, I tried to warn you. Now, if everyone would please back away? Thank you. Now just watch...

After a few seconds, the sword begins to glow slightly, and tremble.

Yashobi: Hey, what's happening to that sword?

Eomas: I said to watch.

The sword continues to grow brighter and tremble more violently for a few more seconds, and then stops, regaining it's normal color. Then, without warning, it was blasted off the sphere at an amazing velocity, eventually burying itself to the hilt in a far wall.

Eomas: All of the chests are protected by enchantments that prevent entry through normal, physical means. Only you actually tried it though, Yashobi. Think, Yashobi. you must use our special ability to open this chest.

Yashobi: My special power, eh? well, I doubt sneaking up on it will work, and my artifacts would have no effect, if my ring is any indication. Wait... could it be? Its worth a try...

With this, Yashobi closed his eyes, and focused on the mental image of the chest.

Tsukasa: What is this? Nothing's happening.

Eomas: Hush. Let him concentrate.

Yashobi continues to concentrate on the mental image, turning it over in his mind, checking for any irregularity. Finally, just as he thought he may have to give up, he found it, an infinitely thin thread that isn't quite right. he pried at it, working at the tear in the image, unraveling it. he opened his eyes, to find the sphere was gone. In its place was now a small plate of the same bluish metal, and on top of it was a single ruby. Yashobi picked it up and inspected it. He can almost see a shape in the center, but it writhes and changes before his gaze. He shrugged and placed it in one of his pockets, and then turned back to the others.

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2004-06-27, 6:16 PM #15
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2004-07-26, 7:00 PM #16
Eomas: Good, now I may continue.

Tsukasa: Umm, excuse me, Eomas?

Eomas: Yes, young lady?

Tsukasa: Maybe we should wait until Elwan wakes?

Eomas glances down at Elwan, who is still visibly fatigued.

Eomas: Ahh, yes, that would seem wise. I shall have one of my assistants tend to him, while we head back to the library for a quick meal.

A shade walks in, and carries Elwan out. Eomas and the others follow, and the doors all lock behind them.

A while later, they arrive at the library, and sit at a grand table placed in the center. A waiter appears from a double-door entry.

Waiter: What may I start you all off with today?

Eomas: I'd like to keep it simple. Just some orderves.

Waiter: You all want the same?

Yashobi nods, not planning on eating anyway.

Tsukasa: Umm, do you have something like a sandwich?

Waiter: Uh... I don't think...

Eomas: She'll take some Crk'tiks and water.

Tsukasa: Crk'tiks? What is that?

Waiter: Orderves and Crk'tiks it is. I have water for the young lady, would the rest wish to sample the wine?

Yashobi's eyes widened. "Now we're talking!" he thought to himself.

Yashobi: I'll take that bottle of Year 262 Clisimins I saw when I came in!

Waiter: But sir, that is our most...

Eomas: It's fine, if he wants it, he can have it.

Waiter: Yes, Master Eomas... and for you?

Eomas: I'll take the usual.

Waiter: Of course. I'll return in a moment.

The waiter left through the double-doors, but soon returned with the drinks and orderves.

Waiter: The Crk'tiks will be just few more moments, I apologize for the wait.

Tsukasa: No.. problem? I'm not sure what it even...

The waiter turned and left again, leaving the three alone.

Yashobi: Eomas, why are we the only ones chosen? Don't you think that 3 people is a bit, inadequate?

Eomas: Such things are out of my hands, I'm afraid. Although quite a number were requested to come here, you three are the only ones that decided to come.

Tsukasa: But surely they would come if they knew it was you requesting their presence?!

Yashobi: Yeah, maybe they did not receive the request...

Eomas: Oh, they received it. I had one of my shades make sure of that. As a matter of fact, I believe you had a run in with him, did you not, Yashobi?

Yashobi: Oh, yes, I did.

Eomas: No, I'm afraid that those who did not come either were afraid, delayed, or maybe even killed.

Tsukasa: Killed?

Eomas: Yes. The Dark Realm is not blind to our efforts. Surely they have already tracked down some of the Last Sages, and, well, taken care of them.

Yashobi: But if they were so easily defeated, then what makes us three any different? If we were as strong as you make us out to be, then why would the Dark Realm be able to simply kill us one by one, when they haven't even obtained full strength?

Eomas: I do not make you out to be anything more than what you are, The Last Sages. As such, you are this world's last hope for peace.

Tsukasa: But surely others could assist?

Eomas: I would like to think so, but many deny the truth. The Upper and Lower Realmers both think that the Dark Realm will not return, that it is impossible for the seals to be destroyed. So many years of peace has brought them to the point of denial and ignorance.

Yashobi: Not all think this way, do they?

Eomas: No, of course not all. The few that do not are scouts, and my loyal shades.

Yashobi: So your shades, as you call them, will be assisting us, then?

Eomas: Unfortunately, no. They have their own, equally important goals. After all, someone has to hold back the fanatical ignorant swashers.

Tsukasa: What the heck is a swasher?

Yashobi: It's a nickname for the Upper Government, specifically the wretched Altriel Consul. They are a bunch of fools, with too much power and money.

Eomas: Although Yashobi's definition is a bit brash, it is not false. They like to interfere where they don't belong, but don't have the courage to stand up when confronted. General Pherhelm enjoys sending detachments to my tower, for purposes even I fail to understand.

Just then, the waiter returned with Tsukasa's meal.

Waiter: Here you are, young lady. Enjoy!

Tsukasa: A hamburger! Well why didn't you say so!

Eomas: It seems that the Lower Realm has lost much of its culture...

Tsukasa: What is that supposed to mean?

Eomas: Oh, nothing.

Just as Tsukasa began to eat, Elwan walks in.

Elwan: I apologize for sleeping in your presence, Eomas.

Eomas: No need for apologies, Elwan! Any other sage would have been out for the rest of the day!

Elwan: You don't say...

Eomas: Well, now that everyone is here, I may proceed to tell you of your quest.

In the next couple of hours, Eomas explained in detail the adventure they were to embark upon. However, to save the dear old author's fingers, and the reader's poor eyes, the quest is summarized as follows:

Tsukasa, Elwan, and Yashobi are to travel to Shagoth Ul, a volcano located on a small continent. To arrive there, they would need to return to the Lower Realm, travel to the Devil's Coast, and traverse the Dead Ocean, which separates the continent of Shiswan, from the Dark Realm continent of Duurst Valor. Once arriving at Duurst Valor, they would obtain a guide from a tribe of barbarians friendly to Eomas' cause. The barbarian would take them to the Black Face, whereupon the Scions would continue their trek alone.

Their final destination will be The Third Elder Seal, and upon arrival, they will defend the seal, and using material available at that seal, possibly repair the other seals. Their greatest priority is to avoid the fall of any more seals, but if fate is on their side, they may be able to reverse the progression of the Dark Realm, and seal them for good.

After a long night's rest, the Scions prepare for their journey. Eomas gives them essential traveling materials, food, and other such things, and they set off, with a wary hope that maybe, just maybe, 3 scions could change the fate of millions.

NSP: More to come, but it's getting seriously late. I'll finish tomorrow morning.

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2004-07-27, 2:38 AM #17
In the outskirts of the floating city a rat stirred in the crackle of the earthly fire, there was a bright flash and the small rodent was gone replaced by a small scorch mark on the cold, stone floor.
Next to the grate sat Elixor, a solemn and very paranoid young man who it was impossible to keep track of. He was an exceptional mercenary for hire and had the useful talent of being able to stealthily blend into the shadows. He was holding his maerrol close to him, it was a kinda of electric pistol that was capable of firing some unholy spell that burned away at anything it touched.
"Damn rats" he grumbled to himself as he removed meat from his flame. He had been quite angry for the past few days after an unknown figure had broken into his stone hut and left a package claiming he was some desendant of some sage.
'Load of bull', he thought to himself as he reluctantly chewed the blackened pork he had stolen.

'Don't move', said a grave voice behind him and he felt another maerrol pressed against his temple.

2004-08-03, 6:29 PM #18
Tsukasa: So, are you two ready, then?

Yashobi: Let's get this over with...

Elwan: Yes, let us begin the quest.

They stand at the stairs outside the tower, and Eomas stands with them, to send them off.

Eomas: May the blessing of the Light be with you Scions! The adventure of the Fellowship of Light begins!

Tsukasa holds hands with Elwan and Yashobi, and prepares their teleportation to the furthest point she has ever been, the Angel's Coast. It lies south of the Devil's Coast, their first stop on a long journey. Not moments later, she opens her eyes, and the other two nod in acknowledgement that she is ready, and that they are also ready. And in an instant, and a wisp of wind, they disappear.

Eomas: Hold true, Scions, for your path will be laden with horrors and troubles, the like which haven't crossed this plane for many years. Hold true... hold true.

A shade walks out to the stairs from inside the tower.

Shade: Master Eomas?

Eomas: Yes?

Shade: Brigadier Irvan stopped by again, yesterday.

Eomas: Sigh... again? Surely General Pherhelm suspects something is awry. Prepare an escort, this time I shall bring the interrogation to him.

Shade: Master? You wish to leave the tower?

Eomas: Do not fret, my dear shade. Although it has been a long while, it shall be a welcome adventure. I assume Shadow will insist I have an escort...

Shadow: Of course, Master Eomas. Your protection is my priority, even if it is not your own.

Shadow was the Manager of Staff among the shades at Kraakti tower. His job was to make sure that his staff kept the tower in pristine condition, protect Eomas at all costs, and to make sure the shades remained just that, a shade. The shades were only to be visible when requested of, and were to dissappear again. It was just a well-paid hidden labor force.
Shadow gained his status for being exceptionally good at staying hidden, and managing resources. He also was a member of the Shades of Eomas, a group of shades dedicated only to Eomas himself, not the tower. They were to provide for his every need, and to protect him in any way possible. Only a select trusted few were members of this group. For that, he is still proud.

Eomas: And there is no way to talk you out of organizing an escort?

Shadow: Short of commiting suicide, no.

The shade standing there almost fell over at Shadow's remark. But Shadow and Eomas started laughing not moments later, and it was obvious then to the shade that Shadow and Eomas were great friends, even if Shadow was an employee.

Eomas: Then so be it. Prepare the escort, I leave before the afternoon tea.

Shadow: Of course, Master Eomas.

Eomas: Oh, and Shadow?

Shadow: Hrm?

Eomas: Please keep this as low-key as you can... I am visiting General Phelhelm, after all.

Shadow: Oh? I shall try. Until then, Master.

And just as he appeared, he vanished. Eomas let out a long, drawn out sigh, and proceeded to return to his office, to plan for the meeting with General Phelhelm.


Tsukasa: I hereby deem this beach the most gorgeous beach in all this world!

Elwan: Indeed, Angel's Coast is quite a sight to behold.

Yashobi: Too bright for my eyes! This place just SCREAMS "Shoot me, I'm defenseless, alone, and on a pristine beach that allows a quick coverup!"

Tsukasa: We REALLY need to work on your pessimistic attitude.

Elwan: Well, in either case, we cannot dwell here long. Our time is short, and we've a long road ahead of us.

Elwan, using a small bit of runic magic on the sand, created a map of the next hop on the journey. It detailed the dunes they would need to cross to arrive at Devil's Coast.

Tsukasa: One thing I don't understand is, why do we need to go to Devil's Coast to cross the Dead Ocean?

Yashobi: Poor child! Are you really that blind? The answer is obvious! The Dead Ocean is a dangerous Ocean to travel. The longer we float across it, the higher our chances of... fatality.

Elwan: The answer is not as obvious as you simplify it to be, Yashobi. We must travel to Devil's Coast because that is where the shipping yards and travel lanes meet. Angel's Coast has avoided the business of the sea as much as possible, since the area is a prime tourist location. A shipping yard would greatly damper the beauty, for sure.

Yashobi, although disgruntled at always being outsmarted by Elwan, he shrugs it off. At least in his mind, he knew he was the better fighter.

Elwan: I believe I might be able to whip up a bit of runic magic to make this trip less lengthy.

Elwan did just that, and played a runic spell upon the sand. Not moments later, three tall horses of sand appeared, almost lifelike in their actions.

Tsukasa: Wow! I never knew you could do that!

Elwan: There is much you do not yet know about me, young girl. Given time, you will come to know me better. Now hop to it, we've not a moment to lose!

Yashobi, although unsteady at the thought of mounting a horse of sand, quickly took to the idea. He was a great horserider, and he loved nothing more. Even though it was a bit of magic, he felt right at home. Elwan followed, and Tsukasa, after some trouble, also mounted her horse. They then took off, for a trip that would take them the rest of the day...

And I am tired yet again. I need to stop writing posts at 12:00am. More to come, feel free to post if you like, but I will if you don't!

"The future is not determined by a throw of the dice, but is determined by the conscious decisions of you and me."
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2004-11-19, 11:02 AM #19
This is gonna sound a little bland and crappy, but the thread needs a bump and i feel like writing

'Well hello there Elxior' said the voice
'Who the hell are are you, and what the hell do you want?'
'Ah, My name is N'klik, messenger of the lord Gaian of the Devils coast. You might be interested to know that my master has chosen you to run a little errand for him'

Elixor snorted at this comment

'At this moment there are 3 travellers crossing the angel's coast, you do not need to know why or where they are travelling, however it is deadly important that you stop them and if it is necassary you will give your life to stop them'

'Well I'm sorry to tell you, but i'm not undergoing any little quest, im not dying for anybody and that had to be one of the lamest things i've ever heard'

Elixor had forgotten about the maerrol in N'Klik's hand, it was promptly fired into his neck sending Elixor Spiralling into the corner, before jumping onto his feet.

'That wasn't a maerrol was it? I mean you just shot me in the neck'
'No, this is a little device of my own called a Kraeol, you might be interested to know that My master now has control over your actions'
'Well thats nice but AARRRGGGHHH!'

There was a neon blue light irradiating from his neck as he fell to the ground writhing in pain.

'You may be interested to know Elixor that that package you were sent was real, you really are a descendant of a sage, that is why you have been chosen to irradicate these 3 beings.
I must now be leaving, here is your own Kraeol, and here' He produced a chest 'Is a means of helping you. If you don't open this chest within 5 hours I shall return to kill you'

And he dissappeared into the blackness of the night.
Elixor was still lying on the ground, he could feel his muscles moving not of his own accord, he picked up his Maerrol that was lying on the ground and fired into the key-hole of the chest which sprang open accordingly. 'Well that was easy' he thought as he saw the 2 Silver Maerrols lying on the ground where the chest had been, along with a pair of glistening black leather boots.

As he picked up the Maerrols and put on the boots a voice entered his head
'Elixor, well done, you have unlocked my chest, I am Ellin, your ancestoral sage, these items shall aid you in any quest you may undertake. Those boots that you now possess shall allow you to leap Entire Cities at the speed of sound. Good Luck and farewell'

And with a huge leap He set off towards the Angle's coast.
2004-11-26, 11:56 AM #20
Ok, after way too long I’m going to start with this again, since I have time over this thanksgiving weekend. Thanks, Boco, for the revival.

The three figures on horseback travel across the dunes. Two of them, Tsukasa and Elwan, are trotting slowly along, while Yashobi prances across the dunes, sand flying as his horse jumps and canters around at his commands. He is laughing almost hysterically, a wide grin on his face. He had not ridden in a very long time, the city not being a good place for such activities, and so he was relishing this rediscovered pleasure. This was rather disconcerting to the other two, having not seen more then a brief smile out of him before, but considering it was obvious how much the ride pleased him they decided to take his new countenance in stride.

The horses seemed to have changed to suit their riders, and so Elwan and Yashobi's took on the semblance of stallions, allowing Yashobi all his tricks, while Tsukasa's looked much closer to a docile pony, trotting close to Elwan. Soon, however, Yashobi stops ahead of them with a strange look on his face. The other two start coming over to him but he stops them with a gesture. He had caught some sort of shimmer in the air, and was attempting to find it again.

Yashobi: Wait! Something... Something isn't right. I think I see something...

Tsukasa: What do you mean? There's nothing there but sand! Stop playing around, this trip is taking long enough as it is.

Yashobi: No, I really saw something. A shimmer, or something... I think it may have been a spell of some sort.

Tsukasa: It was probably just heat off the sand. Let's go, Elwan.

Elwan: No, I think he's right. Yashobi, remember your power!

Yashobi: Ah, yes! Thank you, Elwan. Let me see if I can break this mask.

Concentrating on the image in his mind again, after a few minutes, just when Tsukasa was starting to fidget again, he found the shimmer again. He held on to it this time, and opened it wider, until the area was revealed. He then heard a gasp from Tsukasa and Elwan, and he opened his eyes to behold a huge, glittering snake. Its head, at least two feet long, was pointing at them, its nostrils snorting like a horse. Its eyes were closed.

Tsukasa, after her first shock, was now looking at the snake with an expression of curiosity. Elwan, on the other hand, was staring in what seemed to be abject terror. After a few seconds, Elwan managed to speak:

Elwan: Its a... a... a basilisk...

Tsukasa: A basilisk? What is that? It looks just a like a big snake to me.

Yashobi: No, it is much more! it could swallow you whole, its scales are harder then steel and reflect magic, and its eyes can petrify with a glance! I didn't know they could project illusions as well, though, but that just makes them all the worse. We're just lucky it seems to be sleeping, we have to get out of here before it opens its eyes.

Basilisk: Sssssleeping, you think?

Elwan: Agh! It’s awake! Run, Tsukasa!

Basilisk: Ah, sssimple humans. Running would not sssave you, if I chossse you for a meal. No, you are sssafe. Your power has sssaved you.

Elwan: You're... you're not going to harm us? What power saved us? I did not think any was great enough to take down a basilisk, especially one as aged as you seem.

Basilisk: Yesss, old and powerful I am, asss old as the reign of the archmagi, asss it was one of their number that called me into being. I am called Ssssephiroth. But I am not here to fight, at leassst not you. One of you have dissspelled my mirage. Which of you have done this?

Yashobi: It was I, Yashobi. I am a descendent of Shaer, of the last sages.

Sephiroth: Ah, a sssage. I might have guessssssed. Yesss, you are quite ssskilled in dissspelling, it hasss been hundredsss of yearsss sssince I wasss lassst disssturbed. However, I have become ssslightly hungry in thessse last decadesss, and ssso I will offer you a tessst. Passss three of my trialsss, and I shall provide you with my ssservicesss asss a guide and bodyguard. Fail, and *licking his lips* I will have myssself a tasssty meal.

Tsukasa: And what if we refuse?

At this, Sephiroth opened one of his eyes a slight amount, and a small lizard behind them turned to stone. The three shuddered at this display of power.

Sephiroth: You will not get far. Prepare yourssselvesss, sssagesss.

(nsp: i really didn't think of anything yet for the trails, so go wheverever you want with it)
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