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The story of Mr. Higs
2005-04-07, 1:06 PM #1
(Let's see where this story goes. Add on, but be reasonable. Or PM. *shrug*)

Mr. Higs was sitting at his desk and staring at the walls of his cubical. The flat, plain gray surfaces that surrounded him made him feel slightly uncomfortable. So he created a habit of placing Post-it notes and other useless paper sheets on those empty walls. He didn't know why exactly he does that, but it sorta made him look busier than he really is. His desk was clean because the only objects he allowed in front of him were just stacks of papers. If he was bored, he would rearrange the neat piles of papers to different locations on his desk. Mr. Higs also has one ball-point pen which he was still used since 1999. Along side of his pen was a bottle of White-Out.

What Mr. Higs does from 8 am to 9 pm were simple tasks. He corrected the spelling and grammar of the papers in his inbox. For example, he would change "TOP SECRET: Alpah testing of Ver. 12212 of Particle Portal Transport FG Energy-Restoring Cells begins after stage E21" to "TOP SECRET: Alpha testing of Ver. 12212 of Particle Portal Transport FG Energy-Restoring Cells begins after stage E21". Evidently, Mr. Higs has no real idea what his company does. Probably because he doesn't seem to care. So, everyday, for the past 5 years, his life was dull. But, today, it was going to be different...

Mr. Higs heard a scream. He proceded to leave his quiet cubical to see what was happening down the hall of his company building...
2005-04-07, 7:24 PM #2
Mr. Higs was on his mission to find the origin of the screams because, the truth is, he had nothing better to do. His curiosity pressured him to walk closer and closer to seek the cries. But first, he had to stop to get some coffee. After halting his quest at nearby coffee station, he prepared a cup. Normally, Mr. Higs places exactly 4 little packets of sugar and 2 small units of heavy cream. But, today, he did something different. He only placed 2 packets of sugar and just one unit of cream. This was a daring move for Mr. Higs. Today was an extraordinary day...

After his little reststop, he continued to move on. Mr. Higs was filled with determination as passed the numerous organized rows of cubicals, several columns of metal filing cabinets, and emotionless, gray hallways. He walked steadily on the cheaply carpeted floors toward his target. What the man will find will be completely unexpected...
2005-04-08, 1:22 PM #3
Without a clue on what was happening, Mr. Higs arrived at a group of people standing around in one of the conference rooms. Apparently these people were other workers who were also bored with their jobs and felt they recently inherited the right to see what was going on. Relieved that he wasn't the only one who left his desk, Mr. Higs decided to approach and walk through the crowd of lazy employees to find out what is the commotion with these screams. As he passed the people, he noticed faces filled with surprise, shock, dismay and confusion. These were new emotions he witnessed in the office, for he never saw any other expression than dull, gloomy, sexually-deprived looks. These were interesting discoveries. He also noticed a man dressed up as a clown. This was an odd sight for Mr. Higs, because he didn't know a clown was part of the work force. But, Mr. Higs had other matters on his mind...

With a few pushes and punches (and some rare amounts of kicking), he finally arrived at the front of the crowd. There, his quest has ended, for he found what he was looking for. As Mr. Higs stared at the scene with awe and bewilderment, he didn't know (as usual) what was going on. But, obviously, he never saw something as strange as this throughout the years of being caged in the office building.

There was a dying man that was lying flat on the floor covered in a puddle, of what it seemed, of his own blood. It appeared life was quickly escaping out of him as the man hopelessly called for aid with weak yelling. His body was shaking, and his pale face showed fear and death. Also, the man was not wearing regular office clothes but, instead, an unusual, tight hazmat protection suit. There was something usual about this scene (well, other than a strange blood-soaked incapacitated person in the middle of a conference room) that Mr. Higs noted. It seems that the person had a portion of his body, slightly above his waist and down, violently removed. But his missing body portions were nowhere to be seen. No dettached legs or large pieces of tissue were found lying on the blood soaked carpet floor. It was if the man was just cut cleanly in half. Strange.

Mr. Higs thought for a moment and believed this was some sort of office prank. A very good, detailed joke. He started to giggle...
2005-04-08, 2:10 PM #4
(NSP: Sorry I don't have a storypost to go with this, at least not yet, but I just wanted to say this is a pretty fine story you've started up. I hope it gets off the ground and into some good territory :) )
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2005-04-08, 3:02 PM #5
(Thanks. I'll try to update this time to time) [/color]

Ha. Ha! He began to laugh. Mr. Higs didn't remember laughing during his stay in this heartless, corporate business for a long time, well, since that incident when a clumsy co-worker spilled coffee on himself and suffered third-degree burns. But, indeed, that incident was a long time ago. Today, he stood there with laughter and pointed at the dying man. He turned his head toward the crowd to see if others have joined in his merriment, but the employees showed no amusment. They were silent and motionless and showed their visages filled with disgust and horror over Mr. Higs sense of humor. Mr. Higs, in a flash, became silent too and discontinued his little time of fun. Now, he realized the doomed person on the floor was actually heading for death. With his last strand of strength, the dying man, behind his protective visor of his suit, rolled his pale eyes toward Mr. Higs. With the man's last breath, he said, "...f***"

After that moment, it was clear that the man was gone. His mortal existence perished. The man on the floor, cover with blood, and with only half of his body, died. This shocked Mr. Higs. "How could have this happened?" he thought. The issue of his workplace becoming a site where someone had splattered blood everywhere and violently died wasn't what worried Mr. Higs terribly. It was what was going to be in his inbox. Correcting the piles and piles of "Termination of Employee" forms and related paperwork due to this man's death was not going to be an easy job. Mr. Higs sighed.
2005-04-09, 7:27 AM #6
All of a sudden, a group of a men pushed and shoved their way though the crowd to reach the front. They were yelling "Dammit, get out of our way" and became impatient with the unmoving mass of idling workers. Most of the employees were too lazy to move aside so they were pushed to the ground face first. Some employees were punched into walls, filing cabinets and doors. Coffee flew everywhere. At last, the rude group of men reached the front but with a trail of unhappy and abused workers behind them. Mr. Higs looked up from the ground to see what some workers were moaning about. Then he noticed the strange assembly of men, and he saw that they all were wearing sterile, white gowns. They seemed like some sort of scientists. One of them, a tall man with a dark goggles over his eyes and had only one nostril, turned toward the crowd and screamed, "Go away! There is nothing to see here!! GO back to WORK!" Of course, this was a lie. There was fairly alot to see here. The man continued, "Is there a Mr. Harrison, here? Mr. Harrison?" Somewhere in the the depths of the crowd, a small voice responded to the question with a yes. "Your wife called. Your house is on fire." That same small voice gave out a cry of panic.

The employees started to return to their desks slowly (...except Mr. Harrison). Mr. Higs took a final view of the site and began walking to his boring cubical. During his leave, he heard the group, which remained at the scene, softly say to each other, "...where are the legs...did they come through...calculation errors..." Sighing, Mr. Higs went toward his workspace.
2005-04-11, 8:07 PM #7
Damn. I guess I'll just continue the story on and on. [/color]

Exhausted, Mr. Higs finally arrived to his cubical. The stressful day wore away his energy, and he had no strength left to work. Mr. Higs has done alot that day, from dreaming about personal fantasies in the morning, drinking coffee, watching someone die in the pool of his own blood, go to the bathroom, drink more coffee, and walking through the office building floor. He found no real incentive left to work, well, less than usual. So, he sat down at his desk and stared. Stared at the piles of papers in his inbox. Soon, in his mind, he dived into his fantasies, which made him start to sweat. He dreamed of palm trees, coconuts, a beautiful coastline to the Mediterranean Sea, dolphins, a soft breeze, warm sunlight and naked women. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t keep his mind off of reality, as vivid thoughts and images of the dead person and the one-nostril man came rushing into his head. Minutes of tension passed.

All of a sudden, a voice came out of a loudspeaker. “Mr. Higs, please report to the main executive office. I repeat, Mr. Higs, get your *** to the main executive office. That is all” Mr. Higs jumped up. He never got such attention before in the years at this business, but he was too worried and cold to start moving again.
2005-04-24, 11:45 PM #8
I wonder if I should update. [/color]

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