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The Adventures of Sgt Pnkks
2006-02-23, 12:44 PM #1
PFC Narrator: I was there when they built his statue, I helped him up to the podium to make his speech, I was even there when he stood where his statue now proudly stands and first spoke the famous words now immortalized at the base of the statue "When you run out of pancakes, rush the enemy with a spatula." This is the Story of Sgt. Leo Pnkks

June 6th 1944

Sgt Pnkks: Most of you are probably expecting some advice or something inspirational... that is NOT my style your orders are simply to follow me and move up the beach

Pvt Narrator: But seargent you don't even have a gun just a bunch of pancakes

Sgt Pnkks: did I ask for you to speak private?

Pvt Narrator: no but...

Sgt Pnkks: butts are for sitting down private...

Just then the ramp on the boat lowered and everyone rushed out onto the beach trying not to get hit... PFC Walkintargit barely had one foot on dry sand before he fell

Sgt Pnkks: everyone on my *** now!

The push up the beach seemed to take an eternity but we made it to spot that provided just enough cover to stop and make your pants brown anyone who saw saving private ryan can get an idea of what happened next... explosives going boom, moving up a little more, getting pinned down by a machine gun... but no sniper

Sgt Pnkks: looks like we'll have to take that machine gun out to actually get anything done...

Sgt Pnkks suddenly jumped out from our position and ducked behind a rock... then after a moment of fumbling with his gear he pulled out some pancakes and began throwing them at the germans

Sgt Pnkks: WRAA!!!!

Pvt Narrator: maybe we should pop out and shoot the gunner... he seems to be confused by whatever it is the sarge is trying to do

Pvt Nailface: sounds like a plan

the plan worked... the gunner was taken out and everyone moved up... the rest was mosty shooting at any germans who were being preoccupied with the guy who was throwing pancakes at them...

Sgt Pnkks: good work men... and remember... When you run out of pancakes, rush the enemy with a spatula
eat right, exercise, die anyway

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