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ForumsInteractive Story Board → The Star Wars NES...Again..
The Star Wars NES...Again..
2006-08-24, 11:23 PM #1
And this time i hope it won't die!

Anyway heres some background.

3 years after Endor. The rebel alliance is posed to take Coruscant... Or will they?
________Is declared Comander of Imperial Forces [First come first get!]
And ________ is voted president of the rebbelion [Read above]

Tibby [A.K.A Blax Smircle] [A.K.A Slither] has bought a new yt-1300 cort from money raised from living on coruscant for all these years...

The galaxy is yours!
2006-08-24, 11:42 PM #2
As Blax prepares for the maiden voyage of his new YT-1300 Cort a very unusual looking droid bursts into the hanger sqreaching un-decernable speech. The driod which appears to be a cross between an old R2 unit and a gonk falls flat on the ground and a single disk falls out. The disk as Blax discovers is marked "Imperial Prototype" Blax fearing Imperial retaliation if he takes it but with an over whelming curiosity picks up the disk and copies it to a potable hard drive. He then stows the drive in his pillow.

At this time Imperial soldiers entered the hanger vaporized the droid and questioned Blax.

"What are you doing here?"Imperial Solder THX 1142 asked

"Its my ship what do you think?" Blax Replied

"Reqistration please" The trooper demanded

Blax handed over his pilots license take-off credentales and his Pan-Galactic credentials.

"You may go....Blax"The trooper Half told half warned

"Thank you" Blax said.

After running his pre-flight check he departed with the hard-drive in his hand...
The coordinates were for Yavin IV.

Well that wasnlt that bad!
2006-08-28, 9:36 AM #3
you all fail.
2006-08-28, 12:31 PM #4
Let's see if putting it in my signature helps you out any...
The Plothole: a home for amateur, inclusive, collaborative stories
2006-08-28, 3:33 PM #5
I hope so. This...Story has the ability to be great. Thanks.
2006-08-29, 2:43 PM #6
Meanwhile, Oy'glah'th, a Rodian bounty hunter, was performing routine pre-flight checks on his modified Z-95 Headhunter. He sighed sentimentally as he recalled his younger days. Back when he was an enthusiastic up-and-coming pilot. Back when the epic struggle between the Galactic Empire and the Rebellion was in full force. Work was plentiful then. "Now," he thought to himself, "I'd be lucky to find any work at all."

Nevertheless, he was on the dangerous planet of Olgyn Prime, watching the beauty of the eternal sunset for which the planet was famous. He had finished up some routine escort work and was just about to head out when a sleekly-built Human woman caught his attention.

"The name's Escondria," she bluntly offered. "Tell you what. I'll offer you twenty-thousand credits to take this artifact off my hands."

Oy'glah'th feared she might be followed and stood in silent contemplation. Before he had the chance to reply, however, three Imperial stormtroopers bursted into the hangar bay. Escondria immediately took off running toward the nearest turbolift. Oy'glah'th followed, since the troopers would likely accuse him of colluding with a fugitive.

"it is time to get a credit card to complete my financial independance" — Tibby, Aug. 2009
2006-08-29, 9:29 PM #7
Yay! Gimmie some time and ill continue my admitteditly amaturish story.

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