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2006-10-07, 10:23 AM #1
In the Writers Realm, a peaceful silence rests uneasily in front of absolute chaos. The only sound to be heard is the theuraputic clicking of typewriters and keyboards coming from the cubicles of various writers, as worlds are created and propelled along unbelievable twists and turns.

One such writer humms to himself quietly as he taps away at his keyboard. He is known as Cool Matty, and he is a writer of NeS. He leans back in his chair to stretch, chuckling to himself. "Cool Matty, you clever son of a *****. You've surely outdone yourself thi-"

Cool Matty's self-congratulation is cut short as a curse explodes on the far side of the room. Cool Matty turns his head towards the disturbance. "Strange," he mutters to himself. "That sounded like Sarn Cadrill."

Cool Matty rises out of his chair and begins weaving his way through the various cubicles in the large, open office space. Sarn Cadrill's cubicle iss tucked away in the far corner. Sarn had said he liked it that way, that he would be too distracted if he sat amongst the rest of the group. Cool Matty didn't buy that though, simply because Sarn never seemed to work at his desk. He could most often be seen tucked up on the comfortable couch in the lobby with a laptop secured nearby. Today, however, seems to mark the exception, because as Cool Matty peers into Sarn's cubicle, he finds Sarn's legs protruding from under the desk.

"Sarn? Everything ok, buddy?"

Sarn's legs withdraw under the desk and, a moment later, Sarn crawls out. He rises to his feet and scratches his left cheek absent-mindedly. "What's up, CM?"

"You cried out a minute ago. Is everything ok?" Cool Matty asks.

"Oh of course. I'm just uhh, working on something."

"For NeS?" Cool Matty attempts to peer past Sarn, at the computer screen, but Sarn blocks his vision with his body.

"Yeah," Sarn responds. "For NeS. It's kind of a surprise. You'd better-" Sarn cuts off, as if a new idea has just formed in his mind. "Actually, CM, why don't you stick around. I'm just about done, and you'll want to see this." Sarn takes a seat at his desk and pulls up a program on his computer. It's a simple word processor. He types furiously. Cool Matty stands behind him, and as he begins to see what Sarn is doing, a look of horror begins to creep across his face.

"Sarn! You can't write that!"

Sarn chuckles and rolls back from his keyboard momentarily. "CM, all this time in NeS, Sarn has been a hero. And, there are certain... conventions he has to follow. Do you ever wonder what might be accomplished in NeS if those conventions where thrown out the window? Look at how much we've already achieved. I mean, we have the Narrator as a god damned character! Now I'm going to show you a world without rules."

Cool Matty shrugs. "Did you get that line from The Matrix?"

"Yeah. It's probably copyright infringement, but who's gonna care... Anyway, just a few finishing touches." Sarn turns back to his desk.

"No! Sarn, you... can't do that!" Cool Matty grabs Sarn around the shoulders and attempts to pull him away from the keyboard. The keyboard clatters to the floor. A struggle ensues, but Cool Matty is not able to stop Sarn from reaching over and tapping two keys on the keyboard simultaneously, "Ctrl" and "S". Sarn and Cool Matty slump back against the walls of the cubicle, breathing heavily.

"It's finished," Sarn says between gasps of breath.

"Do you realize what you've done?"


The great hero, Sarn Cadrill awakens on a grassy knoll. He rolls to his feet and looks around confused.[/i\

Sarn: "What gives? How did I get here? I was supposed to be helping stop the evil wedding."

Do not worry, Great Hero. That story continues uninterupted. You have been brought here on the whim of one writer as an experiment.

Sarn: "What experiment? What are you talking about narrator?"

I caan say no more. My job is to report events. I am not a guide. I will say one thing more, though it will likely get me fired. You have great power here. Don't let it get the be-

A new voice takes over the narration.

Sarn: "Huh? What happened?"

Sarn asks a question."

Sarn: "What's going on? Where'd the other narrator go?"

Sarn demands an answer, pacing back and forth agitatedly.

Sarn: "Agitatedly? You're a sucky narrator."

Sarn complains about the narrator.

Sarn: "Hmm, he said I had great power. I wonder..."

Sarn stares at his hand contentedly, and a cupcake appears in it.

Sarn: "Awesome. I think I'm going to like it here."

Within minutes, Sarn is enjoying a feast. Yet, in spite of the great food, Sarn is sad.

Sarn: "What? No I'm not! This is great! ... Well.. I guess I am kind of lonely. I wonder if this works on people."

Gebohq suddenly appears near Sarn.

Geb: "What the... What am I doing here?"

Sarn: "Have some food, Geb. This place is awesome."

A slice of pizza appears in Sarn's fingers and he bites into it happily.

Geb: "How'd you do that?"

Sarn: "I'm not sure exactly. Can't you do it too?"

Geb looks at his hand, but nothing happens.

Geb: "I guess not. Where are we? I don't like it here.

Sarn: "I don't know where we are. But what do you mean you don't like it here. Have some pizza."

A pepporoni pizza appears at Geb's feet. Geb ignores the pizza.

Geb: "I'm not sure. Something doesn't quite feel right. I feel like I'm falling down a big hole, and I can't get myself to stop."

Sarn: "That's called life buddy. We all feel like tha-"

Sarn cuts off suddenly as he realizes that he no longer feels like that. Geb doesn't notice.

Geb: "I never did. I've always felt like I could do anything. Like somehow the universe would bend to my will... But here, that feeling is gone. I want to go home. Can you send me back?"

Sarn: "I'm not sure. But I need companionship. Stay with me, Geb. You may not feel like you're in charge, but I do. And what could go wrong with me at the helm?"

Geb: "Well ok. So what do we do here?"

Story commentary:

I just got bored, and decided to try something new, based on a dream I had. Sarn (the character) has ultimate control of the story as though he's a writer. Where will it go? Ultimately, I see Sarn succumbing to evil. I've foreshadowed this a bit. Notice that Sarn's decisions in this short segment are all selfish. I plan to go somewhere with that. Also, the idea that Geb feels like he's not in control is not anything fancy. It's just how most of the characters normally feel. Geb's more attuned to it, because he doesn't normally feel that way. So as more characters are introduced they should not notice that they lack control. Anyway, have at it guys.
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