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ForumsInteractive Story Board → Some sorta star wars nerdy RP type story...thing
Some sorta star wars nerdy RP type story...thing
2007-03-30, 2:46 AM #1
:psyduck: Lets get this moving shall we? And pardon any mistakes on my part. Massassi you taught me half of what i know about writing.

We begin on a nice day on an average planet orbiting an average sun. This planets name was Alzeckerzbain. It was a largely disregarded planet lost to the eons and of no strategic value. The only remarkable thing about this planet is the fact that it is shaped like a giant :gbk: .

A man was preparing to leave this planet after preparing for years with his ship the Rustbird fuelled and ready.
Then the worst thing possible happeneed. A micro meteoroid smacked into the cockpit disabling the ship. This was all too much for the man and he killed himself 2 days later.

You might be amazed that when i feel like it i will explain the consequence of that. Its all in my head.

We ACTUALLY begin inside a ship named the "Richstneer" That is about to commence docking with the Imperator [Argue about the class on PM] Class Star Destroyer Impervios. The captians name is the human Aldrean Batliod and his first mate is the Twileck Female Zan Polit. They were bought together after the imperial attack on alderaan left her stuck on a nearby asteriod and his chivilry got the best of him. They now operate a small private shipping service. The imperial navy needed some supplies delivered to a ship in the middle of nowhere so they were called upon. Noone has any idea what the suppiles are however.

"This is captain Aldrean Batliod of the Cort,Richstneer. Requesting permission to land and unload this cargo i have for you" The captain requested in a flat emotionless voice.

"Permission granted, Dock in birth 15, Welcome to the Impervios"

The docking process went along smoothly, and they landed in a hanger deviod of any life except for unloading droids. And the oldest Imperial Captian Aldrean had ever seen.

"Alright heres the stuff. When do i get my 100k?" Aldrean demanded.

"You shall get it upon arrival to coruscaunt with this slip." The aging captian weakly replied.

"Thank you Captain....Bosch" Aldrean replied.

Aldrean turned back for the ship and smiled thinking to himself what a steal this was.

When he got back Zan had other thoughts about the run.

"How could you give those monsters supplies?!" She yelled coarsely

"Because Zan...They pay extremely well and you and i both know that....-"
Aldrean was cut off.
"Dont give me this "Just supplies" Bollux! This is the last Imperial delivery!"
Zan was furious at the thought of giving the imps anything more then a swift kick in the face.

Aldrean departed for the cockpit and readied the ship for a return to the galactic capital. Soon the life of a trader would end and they could lead the good life of rich lazy bums on some planet on the edge of the galaxy.

After he departed the SD he checked the com signals for anything interesting.

What he heard almost gave him a heartattack.


Thats all for now folks!
2007-03-30, 4:25 AM #2
After Captian Aldrean heard this shocking peice of news, he began to wonder where the source of the transmission came. If the imperator knew about him really being a spy for the rebcells, they would try to get him to coruscaunt to bring the shipment of toast, for everyone knows how vital toast is to and imperator battle.

Aldrean: "Zan... what the hell should we do about coruscaunt???"

Zan: "I told you that we shouldn't be delivering toast for the imps!"

Aldrean: "Shut up!"

Zan: "Make me!!"

Aldrean: "Maybe I will!"

*The camera pans outside of the cockpit. You don't hear anything, since there is no sound in space. The camera pans back*

Zan: "Ow! Ok you win!"

Aldrean: "I always knew that move would come in handy. Set the hyperdrive's computers for coruscaunt, then make the jump to light speed!"

*The camera appears behind the Richstneer, and it suddenly takes off. Fast.

A few mintes go by of nothing

Aldrean and Zan find themselves on coruscaunt, however, it is quite different. The imperator's dead emperor, Darth Sidious, is in control, however, he has no clone army. It seems that travelling at light speed would result in a black hole, taking one back into time. However, Our heroes don't know exactly what happened*

Aldrean, over com unit: "Is anyone out there? Requesting permission to land."

Muffled voice: " ...You have four section H........."

Zan: "Dock four section H it is then."

Aldrean: "I got a bad feeling about this."

Zan: "There is no imperator presence here......"

I'll end here.
2007-03-30, 12:17 PM #3
For some odd reason the galactic empire was renamed... The Galactci Imperator due to errors with the person who was in charge of nameing the government. And Emperor Palpatine changed his name to Darth Didious for some unknown reason.

After they land they watch as a giant taco streaks by and crashed into a bullding.

Something just aint right here...
2007-03-30, 7:09 PM #4
Zan: Could it be...?

Aldrean: Let's hope not. If that speeding... whatever it was... is a sign of a crossover, then we're doomed.

Zan begins caressing her head tentacles nervously.
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2007-03-30, 7:30 PM #5
Aldrean apprached the rotting something and throw mathmatics[TM] figures out that ot had come from a nearby.

"Emperor Del Taco?"Aldrean thought. It was about damned time he had something to eat.

But first they had to cash in that check.
2007-03-31, 1:37 PM #6
As they made their way to the bank on coruscant, nothing happened.

However, in the bank, they found out that their credits were no good, since they were not compatible with old credits.

Then, a squad of taco-troopers broke in...
2007-03-31, 2:32 PM #7
Due to the fact that Emperor Del Taco was actually in control of the galaxy.
[Bah i cant think of anythign now.]
2007-03-31, 5:13 PM #8
Due to Tiberium's mental issues, more of the storyline got warped into being extremely more twisted. The Emperor Del Taco is now Emperess Caramel Apple Toes, and Zan is now a hermaphrodite.

Aldrean: "Nooo! Not the dreaded caramel-troops!"

Zan: "I'm male AND female!"

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