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Greenboy's Adventures
2007-04-24, 5:28 PM #1
Last night during a chat session, a very well (not) respected member of the Massassi community typed his adventures over international waters last weekend with his girlfriend, his girlfriend's sister, the captain, his wife, and a four-year old.

His stories, due to #massassi, evolved into an in-depth discussion whether if Greenboy was a pedophile or not.

I don't remember much of the conversation yesterday, but it went something exactly like this:

[17:11] <Greenboy> its not illegal to sleep next to people
[17:11] <Dead> yeah
[17:11] <Greenboy> thats pretty lame
[17:11] <Antony> it's illegal to molest her like you did though
[17:11] <Dead> aye
[17:11] <Dead> bad Greenboy
[17:11] <Dead> bad
[17:11] <Anovis> it's illegal to sleep next to your girlfriend's sister?
[17:11] <Greenboy> i only touched my girlfriend
[17:11] <Dead> only if you molester
[17:11] <Antony> that's what you think
[17:11] <sbe> geez
[17:11] <Aglar> pics or it didn't happen
[17:11] <Greenboy> well
[17:11] <Anovis> OMG
[17:11] <happydud> Yeah I just threw the sleeping with in there to shake up the conversation
[17:11] <sbe> i wonder what it's like with cousins
[17:11] <Greenboy> i accidently grabbed her sisters hand a couple times
[17:11] <happydud> Yeah, I'm with Aglar.
[17:11] <Dead> and I'm pretty sure having sexual contact next to her little sister is probably illegal too
[17:12] <happydud> Pics or it didn't happen. :D
[17:12] <Dead> and its definitely creepy
[17:12] <stat> Look guys, it's alright that he touched her - they were in international waters. No harm, no foul
[17:12] <Greenboy> pics need to be developed still
[17:12] <Greenboy> :(

Greenboy later described the pedophile nature hidden deep within his subconscious by telling us they Eiffel Towered

[17:42] <Greenboy> all that happened was that my girlfriends 13 year old sister rolled up on top of me and then my girlfriend squished up next to me
[17:42] <Antony> you are making this so easy
[17:42] <CarpKing> i wonder what percentage of pedophiles are bisexual
[17:42] <stat> Oh God, so she got Eiffel Towered?
[17:42] <Baconfish> oh greenboy, you high school pimp
[17:42] <Antony> stat, that's the same thing i was thinking
[17:42] <Dj-Yoshi> wow
[17:42] <happydud> hm.
[17:42] <Dj-Yoshi> that's so sick
[17:42] <happydud> Explain more about this "eiffel towering"
[17:42] <Greenboy> i dont know what eiffel towering is
[17:42] <Anovis> Greenboy, you shouldn't have done it. She was just a girl.
[17:42] <Greenboy> but it sounds like ive done it
[17:43] <Baconfish> ...
[17:43] <stat> <Greenboy> i dont know what eiffel towering is
[17:43] <Aglar> wait
[17:43] <stat> <Greenboy> but it sounds like ive done it
[17:43] <Anovis> o.O

Then he had relations with the Captain's four-year-old daughter!

[17:45] <Greenboy> it wasnt his daughter
[17:45] <CarpKing> children tend to run off at that age
[17:45] <Greenboy> no, but we went under a train bridge
[17:45] <stat> I find it hard to believe he'd turn a blind eye to all this if he wasn't a disgusting pervert freak like you
[17:45] <Antony> hahahahaha
[17:46] <Greenboy> nighttime, 50 feet or so of boat between us
[17:46] <Greenboy> his wife found us all squished together in the morning
[17:46] <Baconfish> dud
[17:46] <stat> He certainly would have heard the screams, and the sounds of flesh rippin
[17:46] <Antony> i guess it's easy to get away with it, isn't it?
[17:46] <Greenboy> thought we were cute
[17:46] * Anovis has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[17:46] <CarpKing> and the captain had a wife and daughter to attend to
[17:46] * Anovis has joined #massassi
[17:46] <stat> Oh God
[17:46] <stat> The captain
[17:46] <Baconfish> modified to include parkour?
[17:46] <stat> With his own daughter?
[17:46] * CoolMatty sets mode: +v Anovis
[17:47] <stat> This is horrible beyond belief
[17:47] <Greenboy> you guys have horrid imaginations
[17:47] <stat> Stop blaming this on us
[17:47] <stat> Own up to what you did
[17:47] <Antony> yeah you're the pedophile
2007-04-24, 5:41 PM #2

2007-04-26, 11:35 AM #3
It's funny becuse it's true.
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2007-04-26, 12:52 PM #4
Hey, I'm famous!
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