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for sale iMate Jasjar............$250usd
2007-08-25, 5:24 PM #1
Uh, the other thread was closed before I could get my two cents in. Not that I expect this to be continued, but eh, I did write it...

SONY VAIO A217S raised it's machine gun and screamed, "see you in hell, mofo dawg!" as it sprayed hot lead across Blackberry 7290's body, knocking the electronic device man off of the skyscraper.

"No!" shouted 850MHz Notebook with WiFi for onfiltered in protest as he watched his bullet-riddled best friend plummet sixty-five stories to the pavement below. He hurled his K-Bar across the rooftop, striking SONY VAIO A217S in the shoulder and causing him to drop his weapon.

SONY VAIO A217S wrenched the bloody knife from his body and looked 850MHz Notebook with WiFi for onfiltered straight in his dark eyes.

"You're next, you miscreant sun of a gun."

Screaming their respective battle cries, the laptop computer and the Sony telephone thing charged into hand-to-hand combat...

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