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ForumsInteractive Story Board → Please buy my book - I am literally a bot
Please buy my book - I am literally a bot
2011-08-01, 6:24 PM #1

I am published. I wrote a short story using Neovella called "Never Trust an Eagle on a Pole".

If you buy this, I might make like 3 cents.
2011-08-02, 5:01 AM #2
Awesome, Jay! Read the review, and it looks great!

I'll try to buy as soon as I get spare funds.

Yes, even $3 is tough for me atm... :(
2011-08-03, 10:24 PM #3
I first have to buy a kindle to read this, as it is a kindle edition :) SORRY !!!
2011-08-04, 4:16 AM #4
Oooohhhhhh, I didn't notice it's a Kindle edition. Still kinda new to the whole ebook purchase thing. I have a NookColor, sorry. :(

When I can though, I'll still try to buy it to support you!
2011-08-06, 9:42 AM #5
Kindle of PC software is free and on the amazon website if you are worried about that. It's okay though you don't have to buy it, it is literally and unironically crap :P
2011-08-08, 9:02 AM #6
Now available for Nook!
2011-08-09, 4:39 AM #7
Post a pdf so i can read it on my ipod and I will pay dollars for it
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