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JK Launcher
2011-11-25, 5:29 PM #1
19:58 <@The_MAZZTer> I just had an idea
19:58 <@The_MAZZTer> not sure if it's brilliant or just brilliantly stupid
19:59 <@The_MAZZTer> #jkhub is dead, so I should set it up to redirect jk launcher users here
20:00 <+space_ghost> we don't want that scum here
20:01 <@The_MAZZTer> ok, so you're voting for "brilliantly stupid"
20:01 <@The_MAZZTer> gotcha
20:02 <+space_ghost> I met a guy last week ouside a Little Caesar's. We started talking.
20:02 <+space_ghost> Things were going pretty good. He played JK. A lot of it.
20:02 <+space_ghost> But that's when things got ugly.
20:03 <+space_ghost> He told me that he used JK Launcher.
20:03 <+space_ghost> I've never punched anyone quite as hard as I punched him.
20:03 <+space_ghost> Right in the face.
20:03 <+space_ghost> ******* had it coming.
20:04 <@The_MAZZTer> geez I'm not doing it ok
20:04 <+space_ghost> Dick told me to my face, /right to my face/ that he used JK Launcher.
20:04 <+space_ghost> What the hell could I do? I beat the **** out of him.
20:05 <+space_ghost> The good news is that there's one less JK Launcher user in the world.
20:05 <+space_ghost> On account of the fact that he can't see any more. Apparently I blinded him in both eyes when I was breaking my Louisville Slugger over his face.
20:06 <+space_ghost> The bad news is that he's pressing assault charges.
20:06 <+space_ghost> I'm not sure how I'm going to beat this one.
20:06 <+space_ghost> The only hope for me is that the judge on the case is also a JK Launcher user, so I have an excuse to break his neck.
20:08 <+space_ghost> On the other hand, if he were to /expire/ in the hospital....
20:09 <+space_ghost> I don't really have a problem with executing him, I just don't want his blood on my hands.
20:09 <+space_ghost> I suppose I could get someone else to do it for me.
20:09 <+space_ghost> What's a fair wage for this job?
20:10 <+space_ghost> 50 bucks?
20:10 <+space_ghost> 75?
20:10 <+space_ghost> It's kind of a community service thing.
20:10 <+space_ghost> Hey! I wonder if someone could actually apply it to a community service sentence?
20:10 <+space_ghost> That would kick ass.
20:12 <+space_ghost> Still, as they say, half of what it means to be a man is to spend your life doing crap that you don't want to do...
20:12 <+space_ghost> I don't want to kill him. But I will. Because I am a man.
20:12 <+space_ghost> A man that fickin' HATES JK Launcher users.
20:12 <&CoolMatty> goddamnit gbk
20:12 <&CoolMatty> this isn't the ISB
20:12 <+space_ghost> It's an irrational hatered, I'll admit.
20:12 <+space_ghost> >_>
20:12 <&CoolMatty> go make timmy feel welcome in the ISB
20:12 <&CoolMatty> he's *****ing about my thread move
20:12 <+space_ghost> no, it's not the ISB. It's a quiet IRC channel.
20:13 <+space_ghost> You know the difference between this channel and the ISB?
20:13 <+space_ghost> People actually read this channel.

And when the moment is right, I'm gonna fly a kite.
2011-11-25, 6:26 PM #2

Three thumbs up!
2011-11-25, 6:49 PM #3
Continuing the point that I was trying to make in #massassi: I really do think that JK Launcher users are the worst kind of evil. They just seem so normal when you talk to them and then, BAM, out comes the truth. They just blindside you with it like a pervert flashing you his junk in a darkened alley. And they don't even understand why it's such an issue! They just blather on about how they use it, the mods they play with it, the settings they apply. It sickens me.

I once had a knife fight with a JK Launcher user behind a KFC in downtown Lexington. Before the fight we were actually having a lovely conversation about monetary policy. He seemed like a nice, normal guy. And then, BAM, he told me that he used JK Launcher. So out came the knives, and then out came his liver.

Why don't these people see what's wrong with them? How can they continue on using JK Launcher? It's like all those German soldiers that fought for the Nazis during WW2. They had to know it was wrong, but they did it anyway. And my grandfathers took great pleasure in blowing their heads off.
And when the moment is right, I'm gonna fly a kite.
2011-11-25, 7:01 PM #4

I don't even know what JK is :confused:
2011-11-28, 11:37 AM #5
JK, of course, stands for "just kidding" good sir.

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